Scam Email(s) from David Michael Santon to Vicki (USA)


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Letter 1

My Dearest Vicki,
Thank you for your wonderful email,i enjoyed reading your Italian language, you are so romantic... ha ha. I am happy that I am facing today after a good rest yesterday. It is good that I slept yesterday with you in my mind which made me to dream of you. It’s a new day and a beautiful Saturday and the only thing I am doing is to say hello to the woman that is the only reason I smile every morning and rush to my computer before doing any other thing. It’s a new day and I am happy to be alive and on my computer writing you. Yes! It’s a new day and lovely one. I am happy to wake up today having you as a friend. Today is different from other Saturdays.

Like I said earlier, a new day is here again, one of the days that I wake up and the first thing that comes into my mind is to check my email and see if you have written me. Most time I panic with fear of not being disappointed but at the end it will turn out that your email is there and the fear disappears for happiness to return. You are just the person that I want to be with even without meeting you yet. This little period of email communication is enough for me to say so and I can say it again and again and even louder!

Over the last few days, it's been wonderful, I never expected to feel this way nor actually be in communication with you in this way, experiencing life with you even though we are yet to meet each other. You look wonderful to me. Your email make me really happy and even though we are apart, i know this.

I was thinking so much about this last night, when I am going to meet you and see your beautiful face. I am getting butterflies in my stomach just at the thought of seeing you for the first time. You make everything complete and I can't imagine spending time with someone else and having these feelings for anyone else. I'm anxious to see you soon. Time is ticking, and it's going by really slow.

It takes a strong woman to accomplish everything that you have in your life, I am proud of you that you stick to your goals. You are what I dreamed of when I decided to go into relationship again, someone with integrity, honesty, love, affection, God fearing, and with such a charming personality. I never thought I would find you, but here you are.

Thank you so much for the moments we have shared together through email, I have no doubt we shall make a good match for you have made all of my dreams come true. I could not ask for more. I will be the luckiest man in the world to be called your hubby in the future. I will be truly honored if our friendship could lead to something better. Meeting you will say it all. I can’t wait to meet you.

We have shared email which is a good way to start but we have not been able to put a voice to the email .Putting a voice to it will make it real and will help our arrangement for our first meeting. As a man that sincerely need a woman in his life, I will be glad if we can talk or text on phone. It will also be very nice if you can tell me the best time to call you; like i said earlier I was trained to make the first call on appointment.

It’s obvious that there are things that you will want to know about me .There are questions that you will also like to ask me which even if you ask them in the email, I may not remember to answer them when I reply. Questions like that are better asked during phone conversation so that you get instant and direct answer. I know I have shared little about me but there are still thing we need to know about one another that will help us decide how to move the relationship forward. It is also for this reason that I sincerely believe that a phone conversation will be good. send me your cell number so i can call you sometime this weekend.

Today is the day that I have been waiting for; the day I have been working for and will be a very big day for me and Vencore Portfolio. We are hoping to conclude on the transaction that brought me here today. If everything goes fine then we will agree on when to go and sign the contract with the fidelity. I need all the luck on this world today. I need only the right words and calculation to come out of my mouth today. I need to be at my best. I don’t want to be under pressure doing what I do best but the company puts so much faith in me that they sound almost 100% sure that I will succeed which puts me in a tight corner because they don’t expect me to fail.

I will tap their faith and leave the pressure. I may be their best Fund manager but sometime you need luck to have it all. I need your prayers today and I hope that you will bring me the luck I need because meeting you was divine.

Please pray for my success .It’s the day I have been working for over the past two years .I will give you details of it when we meet face to face.It’s my Saturday and I am grabbing it. have a beautiful day ahead of you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Enjoy your day,

Letter 2

My Vicki,
Yes that sounds lovely and so sexy to me . I want to use this email with the content that make my whole being tingle with anticipation to welcome you to a wonderful day. The words are carried on the soft breeze that rustle the leaves in the trees and echo with the bluebirds’ song in the morning. I seem to be "star gazing" and really do not belong to this world because receiving your email alone make me feel good not minding the content. All I want is to open my mail and there is an email from you. This morning is very different because it is not only receiving the email from you that is making me excited but the joy of coming online to share the good news with you. YES, I DID IT!!!!

