Scam Email(s) from Kevin Macaulay to Flor (USA)


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Letter 1

Good morning to you my love,
How are you doing today? I am really so sorry for not writing sooner, I have been working a lot more and I am often exhausted at the end of the day,
You don't have to worry please, as for me, I am trying my best to be safe out here, I can't stop thinking about you everyday and all I just want is to finish my job and come home to you

As regards that briefcase I found two days ago, I tried to get it opened and honey you wouldn't believe what I discovered inside this box, the box was filled up with raw gold bars and some paperwork with it, showing account details and some other information, I guess that was for payment or whatever, I am very disturbed at the moment, I haven't allowed anyone see this with me because it is very risky to be seen with such a possession and also the sea pirates could come on us anytime and it will be serious trouble. I have managed to hid it somewhere in my compartment but that won't last for long, I am stuck, still thinking what to do, perhaps how to keep this secure until I leave here, this could fetch a lot of money in the outside market
If you have any suggestions, I will like to know ASAP, tell me what you think I can do please
Work is still ongoing and moving on progressively
Thank you and stay fine always my love
Good morning

Letter 2

Hello dear
Are you busy now perhaps, am always trying to picture you and what you might be doing, it's funny but I do all the time.
I can't sleep, I have been thinking about this gold bars, honestly I don't feel very comfortable having around here, I stand a great risk, someone could stumble on them or perhaps we got attacked, I can't get a good sleep
There are about 200 pieces of the raw gold bars, last night I was trying to make a little research about it, from what I was able to gather I think these pieces are worth quite a fortune, I want to get it out, come Sunday I will be out for a meeting with the U.N executives about work so far and any other issues to be discussed, I am thinking to take it along with me as I leave the ocean, and perhaps deposit with a courier service for delivery, but I can't just send this to anyone, I could send it to Milan but my mom won't be able to understand it and she always got companies with her, nurses and caregivers, so I was wondering if you could receive this for me and keep it safely until I get out of here and I will come get it and we can trade it, it's worth it and I just can't hand it to anyone because no matter who you give it to, they're still going to take it, it's a forgotten property, it won't cause you anything, all I will need is the courier have it delivered to you straight and you then keep this very safe for me
Please I need you to do this for me
And I will greatly appreciate it and continue my work with peace of mind and be able to sleep well at night. Not scared of suspicion or attacks
Please let me know what you think baby
By morning I hope to see your email
Thank you
Goodnight and pleas come to my dreams

Letter 3

You disappoint me talking this way
Perhaps I shouldn't have thought about it with you

Letter 4

Everything is just your opinion after all, you don't believe in my judgement so I don't believe in yours
That is our difference, nothing else matter
Thank you

Letter 5

You are just being one sided my dear
That is selfishness, you have accused me wrongly without proof
Don't you go to church, don't you know about false accusations?

Letter 6

Honey I'll write you back later, this is my working hours. Please just understand for once ok?
I will write you after work I promise
Stay safe for me too

Letter 7

Good morning my love
Yes I am safe my love and always safe for you, working is getting more serious and progressive which is a very nice thing, I just can't wait to get out of here, I finally did as you told me, I have submitted the box and it's finding to the United Nations executives, I didn't want any appreciation for anything and I feel better, I just want you to know that I do not want anything to bring troubles between us and you are so important to me. Thank you for tha advice and I am glad I listened to you, this is the beauty of having someone good in your life that you talk to..

Nevertheless my love, I want to make a little request from you, if you can oblige me then I will greatly appreciate it
I get bored after the day's job, I like to listen to music a lot and rest and some of my productive work applications are out of date, I need an iTunes card of about $100, this will let me get some good music and then update my applications for my proper production progress, just get and send it to me

Enjoy your day
Today's going to be busy but I'll always have you on my mind
I love you

Letter 8

It's alright I understand you have bills to sort too, I will wait until you can be able to get it, perhaps in few more days?
When you get all you do is scratch the back open to reveal the codes and then snap a photo of it showing the complete back of the card. That's all
I hope you're doing fine and your repair is going on well
Always thinking about you
Yesterday was so exhausting but am better this morning, still very early though. I think of you so much
Tell me what is going on with you




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