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Letter 1

Hello Corinne, My pleasure meeting you on zoosk, Thanks so much for your message. My first name is Anthony and middle name is Ryan, I am not sure of who I am meeting on there, That was why I used my middle name with you first.
My English might not be as good as yours as English is not my first language, Let me start by telling you some Basic but important things about me. I am a Private Contractor in the Oil & Energy sector and a Business Man. Explaining the details of what I do would have to be in another email. Have been widowed for 6 years plus now. Yes, I am proud of my daughter as I have only one daughter 24yrs old, she will be 25 in June as it's a new year, I will talk more about it in my next email.

I used to smoke but I quit 1 year ago. I drink occasionally. I'm always very direct and straightforward, I'm 186cm in height, and I live alone in Vaucluse presently.

I am a very spontaneous person. I tell you whats on my mind when I feel it and this has made me a very honest person naturally. I'm also a very optimistic and open-minded person. Being Optimistic and Open minded has always attracted people to me Naturally. I'm not the kind of man who bases his feelings on the Outer Beauty or physical appearance. I believe in the Beauty on the Inside because I learned long ago that it is much better.

I have only been on this dating site for about a month, My membership on the dating site will expire soon, I do not think I would be needing it anymore, so I have decided to end my account soon as it expires. I still know very little about you due to your profile and would love to know a lot more. I'm new to internet dating, however, I think you are sincere. So now it's your turn. Tell me anything about yourself that you would like me to know. Your job and maybe something you are proud of about you, What you've done for yourself that makes you proud, The position you are in life today, What you have been through in the past and your aspiration and ambition.

How long have you been on the dating site and how can you qualify or describe this form of meeting?.

I'm an open book, so don't hesitate to ask me whatever you want to know about me. I attached some pictures, You can send me some of yours too. Thanks. Bye for now.


Letter 2

Good morning my angel Corinne, My personal email is a little slow tonight, I couldn't access it easily, So I decided to email you with my work email address, I hope you receive my email?.

Thanks for your kind and concern email. My pleasure hearing your wonderful voice this morning after a hectic day yesterday, Your voice is a relief, Thank you. We will help one another through the good and bad and hold hands till the end of time, I feel great and so much joy in me whenever I hear from you, Reading your emails is some happiness and joy and hearing your wonderful voice is a blessing from above.

It is good enough today because I was at the hospital early today and the injured men would be fine, even though their mistake did cost me well over 50g but I am more than joyous that they are going to be ok, Life is more important than money.

I had a meeting with the South Africa Health And Safety Department, In the meeting, the! y said they did their inspection and they realized it was an accident and they've granted me my license to work on the site. Since we've retrieved our license in working, I have immediately called for a meeting to give all my local workers proper details about our work rules and tasks.

We will be working tomorrow Thursday and possibly complete the job on the site on Friday by God grace.

I will be visiting my men at the hospital again after work tomorrow just to see how they are feeling.

I will have you in mind all night and day my angel.

Missing you and I can wait for our wonderful first date.

Thinking of you as usual.Kisses and Hugs.

Anthony Werner
Independent Contractor
Werner Energy Guide
Vaucluse NSW 2030. Australia.
Phone: +61 488 879 143

**************************************! *
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Letter 3

Good morning Lioness Corinne? I promise I won't hold anything against you, I am straight forward and I face reality. I am positive about us because I trust my instinct. If we've met physically at firat, our relationship might not still work if it wouldn't work. It takes a life time to get to know one another and I am ready to take this walk with you. I believed we've done most part of the journey already and we will keep working at this so that we will continue to get better and better. It always good to hear your wonderful voice. I appreciate our union, I believed It has been ordained by God from heaven that we will be together and keep one another happy, Not for a night or two but until the end of time. I miss you, I don't know how this happen But I love the feelings, It's amazing, Meeting you finally soon will be a blessing, I honestly can't wait to see our future happening together as a couple. I have to admit that you make me feel special like no one else whenever I think about me and you. I look forward to sharing many special moments with you.

While working yesterday Thursday till late night, I noticed some fault and this is a result of the accident that took place on Tuesday, I am still happy this accident didn't take life's But yet seems like it has cost more damage. I noticed this fault at work yesterday night which was Thursday night, But I thought it was little, I got to work this morning and it's been a long, hectic and unexpected day for me. After some diagnoses in the morning I found out that some equipment is weak and could be broken any soon which might take lives of people that might be mining on the site in future at that period, So it will be very unprofessional for me to be selfless and cruel to leave it this way. This equipment needs a replacement immediately which will slow down my job a bit. I immediately called for a meeting and I had a meeting with the Government officials at noon regarding an extension date on my project as we were scheduled to finish today 23rd. And since we can't proceed with final installation due to this weak equipments.

