Scam Email(s) from David Zada to Mae (Philippines)


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Letter 1

Hello dear am so sorry we been very busy in drill,It really is nice meeting you, Ever since i came across your profile you somehow remain constantly on my mind that i decides to open up this communication with you,I think we had got some kind of connection i just felt it.
I am Sgt David Zada from the US Army stationed here in Florida Key West am also into part time fitness health exhibition volunteering for charities We are in preparation to be deploy to the Philippines for a Joint military excises with the Philippines troops for the on going dispute in the China sea and escalating tension with North Korea.
Am writing from pre- deployment training facility here in Florida key west, We will be there in Philippines next month to join some of our troops who has reportedly starting arriving already from our military bases in Okinawa Japan. Am a divorced father of two, Son David Jnr 13 and daughter Sophia 9. Am here looking for a genuine Asian lady who shares my beliefs, interests and values , am interested in something to last with the right Woman whose looking for the same traits in a gentleman.
So giving our very tight drill schedules it became imperative to use this time to meet someone ahead of our arrival in the Philippines .
We re being projected to staying for at least about six months or more depending of course on the situation,I have made some sort of inquiry about the Philippines through a colleagues who is married to a Filipinos/Asian women and was recommended to this social network, Please be free please to tell me lil about yourself, your life, family and work. Lets be open to each other.
My life is typical of that of soldiers everywhere, little bit difference being in the US military is,you got deployed almost all the time.
From everything we heard and learned, Philippine and Filipinos are generally good. Hope we will have an exciting time in your country and beyound Eagerly Waiting forward to your reply Warmest regards Sgt David Zada

Letter 2

My dear Your words are lovely simple and very inspiring, I love you and the way you came across, There''s something honest and beautiful bout you.As for me, Friends says am a fun, honest and faithful. Am here looking out for genuine lady who is looking for the same traits in a gentleman. I would like to ease my way back into the dating scene, Am only interested in something to last with the right person who shares my beliefs, interests and values.
So sorry i couldn''t reply sooner is due to the nature of life here in the military camp and i promise to always check on you as soon as i got lil bit of chance to do so.Meanwhile you obviously a beautiful woman, I instinctively develop very deep interest in you, but quite frankly i wouldn''t know what you looking for exactly or if you felt exactly the way i do... i think we ''ll compliments each other, I am well convinced of my strong feelings for you..What i desires mostly is someone who really in love with me and understands the nature of my work and to be very honest it really is a time consuming job as we are mostly away from home, living in ship basically, traveling to different ports and countries, it does put relationship to test., Please promise me to always be open and honest about your feelings and i will do everything possible withing my power to make you happy.
Because of you am now especially looking forward to this deployment in particular , Just Can''t wait to get back to the life that i missed so much. My love i appreciate you, Please be aware that you are now always on my mind. I love the way you making me feel,the strengths and hope you brings.Mail me always,am admiring you a lot right here right now, You are now my inspiration for anything and everything worthwhile. you in a special way filled me with a renewed hope,emotion and power and i can tell ya i never feel this way in a long time,Am really falling in love with ya and have stacked it, piece by piece in my heart for you, My desire to meet you cannot be over emphasized,hoping that i have simplified some of it here, Looking forward to the day i can see meet you in person. I cant wait to express my sincere regards for you my dearest, Am loving every bit of this moment.
Love lot
Sgt David

