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Letter 1

Hi Carol ,
Mike here, checking to see if i have the right email address for you, let me know if you receive this. Thanks for the interesting conversation this morning, I hope we continue getting to know each other this way . Please reply and let me know you got this.Have a wonderful day .

Letter 2

Good morning Carol , It is a rainy Monday morning out here in Lindenhurst today, cold and comfy but I still need to get out there and get to work. I woke up at 5:30am , did a little exercise and thought i would do some writing for you to read when you can. I sure hope you slept good and woke up feeling great, the purpose of this email is to share some basic things about myself because i am willing to get to know each other as i am looking for a serious relationship and life partner but starting out as friends first, it was really nice talking to you and i find that you are easy to talk to and that is good for communication, good communication is important.Let me go ahead! On the 17th of June, 1957 at exactly 2:31am on Sunday in New York city, New York, a star was born(ME). That was the happiest day of my parents life, They had been married for 4 years before they had their first and only child. I was raised with good Christian morals which has helped me a whole lot. Mum couldn't have more children after me and i had to deal with that. I couldn't deny i wanted someone to run around the house with so i did feel lonely on several occasions. I was born to an Irish father and American mother who is of Jewish-Polish descent both of whom are late. I was married for about 27 years like you but my once wonderful marriage became a disaster after my wife caught a chronic cancer in 2007 and died in 2010. It was hard to get my life together again after i lost my wife. I am blessed with the most wonderful son on earth. My son lives in Australia and has 2 kids who i love so dearly, a boy and a girl, My 3rd grandchild is due in 3 or 4 months. My son is married to an Australian . I have dual citizenship of Ireland and America. I had previously made trips to the the U.S but those were just for vacation only and often went back to Ireland. I have worked hard for a very long time doing most of my business in and around Asia, Europe and the middle east and since I plan to completely retire this year, I decided it was time to finally relocate to the United States since I've always nursed the idea so now i am fully based here in Lindenhurst, NY for the last 8 months . I am a Biomedical Engineer, I have a BBA degree from National University of Ireland, Galway. I spent half my career working as a sales representative for a Japanese medical equipment firm (Tokibo) in Ireland for 8 years, before working as a business development manager/consultant for another Japanese firm (Pacific Bridge Medical) for another 10 years and afterwards proceeding to setting up my own company. I held top managerial positions the entire time at those companies and chief executive position when I set up my own company. Also during the course of my career i diversified/invested in other industries, mostly the oil industry , that is something i always did throughout the course of my career, I never restricted my source of income to the medical device industry alone, I invested in a whole lot of different things and took risks and I am glad they paid off. At this point, I have formally but not completely retired. I have cut back on my working hours. I presently have an ongoing research project for Siemens which is near completion that takes me to NYC 3 times a week ( Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's). I have worked very hard during my life, So now it is time to enjoy life and i want to do this with someone special.I attached some pictures along with this message, My daughter-in law gave me a pedicure treat during my 59th birthday and the other is from a recent vacation in Milos, Greece. I look forward to reading from you and learning about you . I have to start getting ready for the day.Remain blessed & healthy ,Mike.

Letter 3

Happy Valentine's day to you, even those of us currently without partners have so much love, past and present, to be thankful for :) . I think you've had an interesting life and career stretching across different fields and i am really happy you could share some of that with me. I want you to know that no matter what happens down this new journey of ours, I would like to be your friend . I enjoyed reading your email and I actually read it a couple of times, I am going to answer your questions from the email.

1) I grew up mostly in Ireland but I was born here in New York and for my accent, I choose to call it the Global accent , as a result of spending time in Asia, the middle east and Europe. My dad worked for Shell and a couple of other oil companies as a subsea engineer, he had to be airlifted by a helicopter offshore to work on most days, so he made sure we moved with him to those countries so as to be closer to him when he was back from his offshore duties.

2) My wife died from Ovarian Cancer, it wasn't detected early, the symptoms don't show up in time as is the case with other types of cancer. God knows why it had to happen to us, I have accepted in good faith and I know my late wife wants the best for me, our last days together were encouraging.

3) I visited Greece by myself and I am tired of doing that, I need someone to go on trips together with.

4) I am quite laid back, I am not on any social media platform but I might be tempted since I finally got on an online dating platform.