We completed the transaction yesterday and the investors were very excited. I sat down on my seat motionless and let this tear of joy drop because I could not hold it. I was happy and so happy that at the end it was a success but it came with a cost. Not to the company or to the investors but to us. The investors were really impressed that they had to take me out yesterday to celebrate while I should be the one to take them out. I returned back very late and tired and could not email you to share the good news so I slept of and just got up now.

They have agreed that we sign the investment contract immediately since they will be joining their families that are on vacation from there. Since any Investment contracts can only be signed in our office in Kent England. I called my office and they were very glad and made the preparation immediately which changed my plan completely.

The new development which is related to the outcome of this meeting that I have been attending here is that we will be traveling to UK on Tuesday evening for the Investment contract signing. In fact they have already had the flight reservation made which I can not turn down. It became important and urgent due to their program and if I don’t accept to travel now then I don’t know when they will have the opportunity again. Being something that I have been working on for almost 2 years now, I had no option.

It is obvious that I will now be traveling from here with these Investors and from our calculation; we will be spending 12 days in UK. The 12 days is to enable them process the fund movement for their investment .Secure the non-resident investment permit from the UK government and then have an investment return business name required for such huge tax free investment in UK .From the calculation and flight reservations, we will leave Texas on Tuesday 16th January and return back on Saturday the 27th but I will be flying home straight from there as there will not be any need going to Henrietta again. I will be coming home with the best bottle of Spanish wine or champagne for our own celebration.

Now back to us, I want you to know that my day starts when I receive your wonderful e-mail, and ends with me sending you a reply. That is why I do wonder why you are in my thoughts all the time? The in between time is filled with romantic notions, breathless anticipation and a million and one thoughts of how our first meeting will go. Will there be fireworks - will there be balloons in the sky?

I know I am fantasizing, like a foolish teenager, but it makes me feel young and so extraordinarily happy. I must confess that I have tried to suppress the feeling of calling you my love all this while to avoid looking like I am rushing everything but each time I want to email you, it keeps coming into my mind. It is a known fact that I am falling seriously in love with you and cannot stand not seeing you soon. You have brought this change and joy in me that I believe has attracted this lifetime business luck to me. Meeting you brought the breakthrough that I have been struggling to have with the investor for almost two years. All I want you is to understand my situation and take me the way you see me.

It’s not that I fall in love easily but having been alone for over ten years makes me want you as soon as possible. All that I am sure is that this is not lust or a game of days but a life time relationship. I was married to my wife for 26 happy years and she was my first and only marriage. That alone will tell you more about me.

Please bear with me if I use those words so early. It’s due to the way I feel that make me write the way I do. You are an angel in have touched my heart thus making a difference in my life. Bringing more Joy and success than you will ever know that you have done. here is my #. 559-415-6017. i have added you in my contact list.

Sending you all my love,
Hugs and kisses

Letter 3

Vicki, My Love!
I want to be your love forever, and no you are not saying it too soon. Thank you for your sweet and lovely email; you must know how much I love to hear from you and appreciate you and all that you share with me.I am so looking forward to meeting you when i return home. I know in my heart that you will be someone with whom I can share life's joys and greatest challenges. I want to sit by your side, hold your hand and love you and let you know that you will never be alone and want you to love me so much to want to do the same. I will accept you totally for who you are...

I just noticed that I feel a little depressed this morning when I opened my computer to email you .I am sure that it is not because I don't want to write you or that I don't enjoy communicating with you .I think it is because after the hope and plan of seeing you when I return home changed . Not seeing you in person makes me think that I am in a dream but even if it is a dream, I don’t want to wake up. I have not told my daughter about you yet... i just want to keep everything about you to myself for now. no negativity.

You will agree with me that dreaming, thinking, wishing and hoping do not lessen the yearning for "THE REAL THING “Even having faith and being positive are becoming a challenge. They say - there are reasons for what happens in life and who you meet on the way. Sometimes they enter our life to test our will power and strength us, then others leave us with disappointments and with heartaches beyond our belief. The most prudent fact is "what we do with them when the opportunity presents itself". Grab it? If yes that is what I have tried to do; grab you because to me you are just wonderful!

When I received your first e-mail after I contacted you, I was enchanted with you and very flattered that you took the pain and time to reply me. Regardless of the distance and some of the other obstacles, you continued to reply my email. That was when I promised myself that I have seen what I seek and will not look further. There and then I developed the feeling which today is turning to natural love. When it started, it was Unconventional in every aspect, and I was thinking it could never lead to anything meaningful. The sharing of loss, the heartache of loneliness and personal qualities encouraged me to believe in miracles. My sensibility told me otherwise - but here I am and you have become part of my life.

