Romance scam letter(s) from Magnus Carlsson to Brenda (Australia)
Letter 1

Hi Brenda, It is good to hear from you again, I want to thank you again for making contact with me on Oasis. I must say that it is highly appreciated and I am sorry for the late reply. I am so glad that I joined the site, I was introduced to it by a couple that met on it and have been married for 2 years now and they told me since I am just adjusting back to life in Australia that maybe I should give it a try. By the way I am in Mosman Park, WA at the moment and I have a beautiful serviced apartment that I am renting here while I am still doing my ground work as I have just been around for a couple of months. My family home is in Warrnambool, VIC and I have always been in Melbourne most times in the past. Yes I have a very complicated family history, mum is Australian and my dad originally from Sweden. I will tell you all about it in my next email. I have just one daughter and she is 26 this last October and she is currently studying at the University in California (UCLA). She is a finance and administration Major and she is also a pro tennis player and she has been on scholarship and I am very proud of her so much. Haven spent 27-years in civil engineering career, fairly well-traveled...Scotland, Britain, Greece, Italy, Czech, France, Mauritius, UAE, Kuwait, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Korea...had an 8 golf handicap and shot the "dream round" once...I am somewhat semi retired because I do get some contract work where I either work as the project contractor or just a consultant, I would tell you more details about it later. I have some pictures and I would also like to share more details about me with you and I see that you are a genuine and sincere person and I would like to explore possibilities and know whether we can share a common ground that could lead to something genuine and true. I am new to all this online dating and I willing to give it my best shot as we only live once. I would love to answer more questions and I hope that it would be nice to talk more and see if we can meet to get to know one another further. Please send me a reply to this short email and I would send you more intimate details about me. I will be waiting to read from you. Magnus xx
Letter 2

Hi Brenda, How are you? I want you thank once again for making contact with me it is highly appreciated, I want to genuinely have a truthful and trustworthy friendship and eventually a bond with you and as such I will share some more information about me with you with all sincerity. As you must have seen in my profile I am a 64 years old widowed male and I have been so for 12 years now. My mum is full blooded Aussie but my dad is American citizen of Swedish descent and that's where I get the looks from. My parents moved to the USA when I was young, haven spent most of my teenage-hood in Sweden and across Europe. I have always been on and off in Melbourne and Warrnambool over the years. I would like to tell you a little more about my family and my background. Our family house is in Warrnambool and that's where I have been used to staying growing up. I have a 26 year old daughter whom I adore so much and she is so special to me. After the painful loss of my wife, she was the reason why I had to live and continue my life. It was very traumatic for me because my daughter was without a mother. So in the last 12 years I had to put all my energy in making sure that she grew up into a strong woman with out the trauma of her loss and I supported her through her adolescent and teenage years and made sure that she never lacked anything and most of all LOVE. My dad passed on 6 years ago and my mom has decided to relocate back to Warrnambool so that she can spend the rest of her life there with her relatives and now that my daughter is old enough and she is in college and has a boyfriend and they have moved in together so I believe it is time to look for someone special and meet and give love another shot. Like I told you earlier I am settling down here in Oz. Although I have been around the world, Australia is my home and I have decided to come back and settle down here and judging from the way my mum was a good wife to my father before he passed on I pray that as I come back home finally, I will meet someone that would fill the empty space in my life. The family home in Warrnambool is undergoing a face lift for my mums transition back home as she is still in Florida at the family home there and I am very open to meeting someone I can have a bond with and can fill the void in my life and vice versa back here in Australia. It feels great to me to be advancing towards a fresh start in my life and I hope that I would find luck with this on-line dating thing. I like to think of myself as a pretty fun loving, caring and super generous YOUNG guy. I have a big heart and sometimes that gets me in trouble because I always give people the benefit of the doubt......I was married for 27 years. I love to travel and see new things and l love to play sports (Golf) and take care of my body and live healthy. I am not the typical old guy that everything has to be perfect all the time and perfection is the end…. I do my best but I love to live life and if that means going out to dinner and eating way too much or indulging in too many drinks or desserts be it...I will just work out a bit harder the next day at the gym. One thing you need to know is that I am an animal lover and a respecter of nature. Anyways enough of my boring tales let me tell you the lively part of myself. After retiring from the years and years of civil engineering career, I took time out and traveled the world in a cruise and visited 17 countries, an experience I cherished so much. I took my mum and daughter along and that moment was the most lovely time we all ever bonded after the loss of my wife. I still do some little bit of consultancy in the area of construction contracts. I figured that now is the best time to look for someone nice and caring to settle down with here in Oz since I am semi-retired and have so much available time now. I am willing to relocate to anywhere if I meet the right person. Apart from bikes which is amongst other interests I have, I also love adventure, swimming, golf, tennis, bowling, dancing, romantic moments and all other good things in life and love to give back to society in my little way. As you know already I love pets and my horse Chance and dogs Roxy & Bobby are part of a few animals that I have scattered over the place. I have so much to say and share with the right woman but at this point I will rest my pen and if I hear from you, I will share more intimate details with you. I have attached a couple of my pictures with this email so that you can get more vivid look at me. By the way I have only one sibling and her name is Leanne and she lives in England with her family. I have had my own fair share of travels and ups and downs so now I feel I have time to look and pursue my dream of finding true and sincere happiness. I must say that your email is by far the best email I have ever read since joining this dating site and I would love to read and write to and from you on a regular basis. I have deleted my profile from the dating site, I feel like it will be a distraction while getting to know this damsel. Please feel free to ask me any questions and i will gladly answer them to the best of my ability and I am looking forward to reading from you in more detail. I have attached some photos for you to have an insight into my life, including some of my daughter my horse. I will give you my mobile number so that we can talk sometimes, I hope that my accent don't scare you away hahaha. Here it is 0432 607 824. Please share your mobile number with me as well as I would love to hear you voice. I will be waiting for your response with full anticipation and I want you to know that your email did bring a smile to my face. Cheers
Magnus xx
Letter 3

