Scam Email(s) from Jackson to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

Hi .. Dear How is your day, hope fine? I saw your nice picture and it attracted me to you, I wish can we be friends? Best regards

Letter 2

Ok my dear , thank you for your respond where do you come from , I'm so glad to meet you on this media .

Thank you for your lovely reply. How are you doing today, hope you alway fine, I’m not kidding you dear, I know our meeting here is not by mistake but divine grace , as I have just closed my account but my heart keeps asking me for one more chance , I give myself , and finally I meet with you . I know we did not see each other, but I want you to agree with me that true love addiction and distance cannot stop us when we really and truly in communicating with each other.

Letter 3

What do you mean my dear , you not understand my proverb English.

Letter 4

Hello dear. How are you today , my dear , hope you are in a good health




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