Romance scam letter(s) from Nene Ahuma Tamakloe to Manon (Switzerland)
Letter 1

Thanks for your reply and i'm happy you like my pics and like me as well.Hope you are fine by the grace of God.Onece agian thanks for the phone number you gave me.I will be calling you more to talk to you.Hope that is better for you and we would know each other through the phone calls than the mail.I am happy you like me and i like you too.

I know i'm handsome but i dont want to marry Africa woman,cos they are difficult.
I hope u you are my dream wife and hope u would be my wife.Smile.
Any way i love your voice,its sweet voice.

Good nite,take care and God bless you. I would talk to u tomorrow.

Love uuuu and hope you'll love me too.Trust me.

Letter 2

Hi Love,
How are you today?Hope u are fine by his grace.
My day today was'nt bad and i give thanks to God. My love,i love you so much and dont know what to do.I am even suprise b'cos i we've not meet befor and we only talk on phone and i have developed a big time love for you.Any way i thank God for that and hope you will also love me as i do and get marry to me.
The i will marry you would be my happies day and i would never for get that day in my life.Good nite and sweet dreams.I love you and will always love you.Trust me.
About our NGO,please you can check our web site on and reply soonest.Hope you will like to work with us to take care of the street children and the poor in Ghana and Africa as well.
Onece agian i love you,miss you and miss your sweet voice.
With all my love.
God richly bless you and long life to you.
Letter 3

Good morning my love. Hope you are fine by his grace. May the Lord bless u and give u long life for what you are doing for people. Once again may God bless u. My full name is Nene Ahuma Tamakloe Ocansey. Call me as soon as u send the money. Please text the information to me and call me as well. Miss you, kiss kiss.
God bless you.
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