Scam Email(s) from Lucas James to Maria (USA)


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Letter 1

Good Morning,

Take time to greet the dawn, watch the light appear up high, as an orange sun starts rising in the Eastern sky...The birds are chirping merrily as a brand new day begins, so enjoy this lovely morning and the beauty that it brings..... Hope to talk with you soon, and I hope you like the pics I attached to the email..ttyl

Kisses and Hugs,

Letter 2

Hello Madam,

My name is Mr.Duke Haggard, I'm glad to let you know that you got the right man, I want you to know that I'm in Dubai, My next transit destination is to Accra-Ghana and from there I will make a one way airline straight to my final destination which is to your husband in Afghanistan I will be in Accra-Ghana tomorrow and I will be meeting some Officials to submit a gold document to them,So I will be there for you to mail the care package to me in Ghana so I can deliver it to your husband in Afghanistan and please madam try and send the package through USPS EXPRESS MAIL so it gets here fast .Thanks you so much. And sorry for the late response, busy man.

Duke Hagard


PS: Email me the tracking number when you are done and you should use the exact address I gave to you don't add or put anything more to it, just use the address only. Thank you once again




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