Scam Email(s) from Chris Galloway to Lillian (Norway)


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Letter 1

My love, something scary is going on here, right now my vessel is currently under attack by pirates in the Strait of Malacca. We have tried to repel the attacks and now we are sailing to arrive at the nearest port in Malaysia, within the next 6 hours, I will write you as soon as we get there. Please pray for me. I love you so much no matter what.

Letter 2

My love, we have arrived port Klang island in Malaysia safely. However, everything is not yet ok, as the captain and Malaysian coast guards here have directed that we should make sure we don't carry any valuable things with us if we must continue on our journey to Japan. I am really worried right now because I have some important contractual documents and cash here with me. The documents are very important to me and I don't want to take any chances. I am right now in the office of a maritime security company here. I want to quickly package my luggage with my personal items and send it to you through the security company. You are the only person in my life right now that I can trust completely and I will be so grateful if you can help me safeguard my luggage until my vessel arrives Japan. I need you to quickly send your full names, home address where you can receive the luggage and your mobile no too. I will give your email detail to the security company so the company can contact you when they are ready to deliver. Please be fast about this, it is very urgent. Every one here depends on the captain and I for their safety which is putting a lot of pressure on me. Yet, the most challenging part was that you were on my mind all through this experience and I was most scared of losing you, I was sacred of never ever setting my eyes on you. I don't want to lose you baby, please keep praying for me over here because these pirates are very dangerous

Letter 3

My love, I am so happy I can count on your love and support. I want you to know that our vessel has been repaired and we have started sailing to Japan because our priority is to get far away from the danger zone as soon as possible. This is not my first encounter with pirates but I have never experienced something of this magnitude, because the pirates took us by surprise. My work on the vessel includes being in charge of security on the vessel and also all the crew member also carry arms and that is why we were able to repel the pirates. My love, please don't be worried about me, but I have to let you know that I sustained an injury when a gunshot by the pirates grazed my head during the encounter with the pirates, but it is not a serious injury at all, the doctor has bandaged my head and ordered that I take a bed rest in my cabin. I didn't tell you earlier because I don't want you to get you so worried. I concluded with the security company to handle the delivery of my luggage to you, I was supposed to pay two separate fees before delivery to you - the handling and the delivery charges. I was accessed for the handling charges which I already paid. However, the security company's agent insisted that it is the company's policy that the delivery charges can only be paid after the luggage has been internally processed at the head office in Kuala Lumpur, so they asked me to accompany the company's agent to their head office in Kuala Lumpur for the assessment and internal auditing, but baby there was no way I could have followed them, due to the precarious security situation and considering the sensitive nature of our cargo, we couldn't delay any further and jeopardize the lives of my crew, so we had to continue sailing as quickly as possible.

I thought that the best decision was to finalize with the security company and whatever fee is accessed as the delivery charges, the company will contact you with the information. Right now, I don't know how much the delivery charges will cost, I want you to know that this is a very embarrassing situation for me. However, whatever sum is accessed as the delivery charges which I think is only going to be a nominal fee, I am sincerely pleading that you help me make the payment as a loan which I will repay, I will sincerely appreciate your understanding in this matter. I expect that the security company should have contacted you by now, but if not, they will contact you as soon as possible ok. Please note the details of the security company which is: Marine Secure Asia. Security transit Officer Name: Ayeesha Hassan, Email:, Tel: +601133000988. You have to write to me as soon as the security company contacts you ok. I love you darling and I am counting on you.

Letter 4

My love, firstly, I will like to sincerely apologize for causing this unfortunate situation. It is my fault and I take responsibility. I know you are a kind and sincere woman, but I want to apologize for putting you in this stressful situation. This is my fault and I take all the responsibility. Please I need your patience and understanding. I know that with your support and love, I will be able to pull through this.

I understand the amount is fairly large and that was quite surprising to me, however this has to be due to the nature and confidentiality of the delivery and also because of the distance in the destinations. However, I have confirmed from other sailors who were shipwrecked on the island that this security company is a reputable company and can be fully trusted to deliver the luggage. I know money is difficult to earn and it is difficult for me to make this request of you.

