Romance scam letter(s) from David Johnson to Cindy (USA)
Letter 1

Good afternoon Cindy, I'm really glad you acknowledged the message sent and thanks for reaching out to me. I must say that I'm very excited. Who am I? I am a positive individual with confidence but not arrogance. I laugh often and am very optimistic. I am intelligent and can carry on meaningful conversations. Peoples's feeling are important to me. I care and stand by whoever i come across. Being spontaneous, playful, adventurous and having fun with the right woman is my goal. I enjoy traveling, fine dining, walking on beach, and dancing. I have had a successful business career. I want to find a woman to share with me, the finer things life has to offer. Thank you so much for the compliments, it went straight to my heart. I am in search of my Soul & dream mate, Lover, Wife and Life Companion. My name is Williams and i’m 60 years very young and I live in San Diego. Hopefully we'll be able to start getting to know each other from now. I am a widower, self employed Engineer and I also deal on GEM Stones ( Rough Diamonds ). I was born and raised in Lyon, France till I was 23. My Dad is French and my mum from Queensland, Australia. They are both at their resting place and i'm happy about that, cause I know they are doing better over there. I once lived in Pine Valley, CA. Went to the University Of California, Berkeley. I have lived and worked here since 2010. I fell in love with the city when I came here to work years back so after I lost my wife, I decided to move down here for a new beginning. I lost my wife to cancer. I plan to retire this year, just one last contract bid to seal and that will be it. I want to go into real estate afterwards. Will have all the time for the woman in my life. Devoted father of 22yrs and 20yrs daughters who are currently preparing to study Medicine at Queensland University(Australia). They are my life in one word. My world has revolved around them. They don't give me no stress, they decided to not date yet, rather face school for now so no boyfriend drama. I have had to deal with that in the past but they got wiser and i'm happy about that. They are my jewels. I love them so much. They have so much respect and very adorable, you will love them. Emily 22 and Karen 20. I was married for 20yrs and lost my wife in 2007. It has been difficult all these years without a woman to hold on to.
My whole life crashed down when I lost her, I came from a strong CHRISTIAN background, which is a Vital Component in my life even though i don't go to the church.... I'm also a fun loving person, Passionately Charged and a true Romantic at heart. I'm fortunate enough to be blessed with confidence and wisdom that comes with age and experience. I have socialized with influential people and can very easily blend in with any situation. I am also very family oriented. Tried and tested. When I became a widow I raised my very young daughters alone for years while I struggled with a career and busy furthering my education at the same time. I have a very easy going personality, well balance, level headed, thoughtful, will take charge when necessary and step back when needed. I'm a considered person and have no problems showing affection or emotional support. I place a strong emphasis on honesty, integrity,respect, values and morals. I have been single and haven't dated anyone ever since the loss of my wife. I am loving, caring, honest, compassionate, affectionate and have a good sense of humor. I should tell you that I am very open-minded; I was born on October 3rd (Lucky Libra) I expect you to ask me questions and I will be pleased to answer them. Please feel free with me OK? I am an open book. I drink on occasion, never been to jail. As to what I’m looking for, I don't think outmost beauty really matters but what matters most is true love and understanding which is what I’m looking for, hopefully I’ll find in you. I like a female who is confident and comfortable in her own way and can think outside of the box and go unconventional rather than living a blueprint to life. I don't need anyone to take advantage of my weaknesses or my strengths; I need someone who appreciates the good things in life and love. You need to be able to laugh together and view your significant other as a best friend and life teammate first and foremost before anything else will fall into place,If you live your life according to a blueprint or what is perceived to be the norm rather than being yourself you end up suppressing the real you and miss out on a lot of life experiences. Do you want to sit on your front porch at 80 in a rocking chair wondering what if? Or do you want to have a memory and a story? My hobbies are reading, movies, swimming, ski, hiking, traveling, listening to music, soccer. I hate delays, that is sluggishness and procrastinating, I dislike lies. I love someone who is trustworthy. I love nature; I believe that is one of those things in life because life is all about ups and downs. I like to meet new people and get to know new things in life and I believe that's what life is all about. I like to travel and I look forward to being able to travel all over the world some day before I get too old with my significant other...Smile... will you be my traveling partner?? ...Smile. Do you have a passport?? Have you ever traveled long distances before? Where have you traveled to? I've been to all about the Calif Coast, Texas, New Zealand, Washington state, Montana, Australia, Wyoming, Colorado, Michigan, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong I still look forward to seeing more of the world. I should tell you that I like different types of music, and that will be one of our great challenges in the future though not an insurmountable challenge, but one that we will have to work on seriously because music is my greatest joy and passion in life, second only to love itself. One of my dreams for the future is to find a woman who will be my best friend, my lover, my pupil, and my partner in all life's adventures at the very least. I want someone to spend all my time with, sharing all the pleasures I've discovered in life, and that's a lot, believe me. I also want someone who is very affectionate, because touching, hugging and caressing are a basic part of my spirit. How has life been treating you without a man? What exactly are you looking for in life? What do you expect from me? Tell me about your past love life. I try to be very considerate of other people. I must admit that I do have my days. Smile.. I think loyalty is very important in a relationship. Also trust and respect. I believe that everything happens for a reason, a season or a lifetime.. And I choose to embrace all:) I welcome the opportunity to establish a friendship first. I'm non Judgmental, non Controlling and your opinion does matter to me.. I have no problems with a person " ETHNICITY" it's the contents of one's CHARACTER that matters to me. Life is a very short journey and it should be enjoyed...Tomorrow isn't promised and today is a gift...GOOD LOOKS CATCHES THE EYE...GOOD PERSONALITY CATCHES THE HEART!! I want to say a big thank you for taking your time to email me, you are awesome. I would love to know more about you too, your dreams, aspirations….feel free to tell me anything about you. What exactly you are looking for, what are your expectations??? Also, i would like to know how long you have been on the site, what is your experience so far??? I think I have written enough, I'll close this email now and I will talk to you later, I hope to hear from you soon and you take good care of yourself... I hope you've had an awesome Wednesday so far and I wish you all the best for the rest of today. Yours Sincerely, Williams.
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