Hi Brenda, I am sorry for the delay in writing you this email, but I had a family emergency back in the States, but it's all sorted now. It is always great to open my inbox and see an email from you, thank you very much for taking out the time to write. Like I stressed in my previous email to you, I have lived a good live and lived most of my dreams but one thing missing in my life right now and for the past decade is a soul mate and this is what I am out to find at this moment because I feel very lonely and my daughter is now all grown up and I fear growing old alone. I do believe that we both share a lot in common and at this stage in our lives we should enjoy every minute of it. I have tried my best to be as open as possible because I believe that it is the best way to get knowing one another and I want to thank you very much for sharing your story with me as well. I appreciate it very much that you were able to trust me and share details about your life with me. I am a one woman man and I love above every other thing; faithfulness. I haven't been intimate with anyone since my wife passed away, that is a little more than 12 years now. I have always known that I had the ability to love again, but the time and opportunity was not there as I had dedicated all my time to work and raising my daughter, now look at the results. I am happy seeing my daughter succeed and I am at peace with myself, I retired from civil engineering at the peak of my career, haven contributed in the construction of many huge structures across the globe, now I can do whatever I like, play some golf, travel the world for holidays, find my soul mate and just live you know. So this is what brings me to the point where I am right now with my life, seeking someone of similar interest. The question is, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? I do not want to continue boring you now. I will wait for your reply.
Cheers Magnus xx PS: I took down my profile from oasis website, as I believe it might be a distraction and I will like to concentrate in getting to know you.
Letter 4

Hi Brenda, 14 February It's Valentine's Day, so I want to be the first to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day . I do appreciate and love my partner throughout the year, but I also believe in making that one person feel extra special on a day like this. So I hope this email brings smile to your face and joy to your heart. I am sorry for replying late. Please forgive me as I have been very stressed about a family emergency, but I am on top of the issue, hopefully can be able to solve it all the way from here. This is what I have been dealing with and did not forget or abandon you at all, infact I have been thinking of you often and the thoughts of you bring smile to my face. I have also been dealing with other family issues, but I am just hoping that everything will be under control soon, and I feel very helpless in each other the situations because I am just very far away and have to spend endless time on the phone in different timezones trying to keep things under control. I just hope for the best. Anyway, that aside how have you been doing? This new month looks like an exciting one and with emails from you making it bright one. I suggest we meet for coffee or perhaps for dinner sometime soon, please choose where you would like for us to have this physical meeting. Don't worry I will come to you, I just want you to make a choice of a very good restaurant or wherever you will like to meet and even if not this weekend and I will make my own arrangements to get there. I just hope not to get nervous, this will be my first date in a decade, but I have not forgotten how to be a gentleman..hehehe Just like as I mentioned earlier, I am seeking a honest, caring and faithful partner and in return I will treat you like a princess. I am a one woman man and believe very much in monogamous relationships, so I am loyal and faithful to my partner and this with my caring heart is what you get in return. I just thought to check on you and will give you a ring later in the day. I will wait for your reply and best time to call. Enjoy the rest of your day..
Magnus xx
Letter 5