Immediately my luggage is delivered to you, you can reimburse yourself from the funds in my luggage which will be more than enough to cover the 1550 euros for the special delivery. The passcode to my luggage is 8719. Please, I need your trust and understanding. I will never betray your trust. Please, you have to write to the security company and inquire how you can pay for the delivery charges for the luggage so that the luggage will be delivered to you immediately. Leaving my luggage in my Malaysia was not even an option, and right now I can't even think of anything else until my luggage arrives in your care.

I really appreciate your support.

Letter 5

My love,

I understand how you feel and I feel really sorry that I am making you go through all these emotions. Honestly, I didn't think we would come this far, I didn't think anybody would be willing to help me. I was in a really bad situation and I didn't have anyone to turn to. I thought about you and I knew that there was the huge risk of everything being misunderstood and losing what we were already trying to build together.

I want you to know that my feelings for you will always remain, I have given my heart to you and I will always love you. I look forward to seeing you everyday. Knowing that you are exist and you are somewhere waiting for me is what makes me get up everyday. I know it is difficult to trust someone you have never met. My love I want you to know that I believe in what we share together, I know it is stronger than we both know.

I need this urgent favor from you because I am in a very difficult situation and I don't have any other person to help me. I know this is a very difficult request that I am making from you.

I will be very grateful if you can do all that you can to help me pay for my luggage, I will be forever indebted to you and you will surely get your money back. You have to write to the security company and ask how you can make the payment for the delivery charges so that my luggage can be delivered to you.
I want you to apply for a small loan so that you can make the payment for my luggage, immediately my luggage arrives in your care, you can reimburse yourself from the funds in my luggage and pay back the loan.

I am happy to know that I can count on you and that our love is strong enough to overcome this challenge. I really miss you and I wish we could be together right now. Even though we have to wait a little while, you are always in my heart and I am always thinking of you.

Letter 6

My love,

The last days have been very trying emotionally and mentally and I am both exhausted physically and emotionally that it has been difficult for me to sit before a computer to write to you. I had tried to write to you yesterday but the words just didn't come out. I miss you terribly and I wish I could make all my challenges go away and we can be together and enjoying each other's company and touch and never to be separated. My misery is further compounded by the depressing fact that I am at risk of losing everything I have ever worked hard to achieve.

After the death of my late wife, I cut all communication with the few friends I had in my life. I lived on my own without any friends. I spent all my time reading and going to matches alone. I didn't tell you but at some point I lost the desire to live. I never had a large family. I grew up with my mother as my only friend. Yes I have a few friends who I speak to in long intervals, sometimes I meet them at local cafes. But I don't have any close friends. I had planned to retire from my work and travel to start my life afresh. I wanted to leave the UK because there was no happiness there for me only the memories of my late wife.

I feel like I lose a piece of my mind and I know that I will not be able to mentally survive such a huge loss in my life again. Losing my wife took a severe toll on me and now also about to lose my livelihood and everything I have worked so hard for.

Before I met you, I couldn't imagine living my life with just another person. Now, I can't imagine my life without you--the idea of one day without you is painful to think about!

I promise you will surely get the money back immediately my luggage arrives in your care. My love, you have to find a way to borrow some money so that you can make the payment for my luggage because the documents in the luggage is very important to me. If I lose my luggage then it would totally bankrupt my business.

I am always thinking of you and I really need your help in this difficult situation

Letter 7

You must quickly withdraw money from your bank and go to a Western Union office and send it to the company's agent with these details -

Recipient's Name: Tina Busby

Recipient's Country: 85789 Monroe Dundee USA

You must insist that funds are transferred and that you send funds for personal reasons.

I love you so much baby and I count on you.

Letter 8

Where did you come from? how did I find you? Are you a dream? An Angel? A Love that I hold in my heart so deep? Time will only know that our two hearts are meant to be. I wish every day that I could finally hold you in my arms and kiss you ever so gently knowing that you have been here all along.

I love you Lillian, I hope you have a great day.


Your James.




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