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Letter 1

Hello Jon,

I'm overjoyed that you gave attention and replied my message. I'm a firm believer that good things can happen via obvious impossibilities and turn our lives around in a great and positive way.

To tell you a little about me, I'm 36 years old, and I will be a year older by 13th of September, I'm real and ready to come out of the closet to settle down and dedicate my love to the one true special partner which I seek at the moment. I have a very compassionate personality, romantic and a quite honest(my friends tell me that). I dislike every mode of pretense and really need one thing; to build a lasting companionship with someone that we can share our world together, which happens to be you.
I'm quite open minded with a transparent heart, and never hold bigoted views against others inclinations. I believe in love and compassion, which you find out these days the world has less of both but more of "self" and people forget about how the next person feels.
I was born in Canada but moved to United State with my mom at the age of eight after my dad passed away.
She didn't really recover from the shock of losing my dad and reeled into drug use as such she barely noticed me and it led to a lot of abuse from her male acquaintances on me. She eventually died of a drug overdose. I was taken to an SOS village home where I was taken care of and brought up. Then I made up my mind I was going to do something with my life and not get caught in the Vicious cycle that people in my circumstance get tangled in.
I joined the Marine and gave my life a solid direction which makes me feel fulfilled to be candid with you.
I'm sorry if I appear loquacious, but I thinks it's important you know me before anything. I will be glad to know about you as well; Your relationship status, work, career, family, whatever you feel comfortable to share with me.
Well as all been said, I will reply to you every time I get an email from you due to the nature of my duty, and also I have attached few more of my pictures, I will appreciate same from you.
I will await your message.

Anderson Schmidt (Andy)

PS: We are not allowed to use any form of voice communication for security reasons and may delay sometimes in responding to your message, but will surely do as soon as possible when I get online.

Letter 2

Hi Jon,

Your email and pictures really brightened up my day. Please bear with me as sometimes I only have very little time to check emails and respond.
I would have loved to tell you what I was busy doing but you know the nature of my jobs doesn't allow me speak much of what I do considering the security implications. With that said, I couldn't wait to get a response from you and my face lightened up instantly I saw there was an unread email from you(Would you mind me giving you a special name although I haven't come up with one yet. I'll brood on that). I'm really sorry about your losses and which I can give you a big hug and whisper to you in your ears that I have been through lots but we have ourselves and everything will be okay.

Well I lived in Seattle, Washington where I call home when I'm not on tour, but I will save more about that for another time that I will be able to tell you exceedingly everything you need to know about me. Also I'm open to the option of relocating to you as well because I will also love to change my living environment and start a new good life with you if things work out fine with us good together.
I'm very glad this is progressing and I must say that I am enshrouded in excitement and anxiety. I am trying to take things in strides and be careful so as not to give the wrong impression about me. No form of communication can match a face to face conversation as emailing back and forth could be cumbersome and laden with misinterpretations, but right now it's the only option I have and I am willing to make out the best of it.

I join the marines when I was 17 year old and I have had two tours of Afghanistan, the first ended in a tumultuous fashion as I was involved in an IED explosion. I was luck to escape with a back injury but unfortunately I lost two colleagues, very close friends. I came to realization that this was my job and wasn't going to let it unnerve me. I swore to myself that their loss would never be in vain. I got well and voluntarily enlisted for a second tour. That is how loyal and determined I can be and it pretty much transfers to other aspects of my life. I have been involved in only two relationship which ended up to no where. The last relationship in my life, we didn't have a lot in common and he cheated a lot. He used my faithfulness and honesty against me. I never cheated for once, not once but he was a serial cheat. We are still friends though, he's apologized and asked for a second chance but I've moved on and need a fresh start. I'm beginning to think so much about you and I wish our correspondence yield into a great companionship that I have always been praying for.

I have to go now before my superiors show up. I will appreciate prayers from you every night to ensure my safe return.
Email me back and let me know what your typical day is like.





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