Romance scam letter(s) from Joseph Pellegrino to Angie (USA)
Letter 1

Nice to know you got my Email Angie.... .
How was your night? Mine was alright and the day seems bright.
I have a couple of hospital runs with my mother and then later I will be busy with some conference calls as I am working from here by passing instructions to New Year.
I will send you a long message with more about myself when I am settled in the evening.
You have a nice day and look forward to my message.
Letter 2

Hello Angie,
Good to know you had a good day... Thanks a lot for your reply to my last message - I understand sometimes things come up.
I really appreciate the effort and I hope we would continue getting to know more about ourselves...
All I wrote to you previously in relation to what I was seeking for in a partner wasn't fictional at all, and somewhere in there I stated that we all have flaws, I think people that think alike deserve to be with each other because a partner with lesser requirements will always feel oppressed. I always wanted to be in my shell but with time I grew courage and decided to try this means of dating and so far it is not looking bad. I am positive we have a lot in common and you obviously have the qualities I am searching for in a woman hence I want to focus on getting to know more about you and hopefully we can head somewhere because we are not getting younger and we both search for the same things - I want someone to hold my hand through every aspect of life good or bad, someone that will be my life partner and continue this magical journey with me because reality just hit me and despite whatever I have or achieved, I need a soul mate... a face that would be smiling at me most of the time for the rest of my life.
I'm going to be honest here... my biggest fear is dying without ever feeling love again, I do not want that to happen because no matter what has happened in our pasts, life must go on. I hope and wish your brother fights and wins the battle... Just believe and everything will become possible.
Like I said.... I have been in the Marine construction business for 30 odd years, We specialize mainly in constructions of oil rigs and heavy duty truce vessels. Currently I and my team are partnering with (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering) on an Oil field expansion in the U.A.E (Abu Dhabi) which is my major priority as due for completion in 4 weeks. It's not the easiest job but I love it. I have worked for major companies in the past but being a freelance contractor has more benefits as I own my construction firm and I only work on projects that comes via recommendation (It's an independent firm).
I really would want to meet with you as soon as possible and that would happen but at the moment I am at the finishing stages of a project which would require me to shuttle between here, New York and visits to Abu Dhabi for the better part of 2 weeks... after that I'll be open to meet up so maybe we could continue to know ourselves better by Emails and phone calls which isn't that bad as well.
Can you tell me more about your likes and dislikes? What makes you happy? What are you looking for? Tell me how do you deal with frustration? What things make you extremely happy? Do you wish you were less or more emotional? Why?
I wish you an amazing night rest and I hope to read from you soon.
Letter 3

Hi Angie,
For starters I am really really sorry for my late reply to your Email.... I got back to New York yesterday on an emergency and it's taken me quite some time to settle back down.
How are you today? I hope you're having a great day? So far my day has been great…. I woke up very happy, took my vitamins and a hot cup of coffee then stepped into the office where everyone was excited to see me :) We worked successfully for a couple of hours and now I am back home watching the news after a very nice dinner I made myself.... Isn't that the life? I guess only a loved one is missing hahaha.
Thanks a lot for answering my questions - To answer the same questions I asked you: I do not like dishonesty, others who are too scared to tell the truth, people who are mean without compassion and people who just decide to leave and not work through their problems. Being together with the one I love, family or friends, traveling and having just enough of what is needed are the things that make me happy.
Whenever I am frustrated I sit down... I pray, listen to slow music, try to drink something very cold and then ask myself why I am frustrated.. Then think about all I have been able to achieve...
Then I think of my mother and how she dealt with her own frustrations and then I realize, mine is nothing compared to what she went through raising me as an only child and working 3 jobs...
After a long time of meditating I become calm and feel better again.
A great accomplishment definitely makes me extremely happy! Also, if I have made somebody happy like 2 months ago I volunteered to join a campaign that was to fight against poverty in South America; It was amazing and I stopped taking a lot of things for granted like clean water or food (I'll elaborate later). News of changed lives would also be in the list and I love surprises!
good ones.
As for my career choice, I was lucky enough to know a man call Bill Lambert and he influenced me... Honestly he paid for more than half my colleague tuition - He was a neighbor as I used to wash his cars, when he found out I was really ambitious he promised to put me through college and I am grateful to him till this day.
As for if I wish I was more or less emotional and why...Well, it would be better with less of the bad emotions and more of the good ones. They're okay as it makes me human, not an unfeeling, heartless robot. But, I don't allow them to cloud my better judgement nor do I allow them to control me... I try as much as I can not to appear too emotional but hey! It doesn't work all the time - Like me crying after seeing the "Notebook" movie. Nobody would want to come across as a softie especially me as I have a lot of workers that need to be put in place but they all see me as the warm Boss that everyone can crack a joke with and honestly it doesn't bother me at all being that guy. A lot of them come to me with their problems and I advice them like I would my own daughter.
Prior to when I started working on local projects I used to travel a lot for job related issues so trust me I have had my own fare shares of travel lol…. I built the house my mother currently resides in myself ground up…. It can also be called home but I still have the Condo myself and my wife bought 12 years ago here in NY though it was too big for me when she passed away and my daughter moved out so I renovated it to a bachelor pad.
I am a very content person, I grew up with good morals and my mother made sure I appreciated anything I got so when I achieve things I try not to be over ambitious because I believe life already has it's massive plan for us and what will be will be.
So tell me more about your relationship views, what do you expect from a partner?
Remember to smile a lot.... you never know who's life you might touch.
Letter 4

Hey Darling,
I want to start this letter first by thanking you for your enviable dedication, care and interest you have shown me even more since we started communicating, you have made it seem like I've been in your life for decades. That's a rare quality, to be willing to accommodate, repair and nurture my lonely and damaged heart.
Furthermore, there's a part of me that's still trying to take all of this in, and that's the relationship, the intimacy, the constant thoughts of you and the extreme feelings I'm beginning to develop. It's truly been such a long time since I've felt this way or even opened myself to let something like this in. It is scary because I don't feel like I'm in control of my emotions, but it's balanced with the freedom, trust and how safe my soul feels with you.
You bring joy to my world… It's so beautiful and exciting to know that we share so much in common even when we have different cultures. I love the fact that we both share the same purpose as humans, knowing that our existence in this world goes beyond anything but to experience love and happiness. Because in the end, it's not about degrees, money or possessions, but about the people that you have touched or have touched you.
I wake up thinking about you and go to bed dreaming about you! Crazy or what?!!
Well, there's so much questions to be asked of how the heart works, but there's still that mystery that life keep's proving to us each and every day, which is that the strongest forces of nature can't be controlled, tamed or questioned… I do feel that the human heart is one of the strongest forces of nature. For it can't be questioned or tamed, but only should be trusted and followed. So that brings me to the next question.. Can you fall in love with someone that you haven't met? I ask this question not out of fear but of understanding and wanting to come in terms with this feeling within me..
I know we both had lives before this and never thought we'd ever get here but that's life… I'll never try to act like the past didn't happen just like you should accept mine but memories shared always imprint in our thoughts.. Life is like a book, when one page is full, its up to us to turn to the other and start a new chapter. All I want is for us is to turn to the next page and lets create new memories for ourselves.
I would always be grateful for giving me the room to express myself to you… I miss you so much and I'm thinking about you always!! I hope you continue to have a good day at the office and not spend too much time thinking of that crazy guy called Joe..
It's back to the meeting for me as we just got word from William back in Abu Dhabi.... look forward to talking on the phone later.
With Love,
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