Hi darling, Saturday, 16 February 2013 9:32 AM How was your night? I hope you had a lovely one? For me it hasn't been pleasant at all. This would probably be the hardest email that I would ever have to write in my life but I pray that if you read it you would understand why I say it is the hardest email. Remember I told you about the other family emergency that I have been trying to deal with apart from mom's health? Well finally I got a call very late in the evening yesterday from my late father's lawyer in Incheon, South Korea and as I write your this email to you I am about to leave to go to Perth International Airport hoping that I can still get a a confirmation for my flight to Incheon. I am flying to Singapore first and then transit for about 2 hours and continue direct to Hong Kong and finally to Incheon airport. This is a matter of family urgency and I have to attend to it. I will give you more insight into this when I get to Korea as I will call you from there and explain in details to you but the issue is that an art painting left by my late father that is worth a whole lot of money is about to be auctioned out on Monday morning by someone else without my consent for a huge amount of money and my late father's lawyer just contacted late yesterday and I am the only one that can file for a stop order on the auction. He was lucky to have our old house number in America and so he was able to speak to my daughter who in turn gave him my number here. Below is my flight itinerary: Passenger: MR/CARLSSON/MAGNUS
Qantas + Cathay Pacific + Thai Airways
Date: 16FEB2013
Time: 12:20 PER – 05:20 ICN
Duration: 2 stops SIN,HKG16h (+1) Return:
Date: 21FEB2013
Time: 18:20 ICN – 07:50 PER
Duration:1 stop BKK14h 30 (+1) As soon as I get to Incheon I will make contact with you I promise. I am sorry to break your heart this way but I hope that you know this is a family emergency and my family is depending on me and I know that if you are still interested in me like I am interested in you then you will understand and wait for me. You have been the best thing that happened to me in a very long time and I will never leave you and as soon as I sort this thing out in Korea with the painting I would come to you and make you happy. Please trust me as I have never felt like this with any other woman since I lost my late wife. You are special and I want to make you happy and treat you like a queen and spend the rest of my life with you. But as soon as I get to Incheon I will email you and talk with you on the phone. Please don't give up on our love and I promise to be back home and soon as possible and make thing right with you and i want to hold you and make you feel me as I have been feeling you and I cant wait to look into those eyes and tell you how much I would love to be with you. I am rushing out now, the taxi is waiting for me outside, please take care of yourself for me... Love Magnus
Letter 6

Hi Brenda, This is just a short email to inform you that I have arrived Incheon, needless to say that my flight from Hong Kong was delayed for further 4+ hours, so I have been traveling for almost 20 hours. I am so tired and jet lagged, probably need some rest. How was your Sunday spent? It is just about 10pm Sunday evening here and its a cold weather at the moment. The view of the city is lovely, I am overlooking the city from my hotel room. I still don't have a mobile sim card yet, I will try and buy one tomorrow and give you my number for easy communication, however my room here has a direct telephone and you can call me directly on the land line which is: +827079518601. It will not be such a tough nut to crack in terms of communication as the time difference is just an hour ahead of Perth. I will be going to the court very early on Monday morning hoping to be able to obtain the court order to stop the auction. I need all the prayer and luck I can get in the world to stop this sale. I have been thinking of you the whole day and throughout out my flight, so I just thought to drop you a note to see how your weekend is going. I am very glad and excited that you understood that I have to come out here to sort out this situation. I also wanted to ask you some questions that I really feel like we should know about one another. I have typed them below and answered them as well, I will be happy to hear your answers to them. 1. What kind of relationship you looking for?
I am looking for that one woman to spend the rest of my life with, I mean one woman for the last time and my last relationship, I am very much ready to give it my very best just to make sure it works out. And I would want her "Maybe You" to do the same. I believe two heads are better than one, someone loving, understanding, caring, loyal and honest. Someone who has what it takes to make a man smile, someone who would love me like I love them and wants me always around her.
2. What is your favorite desert?
Coconut cream pie, strawberry cake. Favorite ice cream - pralines and cream
3. What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone loving, understanding, honest, caring and affectionate. 4. Are you honest? Yes I am!
5. Do you like flowers? What type?
Yes I absolutely love flowers of all kinds, like Roses, my favorite flowers are a mixed spring bouquet with several different kinds of flowers and different colors, but mostly purples and pinks. I love flowers outside in the garden, to smell them and to look at them. I also like glass flowers.
6. What are the things you are most passionate about?
I am Passionate about life, family, philanthropy, lending a helping hand, making passionate love to that special someone, respect, travels.
7. What are you like around new people? Do you tend to be shy and quiet or very outgoing and friendly or reserved but warm up quickly?
Honestly, I know I can be kind of quiet and reserved sometimes but am generally very friendly, warm, outgoing. I enjoy meeting new people.
8. What's your sense of humour like?
I have a good sense of humour, I enjoy playful teasing and a little witty. I hope that you enjoy my answers and that it will help you with more insight to finding out more about me. I look forward to reading more from you when I check my email later, let me try and get some sleep now. I will write more tomorrow. Kisses from Korea...
Magnus xx
Letter 7