I feel it is important to be able to communicate in an understanding manner between each other, As i have pointed out before that proximity does not permit us to sit over a table and have an interesting conversation as we learn about one another , it is only right we give this our best shot until we get to that point of our first meeting, which i hope is soon, I am a very optimistic man and see the glass half full as well as being grateful for having just the glass.

In my previous email i shared quite a lot about my life but i made it brief and talked about the important parts, as we get to know each other and hopefully have phone conversations we will get to learn more about each other. Carol, I have really worked hard for most of my life and at this stage the only thing missing is sharing this joy i have which is twice as nice when shared with someone special, life is too short to be alone, not to find a soulmate and that is why I need to find the woman of my dreams. I need a woman I will share ideas with and have a good time with. I want you to know that i am full of determination and focus, a man that knows how to treat a woman right and treat her like the Queen that she is and put smiles on her face. Understanding and communication are the most important things in a relationship to make it strong and last forever because it helps all aspect of the relationship as well as the intimacy.

I would continue to keep a very close communication with you. Since i sold my company after my wife passed and became an independent contractor, I kept close business relationships with companies, associates and agencies that I worked with in the past so I could always be kept up to date with what is going on in the business world, it is said that "Your network is your net worth" . I have a project which I have been pursuing for almost 3 months which is on Gaziantep Integrated Health Campus through KAYI construction in Turkey. At the end of this project, I will be completely retiring from the work scene so I can have time for a happy ever after life. I am fun to be with and I enjoy what life has to offer but I just miss that significant other to share and explore life with. I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything. You know someone whom we would still love each other more as the days pass by, even when we can't make love anymore and all we could do is play bingo,haha!. I only need someone who understands the value of a good smile.

Happy Valentine's day!


Letter 4

Dear Carol ,

It was nice talking yesterday , thanks. I appreciate your openness in our conversations, it is very important to me that we are both honest and open minded to each other, i am putting serious efforts into our correspondences because you are the only woman i am communicating with through my personal email and having interesting conversations with . About what I've learned about you so far, I can tell you are an open minded woman who gives her all in whatever she sets out to do, You come across as a simple woman who enjoys and appreciates the simple things in life but at the same time, has great style and presence . As time goes on i know there is a lot to learn with each new day, so that's what i would like us to do at this point while taking it one day at a time.

I will address your questions from this e-mail i believe we didn't get to talk about over the phone.

1. My wife's name was Casey Sweeney and we met through a Mutual friend in college, we met at a very young age, I was 22 and she was 19, not exactly sure but around that age. I have to admit that it is a bit difficult to talk about Casey because this brings back memories and it does not help a lot especially when you are trying to start over again but our loved ones never truly die, they live on in our hearts. Casey was my Bonnie but we never committed crimes, haha! we were not perfect but we had a close to perfect relationship. In brief, She was a planner, a good thinker, the best wife and a great mom to our son!

2. I was raised in a catholic church and we attended masses, I fell off as i grew older and when i got married to Casey who at the time was a Baptist, i followed her to church and ever since we have always attended together. It is not important that my partner shares my beliefs and practices. Through my extensive research not just in Christianity but prying into other religions, i have come to the conclusion that "God is love" "Love is the only true religion" it does not matter what your beliefs are, show love, show kindness!

3. We talked a bit about the Turkey project, it is completely different from the Siemens project, i will be gone for maximum of 3 weeks if i get the job, I should get some more information next week, i will keep you posted.

4. I speak a little bit of Mandarin and Gaelic and one of the places i visited, i loved and would like to go back to is Venice, Italy. Such wonderful memories i have of this city.

Carol, I want a long-term relationship in which i and my partner are both fully committed and fall madly in love with each other, where our worlds revolve around each other and we don't want to know what our lives will be without each other because we can't stand being apart, A relationship in which we would make mistakes as a result of our imperfection, hurt and learn from them, fall in love even stronger because i don't promise a smooth ride but what i bring to the table is one which you won't regret ever knowing me. I want a woman i can share my dreams with as she shares hers with me, do what what we can to support and help achieve our dreams together. All that being said, i am not in a rush, i was married for 27 years so i can clearly tell you that Rome wasn't built in a day!

I appreciate your willingness to explore and/or build a friendship. I must say you've really gotten my attention and i am more than willing to know everything i can about you and you, me and hopefully take this further. I feel these questions will help us learn more about each other, They are not interrogative or make or break questions. I am an open book, I do not come to conclusions based on assumptions, i would rather hear from the horses mouth, I am non-judgmental .