Where is the point of no return? Has destiny invaded sensibility and given us new beginnings and new vistas never explored before. Why does my silly heart race? Why do my eyes shine with secrets? No one knows. Who has put the blush in my cheeks and the spring in my step? Only you can answer that! Who is this fabulous mystery woman that only my imagination, my feeling, my love and my computer knows? Only you still can tell me

I was sitting last night - gazing at the moon and the stars - looking for answers in the stillness of the night. The heaven did not open - only the bright twinkle of the stars and the sky smiled at me in my solitude. Are they mocking me or are they sharing in my happiness? If I have recently found meaning in my life, it is because of YOU, the things you want to do, share, invent and sacrifice the eternal self-giving trust and loyalty. I am grateful that I have been able to meet you, am I flawless, do I have weaknesses - no one is perfect but the strength comes in believing in one's self, having the devotion, from someone who cares deeply, is an anchor in unchartered waters.

Remember - a great woman is not the one who attempts to climb the mountain, but the one who makes it to the top. If you hesitate, you will fall but don’t worry, I will catch you Lol. You have given me the RED ROSE - for eternal Love or perhaps, the BLACK ROSE - for the forbidden Love.

You may be wondering why this man uses the world ‘love” so fast when we are yet to meet in person. May be because Love to me means different thing or have different meaning. What is love - it nourishes the body and soul, it holds promises and pain. It joins two people in harmony and bliss and only a few are ever blessed with the everlasting kind. It is delicate and fragile and has to be nurtured with attention, all the time. It is the best thing to happen in anybody’s life. To Love or to be loved

From this you can see why I keep nurturing this relationship with my words the way I do as that is all I can do now till we meet. I must tell you that you hold a special place within my heart that is to be cherished forever - and never to depart. May you have another wonderful day filled with joy.

know that you are appreciated and loved

warm hugs and kisses

Letter 4

My Love Vicki,
How is your day going? I hope you are okay and enjoying the wonderful day. I know you will be surprise that my email is coming a bit late today unlike other days that I email you first thing in the morning. I have been working on my file that I need for my trip and also working with the investors to make sure that they have everything that they will need for the trip. I had to also go out to get few clothes since I will need them there as i came with very few cloths when I left home.

I will be traveling to UK this evening like I told you. Our flight is for 9:45pm.We will be landing in London Heathrow from where we will connect to Kent where we have our head office and where the contract signing will be. This is a 12 days trip like I said earlier after which I will be flying home direct as there will not be any need to come back to Henrietta .The long awaited deal has been sealed so no more monthly trip to Henrietta. If it will be convenient for you, I hope to fly straight to meet you on my way back to the States. I will be spending just 12 days in UK and can meet you on the 13th day from today. What a day it will be....

Let me confess here that I feel so warm and delighted each time I read your e-mail. I am always glad to read your mail because I am sure they are from your heart. I must admit that our communication have changed my life completely. You are the one who makes me handsome and the one who makes me feel stronger. Your email to me makes me feel so important which is why you mean everything to me now.

You show your love to me every day by making out time to write me. I thank God that I have found a woman like you. I understand we are very busy with our personal daily activities but we still try our very best to email and communicate to each other always. It shows how committed and serious we are. I believe we can make a perfect match.

I am hoping to leave UK on Saturday 27th January to arrive US on the evening of the same day. If you will like us to meet the next day Sunday or by the new week; all you need to do is to tell me the place of your choice and I will be there waiting.

My trip to UK is official and urgent which was the outcome of the meeting I attended here in Texas as I told you.I hope to maintain our email and phone communication while I am in UK as I will be traveling with my laptop. I really can’t wait to see you soon, However; knowing that you appreciate me so much is enough for now till we meet.

I love you so much,

Letter 5

My Dearest Love, Vicki!
You are the most caring woman I have ever come across in recent years. I simply bless the day I found you because you are so special to me .

I had a nice and successful trip to UK .I arrived here this morning, it was not a stressful journey as I had you in my mind all through. I was seeing you in my arms, seeing you rushing to hug me at the airport. At a time I lost it and was thinking that I was already in the aircraft to see you and then I realize I was going to UK and not to meet you, then I felt bad.

