Scam Email(s) from Joseph Pellegrino to Susan (USA)


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Letter 1

How are you doing today? Thanks a lot for your last message... I so much loved reading your Email :)

I really appreciate the effort and I hope we would continue getting to know more about ourselves for now.....

All I wrote to you previously in relation to what I was seeking for in a partner wasn't fictional at all, and somewhere in there I stated that we all have flaws, I think people that think alike deserve to be with each other because a partner with lesser requirements will always feel oppressed. I always wanted to be in my shell but with time I grew courage and decided to try this means of dating and so far it is not looking bad. I am positive we have a lot in common and you obviously have the qualities I am searching for in a woman hence I want to focus on getting to know more about you and hopefully we can head somewhere because we are not getting younger and we both search for the same things - I want someone to hold my hand through every aspect of life good or bad, someone that will be my life partner and continue this magical journey with me because reality just hit me and despite whatever I have or achieved, I need a soul mate... a face that would be smiling at me most of the time for the rest of my life.

I'm going to be honest here... my biggest fear is dying without ever feeling love again, I do not want that to happen because no matter what has happened in our pasts, life must go on.

Whenever I look at the sky, I smile because I know the big man upstairs will always fight for me and bless me beyond measure even if I deserve it or not - though I tend to believe I do.

Like I said.... I have been in the Marine construction business as a Marine Engineer for over 30 odd years, We specialise mainly in constructions of oil rigs, heavy duty truce vessels and maintenance of vessels and i own a lot of vessels. It's not the easiest job but I love it. I have worked for major companies in the past but now I am a freelance contractor and vessel engineer, I own my firm and I only work on projects that comes via recommendation (It's an independent firm).

I really would want to meet with you as soon as possible and that would happen but at the moment I am at the finishing stages of a project (Maintaining a vessel and controlling the distribution of goods and services out of a vessel) which would keep me here in New York for less than 3-4 weeks by God's grace but after that I'll be open to meet up so maybe we could continue to know ourselves better by Emails and phone calls which isn't that bad as well. I'll like to request for your phone number to also keep me communicating with you more on calls and texts please.

Can you tell me more about your likes and dislikes? What makes you happy? What are you looking for? Tell me how do you deal with frustration? What things make you extremely happy? Do you wish you were less or more emotional? Why?

What are your favorite foods for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Christmas?

Have an amazing day and I'll hope to read from you later on.

P:S - I attached a photo for you... That's a photo of me and my daughter Emily. I hope you like it :)


Letter 2

Hi Honey,

How are you today?
I enjoy our conversation every day that I do read our emails most of the time. I believe you’re a gift from God and I feel a connection with you already.

The universe has a reason for things happening.... Many people get to know by the club. Bar, work, traveling. But It’s not to be compared to a slowly groomed relationship because a slowly groomed relationship brings out your heart, soul, Mind, spirit, Honesty, Truth, sound mind, Heart guided, No mistakes, be yourself, Family oriented ,Love, Care, Hope to the door of finding true love and then finally get to be together. We have a lot in common and we are very compatible..... I really admire that.

A few words about relationships that I will love to share with you - My mother has thought me so many things about life and love since I was growing up. She always said !!MARRY FOR LOVE because the fairy-tale of love CAN be real - Work as hard in a relationship as you would at anything else. No matter what, she said if you love one another it will be worth it and never give up. In conclusion I would have to say that she taught me that love truly can conquer all!

I believe Marriage vows are sacred, far stronger than any bumps or pot holes along life's highway. I believe that in a relationship Communication is also important. If something is bothering you about the other person, talk to them about it.... Don't let it eat at you and hope that they are going to change. How will they change if you don't tell them? Never argue about the petty stuff and never let the petty stuff argue you. I have come to realize that two people are not the same and your partner should be treated as you would want to be treated. If you make a mistake in your relationship remember, problems come and go. In order to build a strong relationship, one must be willing to forgive one another and move on.. When you can do that you know you have found a true soul mate. I've learned to leave the past in the past. Forgive others for things that have been said in the heat of an argument. Approach each other to apologize. Don't wait for the other one to do it first." If you love someone enough you will love the good and tolerate the bad. I have learned that love endures through all the good and bad things that may come about in a marriage. To be open and honest with the person you're with because lying about things only means you have something to hide, and it only makes things worse for everyone I would have to say be honest. Without honesty in your relationship it will not work, lies have a tendency of catching up with you.... It takes two to make a relationship work, both parties have to be willing to support the other and give to each other in a loving manner. When things get tough, help each other get through the rough times. My mother taught me how to work out solutions for every problem - togetherness is the best Secret of the soul.
What do you think about me so far?

I find something special in you and I'll be willing to try and make this a wonderful relationship...I do attend a Foursquare Church but i was also brought up in a Baptist Church. I am also a Sunday school teacher in my church. I am willing to meet you - The project I am working on is going fine as planned, i'm also waiting to hear from the supervisor in charge of the vessel coming over in soon and like I said earlier, it should be complete in nothing more than 3 weeks from now but if not then you can come and kidnap me hahahaha.

P-S I attach my contract certificate for you so you can as well know when I will come.

Be good and continue to have a great day.




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