Would you compromise your happiness for the success of the relationship?
Are you a hopeless romantic?
What’s your idea of a romantic vacation?
What’s the single most important thing for a relationship to be successful?
What would you define as cheating?
What's your view on Politics?
Do you enjoy road trips?
Do you like to watch the sunrise and sunset?
What are your ambitions at this stage in life?
Do you assume responsibility?
What is your biggest fear in life?
What do you truly dislike?
What can really get you upset?
Do you trust your feelings rather than reason?
What would your family say about you?
How old were you when you first fell in love?
If you don't like someone do you tell otherwise?
Do you like adventure?
Do you avoid obligations?
What's your favorite meal, color, TV show, Music?

I hope i didn't bore you with my questions? I will also answer the questions too. I must get ready now and be on my way to NYC, it is another rainy day out here.

I pray you have a wonderful day, get a lot accomplished and at the end of it, have a beautiful smile on your face!

Stay smiling.


Letter 5

What’s the single most important thing for a relationship to be successful? I would say trust, When there is no trust in a relationship you have your doubts about your partner, you think he is not being true to you so i would say trust, Once i trust you then i don't care what anyone has to say or whatever happens, I'm ready to stick it through with you because i know you would have earned my trust. I must admit that i am happy about the events of recent and that we were able to work that out. Trust isn't cheaply given but earned . I like your answer to this particular question and i absolutely agree with you .

What would you define as cheating? I'll keep this one short and to the point. Cheating is not staying faithful to your partner emotionally and physically. I also want a relationship based on these same values we've both mentioned.

What's your view on Politics? I don't like politics really, its dirty. But to see an America where Donald Trump is the president really says a lot about the Good ol' days being gone.

Do you enjoy road trips? YES! I do enjoy road trips.

Do you like to watch the sunrise and sunset? Yes, I watch the sunrise every morning because i am usually up early and on quiet evenings i just relax with a glass of home made juice on the days i don't have my cinnamon with honey handy, those moments could be more memorable if it were spent with someone special.

The major secret sauce to my long and successful relationship , you mentioned it in your email. Trust and openness from the very first day till death separated us. we made a lot of mistakes during our early years but one thing i knew was that we loved each other more than the "mistakes" and we were willing to make it work through it all .

Today is NYC day and will be a bit busy, i worked until late last night because i was sent in some new findings.

I'll give you your good morning wake up call soon.

I hope today goes great for you.


Letter 6

The more i read your responses to these interactive questions, the more i learn more about you, what you like, what you don't. For example, honey and cinammon does it for me, but you prefer tonic and gin, i don't mind that either....

What are your ambitions at this stage in life? At this stage, I won't say I've seen it all because no one ever does, I would say i have seen a lot and i am grateful career-wise, I'm on the right path to having my dream retirement life, my ambitions when i am completely retired is to do a lot of traveling and seeing more of the world and then importantly, setting up a charity, a cancer non-profit organization in honor of my late wife that will provide aid and treatment to cancer patients in less priviledged 3rd world countries. We are opportuned to have access to a lot of the basics but people in these parts of the world are not.

Do you assume responsibility? I have always assumed responsibility all my life, this is something those close to me would tell you, I believe i should always have solutions to situations and when something goes wrong i readily take the blame. This as a result of having worked in positions were i had people under me and if something went wrong, all eyes were turned to me to find a solution.

What is your biggest fear in life? Point blank, Failure! I have always wanted to be successful, the fear of failure made me work hard in life.

What do you truly dislike? I am not going to beat around the bush on this one. I dislike lies and deceit, its a no no for me.

What can really get you upset? Dishonest people, Ungrateful people.

Do you trust your feelings rather than reason? This is more like asking, do your trust your heart or your brain, The heart is meant to love and the brain is meant to think but then the heart is the center of it all, I trust my feelings a whole lot because i get the feeling when something is right or wrong but then it is good to trust both.

I touched on some more questions. I hope you are having a good day. I will look forward to answering your questions too.

Take care,


Letter 7

Final round of answers.....

What would your family say about you? FAMILY, I happen to come from a loving family, not so big, On my dad's side, he had 2 sisters and on my mom's side, she had 1 half brother and 1 sister. I didn't get to see my aunts, uncles and cousins too often when i was growing up and never really had a very close relationship with them because i grew up in a different place, but i was raised in a close knit family, in every essence of that. My best childhood memories were in Galway and Kuwait city in Kuwait. I didn't exactly dislike any of this places as i was a happy child , i was shy but i get comfortable quickly as i get to know someone but as i grew older i became more social and it helped me with my job and meeting people.

