Scam Email(s) from William Youngers to Barry (Australia)


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Letter 1

My angel, My world, My everything. I yearn so much to feel your hands on my body. I want to touch your face and your neck and your back and your arms. I want you all around me, all over me, all with me right now and forever.
I want to hear your laugh in my ear. I want to hear your voice talk about everything and nothing. I want to laugh with you and smile at you and tell you all the secrets that flow from my lips. I want to see your bright, handsome smile reflecting back at me. I want to feel your fine, thick black hair in my overeager hands. I want to gaze at you for what feels like hours. I want to have long, drawn out conversations with you about all the things that come into our heads. I want to be amused by you and prodded with questions and fumble my way through our conversation. I want to create more memories by your side. This and many more, I want to accomplish with you in my life as my soulmate. Your email has got me crying. Baby please play your prart and complete the 2000$au ok. Promise? Love you deeply.




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