I could not email you ealier as I was trying to settle down in the Lodge the company provided for me which is where I normally stay when I am in UK.I am presently in KENT. Kent is a city in southeast England and is one of the Home Counties. It borders East Sussex, Surrey and London and has a defined boundary with Essex in the middle of the River Thames estuary. It is popularly known as Garden of England" Because of its abundance of orchards and hop gardens. It is nice and serene. This is where the International Business office of Vencore Portfolio is located.

If you have seen Michael Jackson on TV arriving a country for a concert and the reception he receives when he land at the airport .That was the reception I got when I landed in UK this morning. People thought I was one celebrity not knowing that my company were only celebrating the arrival of their financial guru. One of my directors came starlight to me shook my hand and called me- Mr Fix It. When I got to the office, there was this panel on my office Door that reads-Welcome -Mr David Fix it’. Now, my sure name has turned to fix it.

Anyway, they were just happy and I was glad that they appreciated my effort because it was something they could not do for 6 years that I did in two years of consistency and persistency competing with brokers from Fidelity Investment. Once again, I will thank you for your prayers, understanding and support at this time. I wish I could tell them there and them that there is somebody that came into my life that brought the good luck that fixed it so that they will know that somewhere in United States, there is Mrs Vicki FIX IT also. ha ha .

Wow babe! I know I can’t hold it but confess that I am missing you already. I want to be with you and hold you, to gently touch your face and cup your cheek in my hand as I look into your beautiful eyes and see you smile. I want to snuggle and cuddle with you, to just be close to you. I want to rub your leg and stare across the couch as we talk of our feelings for one another. I want to hold your hand across the table at a restaurant gossip and watch others in the restaurant to be jealous of our intimacy and our tender affection for one another. I want to lie next to you in front of a fire and gaze into your eyes while I rub your back and tell you jokes that will make you cry while laughing. I want to romance you. I want you to know how beautiful you are in my eyes. I want you to know how much I cherish and adore you. I want to give my heart to you. I want your heart, I want it all. am going to hold you well and talk to you like a little baby. But since I am not with you and all that I have said above are just wishes, let me on that note also wish you a happy day. Have a beautiful day and keep thinking about me. I am sending you all my love and happiness.

Take care and have a wonderful day,
Hugs and kisses

Letter 6

Vicki, My Sweet heart,
My first day today at the office was great although I miss you. I got a lot accomplished. I know that in everyday life there will always be times when we can be together and some times we will be separate, but my heart will always be with you wherever you are and it cannot be separated by whatever distance is between us. I appreciate you so very much and know that you are close by in me always.

I've heard it said that love is only for the young but I disagree. The wonder and open discussions that we have been sharing through our emails, I know this is not a fantasy. I know intuitively that the promise of things to come between us will strengthen us and fulfill us each and every day.

When we look at the relationship we have developed in such a short time, we have shared our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Am I naive? Am I missing something important that I should be wary of? No, I don't think so. Our emails are not artificial. I know that each of us is not perfect, but we can commit to each other in the way we can. We have talked through emails about the life and world we commonly know and the situations that we have encountered along the way. Your emails to me are a breathtaking opening of your heart with expressions of affection that I hold dear.

Each day we are apart, tears ran down my face unconditionally for the longing of you near me .I never knew a woman could have stolen my heart again and made it truly hers. I never knew I could love a woman more than my own life. I long for the day I can finally look into your beautiful soft, kind eyes and tell you how much I love you, and need you.

What I need to survive and make it through this lonely world can only be conquered with you by my side because it was really a great battle with line during my ten years of loneliness. I do not think there are any words that could describe the way I actually feel about us.

All I know is you, babe you are the only woman that is in my mind, the only woman that is in my soul, the only woman who truly and unconditionally has my heart for my life time and many more lifetimes the world has to offer us. When I think about you, my eyes start to water because I know you are somewhere else and not in my arms. But the thought of you keeps me going and going for another breath of fresh air to keep my longing for you in my life going. I will never leave, and I will truly never hurt you.

I admire you. You are my inspiration for anything, and everything on this Cold damp earth. I never thought my time would come to love, and then it came and I was hit with so much emotion and power I did not know where to put it all. I have stacked it piece by piece in my heart for you. I truly believe you are my soul mate, and you are the only woman I will only give all I have to offer forever.