My dearest Brenda, How was your day today darling? I want to thank you for your love and support. This is just to let you know that court was successful and I was able to get a court order this morning against the auction, which means the proposed "sale" did not go ahead again. Thank you for your prayers. I am thankful to you for your love and care and your tenacious understanding as regards my sudden trip to Korea and I just woke up now after a long rest and decided to send you a detailed email as regards my journey here and how far I have gone. I have also been able to finally find out how my late father's painting got into the hands of the gallery owner who wanted to auction the piece of art in the first place as I just finished having a long deliberated meeting with him. My late father was a contractor and he sold equipments and he was always in South Korea and apparently had bought the painting off King Jangsu II of Goguryeo at that time the painting was used as payment for the job my father did for his kingdom. Now about 7 years ago my father took a loan from Mr. Ku Yong-Hyung (gallery owner) for the sum of 500k USD payable within 1 year and he used the painting as collateral and they had a MOU (memorandum of understanding) duly signed by the High Court of South Korea. My father unfortunately died after a couple of months later without any of the family knowing about the painting or the loan. We were just lucky that the lawyer is still alive and knew about the painting and the name of the artist and when he found out that same piece of art was up for auction he immediately contacted our old house number. If we had left America completely, we would have never known about this development. The name of the artist is Lucio Fontana and the name of the art work is called Concetto Spaziale II and it was the artist's last work before he died in 1968. The court has decided that we sort things out with Mr. Yong-Hyung and come to a conclusion as regards the loan and MOU. Now this is the situation the gallery owner has offered me $1.7 million dollars to buy the painting off me today and I was almost conned into accepting the price but luckily yesterday I had made inquiry with Christie’s International Art and they contacted me while I was at the meeting and informed me that the Concetto Spaziale 1 was sold last year for about $7 million dollars and as such the Concetto Spaziale II would be worth about the same amount if not more. So I told the gallery owner to come up with the offer he was giving me or I would just have to pay him back the $500k dollars my late father loaned from him and take my painting. The gallery owner refused my offer and he is demanding 60% interest on the money my late father loaned from him because it was about 7 years back and he promised to pay back within 1 year. The huge increase in interest is outrageous and I have decided to file a motion against him in court immediately, so tomorrow morning I will be in the court again. So it really hurts me to tell you that I might have to be here for a couple of days longer depending on how fast I can get judgment from the court because the gallery owner is just being unreasonable. The painting has been kept in a safe security vault on the orders of the judge and it would be there pending the resolution between the gallery owner and myself. I was really upset today and exhausted from all this but I just have to make sure that I sort this thing as my late father would have done. I really miss you so much and I hope that you can understand and I would try to get this over with as soon as possible. Due to the love and trust that I feel for you I have been able to open up to you as regards all this and I hope that the feelings remains the same. I must say that from your recent emails, I am really getting to know you more and more. I am enjoying it and anticipate your email each time I go to my computer. I will go to bed now to rest a bit more and then think about you too. You have been on my mind all day and I appreciate your emails and your details. All my thoughts are with you....
Magnus xx
Letter 8

Hi honey, How was your day today? The hotel was having some internet and telephone problems and it just came back, so I thought to send you an email to just let you know that I am making great progress here, remember I told you that I had sent off everything to my bankers in the States for the transfer of the funds to the gallery owner's account, well I am very happy that the bank in America has transferred the funds out as of yesterday being Tuesday, so my best bet is that the funds will arrive here in Incheon by Thursday afternoon because they say it take 2-3 working days for such huge transfers to go through. This means I will not be returning back to Australia until weekend. I have to make sure this is sorted out and I return with my painting. I had thought that by tomorrow I will be on my way home already, but unfortunately not the case. I am sad that I won't be seeing you any sooner. I have been doing a lot of thinking since I came out here, and you are never out of my thoughts and I want to tell you that now, and I am getting fond of you lately. I don't know how I got here, but I must tell you that my feelings has grown rapidly so fast, and I believe that only God knows why and the reason he made our path to cross and I will continue following his guidance. I trust my instincts so much, and so far it has all be positive and I would love to know what you have been feeling as well. I feel like I have virtually opened up my life to you and told you all about me, but each day I keep wanting to open up more and today i just felt like I tell you how I feel and ask want you to know that I am a very affectionate man and would love to cuddle with you and just hold you in my arms already. Just to give you an insight into my romantic life, I am very passionate about kissing, in fact foreplay is an essential part of love making that I really appreciate, I love public show of affection. Do you? One thing I never thought is that at this age in my life I will find love on the internet, but where else can one go at this age? Clubs and bars are not an option and I thank God for sending you my way. Have a good night and if you see this in the morning…Good morning angel... Love and kisses
Magnus xx ps: I fly business
Letter 9