I can only get the best product in Germany, the equipment is needed to be fixed before the final phase of the project hence we were unable to make the completion today Friday. So the government has extended the completion date until Thursday 29th March. and I am relieved about that, My flight is in pending and I will reconfirm it by next week to get another date. I am so sorry if you feel a little disappointed, I thought about you all morning while I was running around, And I said to myself that this wait will be worthwhile.

This contract is worth 14.9Million USD and I have invested all my personal fund on this contract to get it to this stage because I haven't been paid upfront due to the contract agreement signed Which was not a wise move "Business-wise" But I thought I could handle it But business could take an unexpected little twist sometimes.

I have immediately placed an order and paid for this equipment's in Germany today afternoon which is a huge amount of money and unexpected expenses out of my budget. (Adapters and Saver Subs, Wear Bends, Deflector Boxes, RC Drill Rods/Pipe, INLOK RC Drill Rods, Blow Downs for RC Drilling, Inner Tubes for RC Drilling, Drill & Blast Rods and Subs). This equipment's need to be ship from Germany to South Africa ASAP. This shipment needs to get here by Express Overnight Shipment from Germany for me to be able to meet up and complete my project on or before Thursday 29th.

The only pressing issue is the shipment fund and Importation duty charges, I actually thought I had enough funds in my reserve to cover the charges But my account officer contacted me to give me a financial report on my account which is way below my expectation. The little problem I am having with this today is that I was told I will have to pay the shipment and importation fees immediately for my equipment to be ship overnight and the total cost ?11,970, I was able to make payment of ?6,000 upfront for the shipping fund Which is what I have left in my reserved, I need just ?5,970 more to go So that my equipment can be ship.
Since I am only getting paid upon the completion of this contract, This has put me in a tight corner. Right now, if I could get a quick loan of about ?5,970 my problem will be solved, I need this to be paid to the shipper in Germany.
I could have been able to cover up this But as you know, I have spent over $50,000 to cover my men at the hospital which was out of my budget, But life matters a lot.

I have thought about this so much before writing you this email But I have to swallow my pride and open up to you and trust you, I have shared confidential details about my contract with you because I trust you with all my heart and my situation, I feel very comfortable with you and I feel like I can share anything with you. I am so much looking to return home next week Friday or Saturday the 31st and this can only happen if I am able to get things sorted on or before Wednesday or Thursday next week. This weak equipment is unexpected and this is due to this dreadful accident, this is impromptu and What I need is a little amount of money But it's more than I can lay my hands on at this point in time, This has left me in a stage of a dilemma.
I feel very attached to you and I thought I should share my worries with you, I am coming out plain to you with an open heart. We all need somebody to lean on in good and in the bad time, sickness and in health. I know you have a beautiful heart, Darling you must understand that I wouldn't let anything come between us and I can't risk our relationship for whatever I may need, Not even at this stage we are, This happens to be a great test. But if you have the heart and you want to give me a hand, let me know how best you can dear and be sure I can be able to repay you ASAP, I will pay you back soon as I complete my job by next week Thursday and get my payment.
Like I said before, I have thought about this before writing this message to you, Please see this like you are doing something from your heart to someone you care about Who is in need. I am writing this message with a heavy heart because I am a little stressed, Please see this as if you are helping someone in need out of the tunnel. Darling, It doesn't matter if you can or not, I am just at my wit end where I need a hand, All I am just trying to do is to make sure that I get the equipment cleared from the port then we can complete the project on time before it's late and if I don't make the necessary payments within the next 24 to 48hrs, I won't be able to meet up with the deadline and this will put me to shame and incompetent. This simply means the longer I stay here the more complicated things become for me.

Text me when you can darling. Take good care of yourself my darling and know that I am thinking about you. I will wait to read from you darling and I am looking forward to hearing your wonderful voice in the morning to start my day.

Hugs and kisses.

Anthony xxx

Letter 4

How are you doing today sweetheart, Corinne? Thanks so much for your care and concern darling, It was nice to hear your voice in the morning, I can't stop thinking about you darling.

Back to my work. As you know, the more reason why I am having this little issue is that I haven't been paid upfront on this project as to the agreement signed, So I have been using my personal money to fund this project and the little loan from my bank, I have exhausted my credit cards limit to the max.
I will fully get paid after completing my job. I was in a tight corner and I was under pressure and I don't know where and who to turn to and that was why I seek the favour from you, because I feel comfortable with you and I felt I could trust you and open up to you, I will kiss you yesterday, today and tomorrow and I will love you yesterday, today and forever with or without money ok. I am a man with pride and prestige and with the way I was brought up men do not ask women for money, I have never done it and would never do it. I will care for you and our family because that is the responsibility of a man as the head of the family ok. Honey everything will be fine that is my promise to you.