My Favorite childhood is of my father because he was away most of the time and i cherished the moments we shared together when he was around, walking at the Dogs bay beach in Galway, boardwalk with him. He would by me boardwalk fries, pizza, roast beef sandwiches and ice cream. I remember feeling so special that it was just him and me. He allowed me to eat whatever I wanted.

In a nutshell, My son would say Dad what would i ever have done with you, My mom would call me my Abibi(special one), My dad would call me Thomas Edison(The great American inventor and business man), hahaha .

How old were you when you first fell in love? I first fell in love when i was 23, I was very sure it was love and not infatuation or lust, i was very sure and it was with my late wife.

If you don't like someone do you tell otherwise? Yes, I don't lead people on falsely but i don't think I've come across anyone i don't like, its just the characters and attitudes in people that i don't like.

Do you like adventure? Do you want to find out? come on, lets go swimming with sharks, whales and dolphins or ride a bull together or go skydiving together, I went sky-diving once in Suffolk, Virginia and it was absolutely fun way up in the sky! haha.... I will attach some pictures from that experience.

Do you avoid obligations? I do not avoid obligations, to whom much is given, much is expected.

What's your favorite meal, color, TV show, Music? I do not have a favorite meal, I go for mostly anything healthy. Favorite Colors are blue and white Blue and White, TV shows, Law and Order, I used to be a big fan of Jay Leno's late night shows but now its Jimmy Fallon running the show and he is doing good. I like classical music, blues, 80s and 90s music, any good music that passes good messages.

Taking time to write to each other shows commitment between you and i, that's it, another step closer, I feel a sense of honesty and genuineness in our correspondences which is really important to me, at this point where do you see this heading? I find myself thinking of the possibilities that might come off this with each new day .

I look forward to more interesting correspondences with you, i will stay in touch during my time in California as i have become fond of you .


Letter 8

My dear Carol ,

I hope this message finds you well on this silent morning. I just want you to know that i really like the direction in which we are heading, a lot of long lost or long felt emotions are starting to come alive in me again and that is a very good and healthy sign, thank you. I spoke to Gary last night, he is doing well and i think he noticed a certain level of excitement in my voice and got inquisitive .

I really appreciate the level of communication we have between us and i will say it is a sign of will, and i tell you where there is will, there is success ahead. I believe we both know that love is not a destination but a journey and this is a journey that takes two to walk. I mean two souls who understand ahead that they aren't in for a kid walk, and what they have ahead is the most important mission in life. A place meant for true people,it is a place called joy and happiness. Really i just see in your face , not the beauty alone, but the simplicity and depth of your soul through our conversations.

Carol dear, I find your personality so amusing!

From our conversations, You seem like the perfect woman, you are serious when you need to be, you laugh the appropriate amount of time, you appreciate a good joke and above all you are intelligent, that is SEXY! I don't want to see the end of our communication, You are a woman of value, A lady that knows what she wants and a lady that is not afraid to stand out. Thank you for being you. I understand what you are seeking for, All i can just do is hope i get to be that special one who compliments you in a perfect way and be "that man" for you.

There is no Mr. right or Mrs. right until we make him or her right. A relationship is never about how much at the beginning but how much we could make it grow into. My old friend and pastor back in Ireland would tell me, if you aren't ready to feel or look stupid, then don't fall in love ,but sincerely that is the bitter truth. When i lost my wife, he told me that the fact that something good ends doesn't mean something better can't start. Can you prove that right? I have come to realize that let a man write a better book, let him preach a better sermon, let him sing the best of songs, let him gain wealth beyond dreams, he is reduced to nothing except he has a woman to call, my wife, my best friend and co-pilot.

Of course, this is not a response to your previous email, that will be addressed later tonight or tomorrow but i just had to let you know in writing, random thoughts that has been going through my head for the past few days. Sweetheart, my usual saying, and i am known for it, is that, Life is simple for those who take it simple. I don't like to complicate things, there is joy in every situation if you know the right angle to look at it from.

The birds are chirping, the sun isn't up yet, the morning breeze is cool, you are in my heart!

Stay smiling and have a great week.





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