Scam Email(s) from Ruben Bolek to Jemma (Australia)


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Letter 1

How are you doing today? You look cute and i will like to get to know you if you don't mind. Cheers

Letter 2

Yeah i will like to share emails with you. I think it we be better to talk on phone or email. What do you think? I own my company and i am also share holder in IKEA COMPANY as well. You sound real polite and lovely woman. I wait to read back from you soon. God bless

Letter 3

Hello Aggie, You are really a woman of faith and dignity. Thanks for sharing about your self with me. Yeah the company most continue with those with share holder in the company, aside that i own my private company as well. Well i agreed with us communicating here for the main time we will get to know each other. I am mature minded man with good quality to love and treat other the same way i want them to treat me. I love God first in all i do and i am a good listener. My Christian name is Daniel or you can call me Ruben as well. i was born in Adelaide, but my dad is from Poland in Europe. we move down to Poland with my dad when i was 6 years old. i grown up in Poland with my parent and my sister Lacey. I got married 32 years ago and i lost my wife 3 years ago before i relocate back to Australia. Though i have always come for big vacation in Australia before my two parent past away.I have two grown up Children that live away from me. I own my business and i am self independent man. self discipline and respectful person with sense of armor. I treat people the same way i want them to treat me and i love to respect other people opinion aside my own. I live by my self and i am willing to start a new life with someone who is willing to walk the journey of love withe me. I guess i have tell you little about me is your turn to tell me about you now. Take care and stay bless till i read back from you soon.. Good night.

Letter 4

Wow that was awesome to read such an amazing message from you. I thank God for you that you have the courage to stay by your self. i know you are not all alone. God is always with you anytime you need him, he will always there to help out most time. He his a loving God and he will never fail whatsoever. You are right materials things does not count what matter most is our good heart and the love we share among our self.. The bible said love your neighbor as your self by doing so it means you love God as well. I am open minded person and i love to respect people and treat them right. I think is not good for one to live alone as the bible said.. So i decide to come to this site and try my luck if God willing. So tell me what kind of relationship are you looking for Aggie? Tell me how did you spend your weekend.. For me i spend it by my self and i enjoy it doing some things in my house. I love exercise most time when am at home. I hope to read back from you as soon as possible. God bless

Letter 5

oh sorry to hear that. You have to be careful about who you communicate with them. for me i am honest man and i self independent person all i need from my woman is love and respect and i will give the same as well.. Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your self.. God bless

Letter 6

I am so happy to read back from you as well and i most tell you that you are such a lovely woman as well.. I am enjoying this conversation as well Aggie. Your message always make my day and it make me smiles as well. Good eyes see good things about other. Lovely heart embrace other and good lips speak wonderful things about others. You will always get a pleasant compliment and sweet words from me as long you are loving and respectful as i am willing to give it back to you in kindness. Lacey is my first daughter she is 28 years old, disable but she is happily married with two kids. And my son Daniel is 24 years single but he as a son. He is in army. I have a lovely children we both love one another.. Lacey live with husband in Poland in Europe and Daniel is in America. Despite the distance between us we still get along by talking on phone. As for my work i work away from home i have office i the city and also i love where i live now though i have others house in other state. i was planing to go into real estate after i retire from my business. I think that we keep me busy when i am retire. Aggie please feel free to ask me any question is a means of getting to know our self and i will be so happy to answer you with honesty and truthfulness.. Hope you are enjoy your day so far? Hope to read back from you soon.. God bless you Aggie

Letter 7

Yeah i love coffee shop is my favorite spot when i want to feel relax and wipe away stress in m y heart. I guess we have things in common dear.

Letter 8

I am so happy to read back from you as well. I may be shot in my respond tonight is because i am tired i have a long day today doing a lot of business meeting and networking with new clients.. I will respond more to your email Aggie.. Please permit me to go to bed now. Take care dear..

Letter 9

I have my own cars and i some time go on train if i feel like.. My office in the city and i have some other companies in other state as well. I really to do sight seeing but sometimes i go to coffee shop to sit and enjoy my cappuccino. All i love most which my business required is traveling sometimes. I Hope i have answered your question? I am all by my self today but i have a great business day. What about you how do you spend your Valentine? Take care till i read back from you soon. God bless you

Letter 10

Is okay i understand when i don't read from you.. Yeah i travel to attend to my other business in other state. i have business Adelaide and Victoria as well. and also in American. I travel to attend to most of my business some time.. Yeah i still have that in plan going into real estate when i retire.. That as been my dream since i have been working all my life... I don't like to sit in one place even when i retire. My favorite sport is Golf, Long tense, Football, Car raise and Basketball...Hope you enjoy your weekend.. As for me i use this weekend to relax my self because i have a lot of business to attend to next week. Take care till i read back from you soon. God bless you

Letter 11

Hello Aggie, Nice to read back from you as well. You have really sound well and i love you sense of reasoning. I guess the same thing to me when it come to my retirement. I want to relax my self from the years stress from work around the globe. All i desire is to enjoy life i have worked for years now.. Travel to places, go for shopping, and some other fun life with my partner.. Life is too short not to be enjoy. About my real estate venture. I am planing on it with my lawyer! once it is time i will invest on it but i will have to take a little time after i retire to relax my self before going into real estate. After i retire i don't think i will be doing full time work anymore i need some real quality time to enjoy life as well. So i hope we can enjoy life together as we plan? Today was a busy day but it was lovely because i made a wonderful sales and it was amazing turn around for me business last week. I had a new set of client/customer that patronize our products. And that make it busy day and lovely as well. I don't complain because i love what i do.....So tell me how did your day? Take care till i read back from you. God bless

Letter 12

You are so sweet and lovely woman ever.. I love reading from you. You always sound so pleasant and interesting to me. Believe me i don't see anything bad in us having the same account, Is my responsibility to take care of you as my woman and provide and i will love to start the love life with you so soon. Honey l can do anything for love. Though i am a busy person but when it come to someone i love i can sacrifice a lot for that person. So i will always have time for us i promise when we are together.. I love what you said helping the less privileged that is one of my dreams too. I want to have a charity home for both young and old people to help and support them. Now that i know you are the type that love to help people i think you will be in that area for us. We will join hands together to help people in our country and communities.. My dear i know everything we work out good for us.. I talk with my children today and they ask if i connected to some on the dating site and i said yes that we have been talking for some time now.. Dear i will love us to talk on phone or chat or better still we can chat on any social media you have what do you think.. I have to go now i have somethings to do.. Take care and stay bless

Letter 13

Well i understand what you are trying to say. When it come to relationship or marriage it as to do with love and understanding.. The both party have to work in love and as a team not as a boss as you have said.. If i made mention of joint account is not most we have it together with your account. we night open a joint account separately aside from yours or mine. But is okay we can always talk that out some other day.. Thanks for giving out your email. Hope you are taking care of your self? Here is my email too




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