I called the shipping company this afternoon and it seems like the equipment will be here on Monday, I was able to get the shipping fund sorted with my colleague today, I will always let you know what's going on around me darling, I feel very comfortable telling you everything.
I am handing over the project soon and that is why I was summoned to Pretoria by the government last week, but they are also talking about a different payment procedure, which I fear may affect us if much work is not done. Since this African govt. are asking us to pay all pending taxes and clearance before all the funds are released.
I pray we can do something about the taxes on time so they can release our funds, most especially because I have over 45 men and families depending on this success, so that is giving me another headache right now.

I can't wait to get this over with and leave here on time. I want you to know that you are always on my mind ok?

No one in this world knows the feeling that I get when I read your message.

Make sure you take good care of your lovely self for me.

Anthony xxxx

Letter 5

Good morning my Sunshine Corinne, Thanks for your encouragement. Being able to share everything with you, the good and the bad with you means a lot to me, This is extremely special, I have always missed the special person to be able to share every moment with, the joyful moment and disappointment moment. I really appreciate you.

I can't wait to share every moment with you darling, I was busy until late night over here yesterday that was why I couldn't call you. we worked hard in other to finish the job on the site today. Tomorrow Tuesday, the government body will be at the site to inspect my job and see if they are certified with it, I should get the first level of approval tomorrow.

You know, God gave us two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, but only one heart so we can find the other pair lol. And as I have learned that Love is the soul recognition of its counterpart in someone else. I love the fact that you see me as the man of your dreams. I feel special. What a wonderful way of life it is to find joy and happiness in someone else.

I might re-confirm my return flight on Wednesday soon as I get this approval tomorrow Tuesday, I can't wait to meet you soon as I return, This feeling is amazing, I think about you every single minute of my day, You are my first thought in the morning and my last at night. I don't know how this happen But I am happy about it.

Keep smiling darling.

Anthony xxxx.

Letter 6

How are you doing this morning my dear Corinne? I am always thankful every morning when I wake up because I have you in my life right now in some ways, I know we haven't meet But I trust my instinct, It can only get better, And I can't wait to be with you, I have missed hearing your wonderful voice because Hearing your voice leaves me with amazing feelings that make me love everything.

Today, It's been a busy and stressful day for me over here, I have been thinking about you all day wishing we were together.

The South African Revenue Service Department returned my tax waiver unapproved this morning, They said in their feedback that the Constitution can not be amended or change in favor of me alone, They said this is the protocol regarding non-residential contractors.

Therefore, I and my colleague went to a meeting immediately this morning. In the meeting, I and my colleague have come up with the idea that we sit doing nothing but gather hands to solve this little problem and see what we can come up with. They have come up with the idea that we all divide the total amount that is required of me to pay amongst all 3 of us. I'm to pay a total of $745,000 which is 5% of $14.9Million.

I really appreciate my colleague's decision, willing to put hands together with me.

After the meeting this morning, I immediately remitted part tax payment of $395,000 which is my business line of credit and a loan I have applied for since I noticed that they want me to pay my tax before clearing my fund, My bank approved loan with my line of credit and I include it with what I have left which leaves us with $350,000 to go. So $117,000 is the amount each of one of us is obligated to raise.

I don't know why the Government system is stressing me after a long good job I did. I don't know if this is happening just for me to see the other side of life, But I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel, I have never been in a situation like this before all my life, This is a huge experience for me and I can wait to be delighted, God knows and sees my heart, And I will like to say, I am writing this message with a heavy heart, I am a man of pride and dignity, But we are all human, No one is above situations in life, there are times we will need a hand no matter how big or small we are, Here is one of the time/ situations for me, This is one of the worst challenges I have ever face on contract and in my work life, I am at my wits end now, I have to come out with an open heart Because problem shared is problem solve, I need a huge favour to be out of this agony.

I know I shouldn't say this. I wish I have my late wife alive or my parents, this would have been a lot easy for me, Please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to compare you to my late wife, It's just a thought, Things happen that bring back old memories, either good once or bad once But we have to focus on the present, It can only get better.