Hi my darling Brenda, How are you doing? I have just returned to my hotel after I obtained the release order and went to the storage facility to pick up my painting, bad news is that the painting have incurred demurrage charges at the storage facility where the court had ordered it to be kept for safekeeping and I was not aware of this. Well from the amount they need now before I can collect the painting, I can only afford 60% of the charged fee as the funds from America came short and I need to be on the plane home by tomorrow (Saturday) night. Can you help me please? Yes please hear my cry, I hadn't planned for this and have run out of cash here and will reimburse you on my arrival home. I know this is too much to ask, but I desperately need it and will not be asking you if I could get it elsewhere as it is an emergency now and I have already confirmed my flight for tomorrow night. I need to pay this remaining balance of $3,980.09 to the storage company by tomorrow to be able to pick up the painting and travel to Perth the same tomorrow. You can make the payment direct to the company, please let me know if you can loan me the money darling and I will put you in contact with the company, I know you can do this for me. Please get back to me urgently darling, and please call me now on 0011 82 707 9518601. Love and kisses
Magnus xx
Letter 10

Hi my darling Brenda, How are you doing? I have just returned to my hotel after I obtained the release order and went to the storage facility to pick up my painting, bad news is that the painting have incurred demurrage charges at the storage facility where the court had ordered it to be kept for safekeeping and I was not aware of this. Well from the amount they need now before I can collect the painting, I can only afford 60% of the charged fee as the funds from America came short and I need to be on the plane home by tomorrow (Saturday) night. Can you help me please? Yes please hear my cry, I hadn't planned for this and have run out of cash here and will reimburse you on my arrival home. I know this is too much to ask, but I desperately need it and will not be asking you if I could get it elsewhere as it is an emergency now and I have already confirmed my flight for tomorrow night. I need to pay this remaining balance of $3,980.09 to the storage company by tomorrow to be able to pick up the painting and travel to Perth the same tomorrow. You can make the payment direct to the company, please let me know if you can loan me the money darling and I will put you in contact with the company, I know you can do this for me. Please get back to me urgently darling, and please call me now on 0011 82 707 9518601. Love and kisses
Magnus xx
Letter 11

Hi there, My name is Magnus. It is my first time on an internet dating website, so I really don't know how to start. I must say I have been overwhelmed by different kinds of character on here, but I like your profile as it stood our from the rest and it seems we are seeking similar qualities in a partner, so I am willing to try. I am a loving and caring man who believes in monogamous relationship. I am a widower, will tell you more about it later. Please tell me more about yourself. I kindly ask that you write me personally, my email address is makes for easier communication. I will also be taking down my profile from here, please shoot me an email. Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers
Letter 12

Good day Mr. Carlsson,
This email confirms that Mr. Magnus Carlson a Swedish passport holder owes this company a balance of $3,980.09 for safe-keeping and storage of his property which was order to be kept here by the Incheon Magistrate Court.
Ref No: IAJHS/8282/02
This payment can be made directly from Australia via Western Union Money Transfer to:
Name: Adio Abeeb
Address: 1021-9 Ingye-dong, Paldal-gu,
City: Suwon-si
Province: Gyeonggi-do
Country: South Korea
All details of the payment should be forwarded to me as soon as payment is made in order to release the stored property to Mr. Carlsson.
Thank you.
Yeong Li
Account Manager
Storage Incheon
1021-9 Ingye-dong, Paldal-gu
Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do,
South Korea
The information in this e-mail is intended for the named recipient only.
It may contain privileged and/or confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not disclose, copy, distribute, take any action or reliance on it. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete this e-mail.
Warning: E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free.
The recipient should check this email and any attachments for the presence of viruses. The sender does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message.
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