Scam Email(s) from Timothy Vander to Jemma (Australia)


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Letter 1

Hi Sunshine my name is Tim and how is your day Going? i'm really happy to meet you on Match you have a wonderful profile i have been Busy with work since the Begining of this Year I'm a Pharmacist I get Busy alot with my Patients and i don't have time on coming on this website i think i'm really happy for The Little Holiday for Easter, That's why am able to write you... My life is very Interesting and i would like to share my Story with you if you are interested in me as well Please feel free to call me or Text me if you are intereted in me Cause i might not have the chance to come online on this dating site for some weeks so if you want us to get to know each other better You can reach me on this Number and you can also Talk to me on Viber if you have the Application, here is my Number ,(+61 488 891 589)




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