As you know this is what I've been battling with for the past few days until today that they return the tax waiver unapproved. I sorry for putting my situation on you at this stage But I am helpless. Please understand that you are the only one I am sharing my thought with and I trust you with my situation that's why I am sharing everything with you, I can't risk our union/future for whatsoever I may need, but if you will kindly give me a hand with whatever you can come up with, I will know what more to go, Please lift me up and you will never regret it and I will appreciate this until the end of time, I will definitely refund you in just a few days, This is just for me to make the full tax payment and get the tax certificate for me to clear my funds and pay all my workers and colleague and leave this Country.

You must first realize that it doesn't matter to me whether you are up to the task or not because even a dime from my loved one would worth more than diamonds to me.

Attached below are the tax notification and receipt of the payment I made already, I am feeling so stress.

Please text me when soon as you can, I am available to talk anytime.

You remain my jewel.

From The Bottom Of My Heart.

Anthony xxx

Letter 7

My dear Corinne, I just got to my room right now and I decided to take this moment to write you and open up my heart to you more Corinne, I have so much to give to someone who can fully receive it and appreciate it. I will say also, I have such deep desire to be loved in return; it is so very deep within me, such intense longing. I know we have not got to meet yet, but my impression of you is that you would be able to love me, as we already loved each other and let that love flow out of you, and not hold it back from me. I desire a relationship with you that is uninhibited, built on love and trust, comfort and security. We should feel completely safe with each other, and we can share with each other ALL things, our heart, mind, soul, body, and spirit, completely open to each other. What do you think of this, what I have said??? I believe your heart echoes the same.

Corinne...I must also tell you something that is very important to me, I want that you should always remember this. I try very hard to communicate, and I put a lot of loving work into it. I have learned, from experience (personal and other people's), communication is extremely important! Corinne...I desire this from you as well and I am glad you are doing enough of this, I want to know when you are sad, if anything troubles you, I also want to know your joy, and laughter, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Corinne, I want that I should be able to bathe in you, be consumed in who you are, that the river of your soul should wash over me, and bring me into very deep intimacy with you. I know that communication comes in various ways, it is personal energy, body language, verbal, and mental. I consider that communication is also a labor of love, if you truly love someone, you will love to communicate, but it is always a choice, we always choose our actions. If you feel hurt, or misunderstood, or upset, your first reaction should not be to turn away from that person or to withdraw and become distant. I tell you a more excellent way! Let your heart soften, let the love within you soften your heart, let your first reaction be to draw to each other, to come together. Love can truly heal all things, it is a healing balm or salve, but it is always a choice, love cannot heal unless you allow it, it is a choice of the will, and we must always take accountability for our choices, we can never blame anyone else.

I am a positive person, and I refuse to let negativity control my life. Positive energy brings life; negative energy tears it down or destroys it. I wish to be surrounded by a positive environment as much as possible, where life and love thrive in abundance and grow!!! Negativity is another word for FEAR. Please think about this Corinne. How does fear affect people, does it ever produce anything good??? Of course, not, fear paralyzes people, disables them, hurts them, controls them (if they let it); fear robs from people, causes people to do things they do not want. Fear out of control brings death! Ok...enough about fear!

In life there is a rhythm, it is a Universal law, the entire universe abides by it. This rhythm expands and contracts, it is like inhaling the breath of life and exhaling sweet breath. I look for harmony in a relationship, peace, love, nurturing, understanding, gentleness, passion, sensuality, creativity, spontaneity, laughter, joy. The rhythm of love between a husband and wife, sometimes it flows like a raging river of torrent and passion, it can become a gentle stream of slower current or the slow trickle of crystal water that flows from a mountain stream. Yes, love flows these many different ways and goes through these rhythms and cycles if we let it if we will only choose love, and give no place to fear.

I believe that life is lived from the inside out, who we are, and who we want to be, is what we are inside. You want to know me right??? Always what is inside of us is what is expressed outwardly, on the outside. I share with you, what comes from within me. I open my heart to you dear, even in my letters, so that you can see into my soul, the person who I am, and who I want to be. I share with you, something from my Heart. These are my thoughts, feelings, dreams, emotions, passions. Good relationships are not based on hobbies and interests, it is only mutual love that a relationship is strong, and survives. If the love stops flowing, so does the relationship. We must always choose love; it is the most excellent way!! If the relationship is good, then the hobbies and interests work themselves out. I share with you from my mind, because you need to know me, who I am inside. It is important you know who I am. Corinne, If you desire to know who I am, then you will be able to not only read my words but feel them. As you read, open your heart, let go of all fear, and they will come alive to you, it will whisper the truth to your soul, you have only to become still and quiet, and you will hear it's voice, it is a voice of gentleness, love, and compassion.

