Romance scam letter(s) from Ian Jacobs to Kathleen (USA)
Letter 1

I asked my translator to send your laptops back. If you thought that I asked you to help me out then you are extremely mistaking. I bought your ticket to come visit me but you ignored my messages. When we had an argument you begged me to call and I did. You couldn’t even answer my emails. What a shame. Enjoy the rest of your year.
Letter 2

Hey Kathleen. I know you must think I'm some type of animal. Maybe even a bad person. I'm not looking for excuses or blaming someone else for my actions. I'm not asking you to look past my faults rather I'm sending you this message as someone I cared deeply about and before we go out separate ways I just want to explain myself because it also tore me apart for losing you. I started to catch feelings for you. Yes it was the scam and yes I’m the one in the pictures. My name isn’t Ian Jacob’s though. The picture I sent to you in front of the Jet was me in front of a model. I fell hard for you and wanted to tell you that it was a scam to help my boy but I had a hard decision to make. I couldn't let what I felt for you come between me and saving my son. He is sick and it’s been for the past two years. I had to turn myself to this person just to save him. Quickest way to get money and I did not have to be in the states. My mom is from turkey so it’s easy to fly back and fourth. Whenever any said they say my pictures online I casually said maybe someone used them but unknown to them it was me. If the laptops came through I planned to sell them to settle his bills. I'm deeply sorry from the deepest part of my heart not because you found out but because I fell for you. I just wanted to say you are a very good person and never lose that because of people like us. Please don't judge me by what I did to you. If you are in my shoes you might have done thesame. Have you ever loved someone so much you could do anything for that person. Maybe you have never felt that way before so I can’t explain it to you. I didn't have it easy growing up and when I thought I had actually made it everything fell apart. Lost my job and wife and now my son may be next. I had to do what I could. I told myself that I would find a way to pay you back and confess everything after the laptops came in because you are different from everyone I know. I'm sorry again. I understand if I never hear from you again. You are a real jewel and the man that would get you is very lucky.
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