Letter 3

Love My life is an open book. Am from Fort Lauderdale in southeastern coast of Florida USA. We are known for resorts, beaches and boating canals.
I love music,Sport,gym. history, travel and to laugh, I''m a huge comedy movies,and Vacation movies.
Here In the USA,southeastern coast Florida and Fort Lauderdale is especially known for our family values like the Filipinos we re very family oriented people.Its these quality that we shared that made me set out looking for a suitor in Asian woman and a Filipino woman in particular.and also because of the fact i have seen and known many colleagues who has pretty successful marriages with Asian women.
Am a divorced father of two kids, and that is in the fore front of my mind in making this decision in order to maintain a traditional christian family.
Divorce isn''t an easy thing to go through,I have noting but respect for my ex as she is the mother of my children .I can say it''s mostly my absent from home due to past deployments that got in the way.
She did struggle to handle military life, especially whenever the reality of deployments sinks in and In her frustration, she ll be complaining and sometimes became overly argumentative bout my absence from home in time it builds up to a catastrophic proportions allowing misunderstandings and misgivings to dominate our conversations and resentment settled in
,these Situations throw us further off course instead of working shoulder-to-shoulder, we find ourselves standing back-to-back. In a twist of fate, that person i once played footsie with under the table feels more like a stranger than my best friend.We parted eventually with a share joint custody of our child.
But then that was now in the past ... Love am here now trying to build a new life with you, My mind is right now on you as we speak I hope that just like me and you get butterflies in your stomach too.
It really feels like you have taken up residence in my mind and travel down to my heart, have taken over my soul and I am completely submitted to it.I hope that where ever you are
these memories are as precious to you as they are to me. I hope you felt the same way as i do too. I love you with all my heart.
Devotedly yours
Sgt David

Letter 4

You really is a beautiful woman, I love you so much
My love i treasure every minute i gat with you, I could never have thought that I would feel this way about someone i barely knew yours is easy and comes very natural. I just want to have you in my arms to love you. From the very first moment I felt something no woman there had captured my attention so fully or made my heart skip a beat the way it did with yours I had no doubt you could just be the one for me.
Many miles kept us apart it is hard to believe we found each other, never did I imagine that I would ever meet someone like you here,especially in the form of a chat friend,
I strongly believe fate has also got her own reasons for us to meet and come this far communicating and I hope our love will continue to flourish, even beyond the depth it is right now.
Distance may be the reason we sometimes think we cannot handle relationship, Now its up to us to make it happen, close up the miles between us.
Please know that I will be there for you, whenever you ask for me ,I am thankful you have come into my life,being loved by you is the only thing I need right now and I pray that this moment will never end,
It really is a good feelings and am missing you terribly already, Wanna hear you say you love me. Trust and care are all I have to give to you sealed with honesty.I ll be your best friend, and as time goes by, may they grow stronger and fulfill whatever your heart may desire.
As our minds combine so do our hearts become one. I love you with all my heart, You are everything to me.
Though distance may keep us apart for the moment, know that you are embedded deep within my heart. I love you with all that I am
Truly Yours

Letter 5

My love,This is so weird but there is this familiarity about you that whispers like I have known you before. Maybe it's only a dream trying to unfold in reality.My love you re a beautiful woman i more than once scramble through your pic just to look into your beautiful eyes your pretty smile, I have got loads of love and admiration for you.Among your best feature has to be your kind, caring, and understanding heart.
I really appreciate all these little things you doing keeping up with me. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness and your loyalty. Just thinking about you and all the possibilities that abound us brings joy in my heart.I feel as though I''m the most blessed guy in the world meeting a well groomed down to earth woman like you in my life.
I want you to know how much am into you my Sweetheart.Thank you for being part of my life and for being there .The joy I have in my heart is a joy that will never come to an end. Glad u accept my family as i accepted yours who will become ours, and any other little ones that may come from us.
You excite me so much and look forward to each day when I can finally get to spend time with you, could picture it in my mind and it was so vivid. I hope everything will turn out just right and do pondering what life will be when you are actually beside me, sharing thoughts and ideas of what the future holds. You and I are hundreds of miles apart, yet I feel as if you are here right beside me, our passion spans distances unforeseen by the naked eye, reaching me in ways I never thought possible.You are now my inspiration for me for anything and everything worthwhile.I Love you and in love with you i think that''s enough.
This bond we have is far stronger that any thing that may bridge us.You are the very one am looking for. You make me smile. You make me whole. I am so amazingly happy and content with you, I want to spend forever in your life, and you in my arms.I long to be there with you now, so that I can help build and support your life. So We ll accomplish a lot together . I love you, I really do!
Forever Yours,

Letter 6

My darling Please accept my love for you wholeheartedly. I just could not wait to express my love it seems that the threshold of the time is gone slowly nights seems to be very large but there is no sleep in my eyes they just rendering you here and there.




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