These are my own words, my own thoughts, and feelings. Judge for yourself, what kind of person do you think I am??? You have not met me yet in person, but what does my writing speak to you. If you listen, it will speak volumes, if you listen, it will be as if I am with you now. I stand before you, I look into your eyes intently, and with tenderness, read my words, and look into my soul. Indeed, we will meet in person, very soon....but you do not need to meet me, to know me, before I come to you. I ask you, is not inner beauty most important??? Read my words, read from my Heart that I share with you. Ask yourself, what kind of person I am, can you see, without having met me yet??? Do these words come from a person who is beautiful inside or someone who is ugly inside??? You be the judge, you want to know me, here I am dear, and you will know me, if your heart is open, you will have known me, without even seeing me. Of course, I am much more than these words, what you see now, is only the tip of the iceberg. I will be much more in person than you see here. I am infinitely more.

Love is a tough and rewarding exercise, and there is no exact formula that defines what it means to love. You, who are loving and docile, has, however, difficulty in loving and being loved.
The beauty of love is a mystery. When it finally happens what comes to light is a great facility for giving away, and when we know how to give of ourselves, the exchange of love is healthy and sublime. Disclosing love requires art and skill, sensibility and attention.
Love has to be sowed in a field of trust. Only this way it may be born, and grow, and finally bear fruits. So you should follow the orientation that your immense heart gives you and rely your love on who loves you the most and dedicates you all the attention, concern and affection.
You have to get rid of your fears, which derive from bad experiences or what people have said... Let's build together something firm and beautiful for coloring our lives and days that are yet to come. Forget the fears and pessimistic forecasts, let's surrender to love.

A kiss from the one who can't wait to meet you and always thinking about you.

All My Heart.

Anthony xxx.

Letter 8

Good morning my dear Corinne, I didn't get any email from you yesterday, I even tried to call you but you didn't answer your call, I hope everything is fine with you? It's night time over here and I am thinking about you, as usual. I want you to know how much I sincerely cherish the countless munites we spend talking on the phone sometimes, It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. As soon as I return home, we will take things further from there and it can only get better, There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I cherish your presence in me and only you, It's always a special feeling when I am thinking about you, so I know and believe we were meant to be together... and the feelings will only grow stronger. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for caring and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you and I'll never let you go. I think I am getting some good response from few of my friend concerning my situation But I better discuss on the phone with you about it, so please text me to let me know when I can talk to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Anthony xxxx

Letter 9

South African Construction Board
Marlow Crescent House, Cnr Mooi & Bason , Midrand – RSA
Tel +27835236116, 021 5561316 Fax 0865480062
Reg: No. 11904378 VAT 738547

Date: 3/2/2018
Dear Anthony Werner (Werner Energy Guide),
Results on final rig and hangings construction evaluations
Steenkampskraal Mine No.67/87
On the 2/28/2018 we South African Construction Board did final evaluation/speculations on part of the rig and hangings constructed according to Act 36 section C law (Rig Construction evaluation to be done)
Below we have listed construction not done successfully according to the contract requirements.

1) Pipe Sticking
2) Hole Deviation
3) Drill Pipe Failures
4) Borehole Instability
5) Mud Contamination
6) Ceiling Manhole
i. The opening is only about 450mm x 450mm; according to By-Law it should be 750mm x 750mm.
ii. No proper support around the manhole opening to support weight of two persons and protect the ceiling from risk of cracking while accessing.
7) Recess Wall
i. According to Uniform Building By-Law 1984 (G.N.5178/85, pg.47 By-law 86), all recess wall should be of not less than 200mm in thickness.
8) Hydrogen-Sulfide-Bearing Zones and Shallow Gas

We have limited days before the Mining Schedules commences and would like to have all construction corrections done and concluded before March 23rd 2018.
NB: According to the construction agreement signed by both parties, it was agreed on that the quality of work should be according to the detailed specifications of the Civil Construction Board of RSA. As your failure to comply with our terms will mean that Municipal will seek compensation from us for untimely delivery (Exemption clauses)
, and therefore deductions of any loses/delays will be incurred from your invoice which is currently put on an indefinite hold till after a final evaluation is done and approved. Lastly should your construction party not comply with the correction requirements by the deadline, your license may be confiscated and cancellation (by Warranties) of any construction in RSA and within the Industry affiliates in Europe and beyond.
Enclosed is a copy that needs to be filled, signed and be returned of faxed back to the heard office immediately.
SACB therefore looks forward to your immediate reassurance that our deadline will indeed be met; this will allow us to have time to do evaluations again at the deadline.
Yours sincerely
John A.
Evaluation/Speculation Engineering Director




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