I hope you never let go of me because I love you, and I pray you love me too as much as I love you. Just the thought of you brightens my day completely, and sometimes I do bring you there on purpose to make myself happy when I am down. Picturing your smile makes me smile, and I cannot wait to actually see that adoring woman. I know with the unforgettable smile I know so soon.

the treasure you locked is in the big steel safe of my heart. I love you, sweetheart, and that is the only thing that is never going to change in my life. Always and truly yours forever, I can’t wait to be with you soon. I am aware of all your dreams and wishes. We shall accomplish them as great couples. We shall always have the best of time to share together. I have never met someone that is as intelligent as you are in recent years. You are my dream come true. What can I even do without you? Thanks so much for making me fall deeply in love again. You are my perfect match. I hope you are enjoying your day .I am scared of tonight because am so sure am not going to sleep but think about you always. You are the best thing that has happened to me in recent years and I am very proud of you. I see myself as the luckiest man on earth to have you as my darling and friend. Please thanks so much.

Although I have not met you in person yet, I am looking forward to meeting you and holding you and feel that I know so much about you but need to know more. When I think of you, which is all the time, I have this warm feeling that even the chill in the air cannot hide. Last night when I said my prayers, I thanked God for bringing you in to my life. You're the best present that I could possibly ever want.

Need to stop here; otherwise, I would be here all day writing you and telling you how much I love you and care about you.

Warm hugs and kisses,

Letter 7

My Darling Vicki,
I spent last night hand writing the following and am now transferring it to email for you; You were in my thoughts the entire night while writing this message; I listened to Micheal Bolton songs and I could see your smiling at me while I was writing it.

Have to tell you that my dreams last night were you and I snuggling and when I woke up this morning, I didn't want to get up because I wanted my dream to continue. I know that soon this dream will be fulfilled and there's an old saying about absence makes the heart grow fonder and love will always find a way.

last night I came home and listened to some music and started reading a Gregg Hurwitz novel (Gregg Hurwitz writes very exciting thrillers). I was listening primarily to Andrea Bocelli. I hope what I tell you next does not scare you but I feel that I must tell you. On one of the CD's I have (Amore), I felt that I was losing myself in this wonderful musical fantasy and when I closed my eyes I saw you and I slow dancing to this beautiful music. While I was in your arms I was in heaven; I then had to replay the CD because I didn't want my fantasy to stop.

Please stop me if I am making assumptions that I shouldn't, but I must let you know that I appreciate you coming in to my life and sharing your inner thoughts and dreams with me. I have to believe that you are a present to me from God and He has brought us together for something that I don't yet understand but I want it to continue and continue. Your emails make me feel so good and I feel that I can conquer the world. I sincerely hope that I am never a disappointment to you; I promise you that I will always try to live up to whatever expectations we establish together.

Honey, it will be very special to me to talk with you on the phone today. I wish we could talk on the phone each and every day. My last meeting for today will hopefully end by 10.00PM (UK TIME) I will try then to see if i will speak with you on phone. I may not be able to email you tomorrow and next as I will be traveling to Italy by 9.45 AM tomorrow and will come back on Monday with 8.15AM flight as we have meeting by 11am on that Monday

I heard this morning that my mother is ill. I got a call from my Aunt (Her sister) telling me that my mum is seriously sick and was taking to the hospital last night. She said that I should try and come as my mum has been asking of me since they took her to that hospital. It’s good that I am in UK so I will fly to Italy in the morning to see her .I know it is nothing serious just normal problem with old age. She will be 88 years by November 7.

I woke up this morning and I started glancing at your lovely emails ones more and imagined how much I will cherish you always. I am so happy to be yours. It will be my pleasure if I can make you happy always and put a permanent smile on your face. I feel so hard each time I think of you. I wonder how our first night will be; so sweet and romantic! I can’t wait to meet you!

Darling, I do not have any of your picture with me as i will like to travel to Italy with the picture to show my mother. I know you will put smile on her face the way you put smile on mine. I know she will be happy for me. I know she will bless us together with you represented by your picture. Lol .. please send it to me in your response to this message.

I may not have access to Internet while in Italy as I may not be traveling with my laptop but will try to speak with you on phone the two days that I will spend in Italy. If I am able to get internet access, I will email you for sure.

I really wish to spend the rest of my life with someone that I will love and will always love me. I will be so glad if you appreciate and cherish me. I will forever put smiles on your lovely face. I love you so much my darling. Wishing you a wonderful Friday! Love you forever and always!

Love, warm hugs and kisses

Hope you like this babe.

Letter 8

My Vicki,
Thank you for the sweet and lovely email. I was thinking about you all night till this morning that I realized that I woke up with a smile on my face. Passion is a word which involves so many feelings and I feel it whenever I think about you and mind you, its everyday: moment and time. I feel it when I read through your words or have you skip through my mind for you are my passion.

Our first gentle kiss will deliver more than your lips to mine, it will open our hearts and souls to each other. I want to caress and touch your face, stroke the back of your neck and have you hold me oh so tight. I know that there is no such thing as a perfect kiss, but I know that ours will be. I am going to wrap my arms around you, and slowly move my hands around your body. I am hoping that you like affectionate gestures as I do. I am a very touchy feely person. I want my touch to comfort you, compliment you, seduce you and arouse you. I know that the more we kiss and hold each other, the more desire and feelings we will have for each other.

I want us to share our thoughts, our dreams, our hopes, our desires, our bodies - everything we have. I am confident that our relationship will be successful. The soulfulness that we have for each other drives our spirit and is shaping our lives. All of the many manifestations that we have - fantasies, memories, passions, longing, emotions - make me feel that I am taking a glimpse into you and your soul so that I can know you better. This life that we are experiencing now is not a creation of our own will (how can we think it is), but rather that of a greater will and an acknowledgement to God as to what he has achieved. There is something in every relationship that is eternal, that goes on forever, and that God has blessed - I want us to have that soulful relationship with each other and with God.

Although I want us to think of ours as a simple love, it is much more complex. We have communicated with each other and explored each other and now find that we are closer than two should be. We have created our own reality and although we have not met each other yet, we have found countless mysterious ways of sending each other the joyous songs of birds, the fun sound of laughter, the light and warmth of the sun, the sighing of the wind, the sparkle from the stars - all the beauties of creation.

Vicki, you are my one true love, you bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. You bring to me a love I have never known before. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you with every ounce of my being. Your Name is the first name I call and the last name I will ever whisper. You, you and you alone... you shall reign in my heart, body and soul till my last days on earth. You are the one i desire without whom I cannot be complete.

I will share with you my thoughts, my heart, my mind and my body. You are the wind beneath my wings, the cream in my coffee and the flowers in my garden of life. We will stand together in the best of times and continue to share a love, devotion and care that will span far more than our lifetime. You are everything to me my Love, I want to thank you for caring for me the way no one can by showing me love after 10 years of loneliness. In as much as there have been ups and down, you understand me and you know just how to make things right. You will never know just how much I love you until the very day I have you in my arms, eyeball to eyeball, I will spend the rest of my days trying to show you and that is my Promise. You saved me from the worst hands of loneliness and you are always there for me. No matter what my Dearest! There will never be another for me and I will always keep you safe.

Holding each other through darkness of night and waking to the brightness of day is what I desire, knowing that God is where we are. For we will know peace again, I miss you so much my Dearest! I can't convince you how much I missed you. You know that I can't stand myself without you in my thoughts for a while, I feel I'm going to die without you, Even though I see your picture every day, reading all your words, and am always with you at heart every moment, yet still I miss you. And when you think about it, how could you possibly miss someone constantly in your thoughts, in your dreams in your fantasies? I guess I still can't believe that you're the one turning my head here now at this moment, There are no words that can possibly explain how I feel right now, because in fact, I’ve never felt this in a very long time...

Honey, you have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me handsome. You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me feel so important again, you're everything to me. You show your interest to me every day. I thank God that I have found a woman like you. Please forgive me for being away and apart from you this moment and do promise never to leave your sight from the very moment we start spending our lives together, sticking together through the good and the bad. Supporting each other every day, I really wish that you were near me so I can take a proper look and take care of you myself and see things myself. My Dear, please do be careful and stay as much out of stress, for you are the only one that I want and Have now, you are more wonderful and lovely to my soul. I can’t wait to meet you! I love you and that is for real!

Honey, I hope you are having a wonderful night with a secret smile for me throughout.

I love you so much!
Warm hugs, kisses and love.

Letter 9

My Love,
How are you today. I could not email you again because I needed a place to cry when I could not get a flight to Italy yesterday. I got to Italy this morning. I left London with the 8.45am flight and was in the hospital by 10.30am. I have seen her body at the mortuary; yes she is truly dead. I was hoping that it will turn out to be a joke or a lie but I was the person lying to myself. The big problem now is that her only sister who has been with her all this while is now in coma. Her sister died in her arms and she could not bear it. She could not bear losing her only sister. It is just too complicated for me at this moment. I just realized the disadvantage of being the only child. I can’t even think straight now. I have my aunt in the hospital with the corpse in the mortuary. The world just hit me so strong when everything was about moving well for me. My love life became rejuvenated and all of a sudden all seem to be crumbling at the same time.

I have lost my best friend. The person I always call when I need to be consoled or when I am confused .I just realized that I am now alone in the world. I came into the world with a father, a wife, a mother. Then it started with my wife, then my father and son that died together in a car accident, then this again. Wow! Was I destined to be an orphan? Darling tell me, was I? An Orphan with no wife, no brother, no sister, no uncle, no son and an unconscious Aunt!

The doctor told me that before she died she asked them “was Michael coming? Her sister kept telling her yes that I was on my way. She said that they should tell me to be fast and that I should run that she wanted to fold her hand so need to touch me before folding her hand. The sister then asked her why she wants to fold her hands and she told the sister that she will know the moment she touches Michael.

Then she said something that will hurt me all my life. She said “if Michael had taken my advice last week, he will be here now; I know he will like to be here but the British that he works for will not allow him. I told Michael to leave the British and rest and be happy they are suffering my son with work. He can’t rest and now he can’t be here. Tell my son that next time I meet him; I will not let him work for the British or anybody. I will work and feed him and he will rest because the last time he worked so much” before the sister could say “which last time? Elizabeth has joined her husband and her grandson with smiles on her face. May her Gentle soul rest in peace, Amen!

Even the doctor could not hold back tears while telling me this. He even told me that she even asked him to promise her that he will tell her son all this when he comes .Now darling let me ask you; was that not enough to feel guilty all my life?

Anyway, I just settled my mother pending hospital bill which I promised the doctor that I will send to him when I get to United States as I was hoping to get money from my bank the moment i get to US this weekend .Since I could not get to US again, I had to scratch everywhere and even borrow from colleagues to raise the money I have here with me. This is just the wrong time for this to happen as i used all the money I have here to pay for the shares few days ago. Anyway, thank God I got the help I needed.

I am hoping to fix her funeral for Monday next week for her to be buried here in Palermo. I will start every arrangement to secure all the clearance that they will need before she could be buried at the burial ground. The Italian law!

Honey it is not really easy for me now. I wish I have a brother or even a sister that can be of assistance here, at least in making this arrangement .It is just only me. I will have to handle all this by myself. I will have plan all this myself, make all this arrangement, secure all this clearance and even run the errands. The worst is that I don’t even know where to start. Anyway, the doctor has agreed to come and take me around so that we can do the one we can do today so that by tomorrow and next I can conclude the rest to be ready for her funeral on Monday. I need to do the funeral and get this out of me or I will just die in no distant time.

Darling, you may not understand but the person I lost loved me more than she ever loved the husband. She was ready to work from her sickbed so that I will rest. She pampered me as the only child. She was my best friend. She will call me every morning to ask if I have eaten. This was a woman that was ready to pluck out her eyes if I complain of mine so that I can use hers. She loved me and I loved her too. It was due to my closeness to her that I could not get into any relationship for ten years after I lost my wife. She was the best. I must surely miss her! Wow! MAMMA MICHAEL! That’s what I call her.

Darling i must thank you once again for all your consoling words and care. May the almighty bless you abundantly and protect you for your care and morale support. May the word of Psalm 91 verse 2-16 be your portion in Jesus name .Amen!

I will have to rest now. I just thought I should update you how everything is going with me at the moment. I will wait till the doctor comes so that we can go the place we need to go. Thank you once again for your moral support which is all I need at this present time. You are just like the only person that I have on earth at this moment. They only person I can run to for consolation. I want you to know that even in my sorrow, I love you!
Thank you for your prayers.

I am forever yours,

Letter 10

My Love,
I can`t stop crying, She is dead! She died this morning. I got the call from my Aunt and my daughter just now. Wow! Elizabeth died without talking to her only Son. It was just too bad of me not to be with her this last days of her life. I am just too guilty that I met her in the condition she was when I got to the hospital in Italy and could not stay with her more than two days; Just because of this stupid work? Just because am a fund manager! Managing peoples Fund. What sort of rubbish work is this? Wow! So mum is dead? I can’t believe this my love.

Letter 11

Vicki My All!
I read your message with tears in my eyes, your dream about my mum made me cry.. I must confess that everything is going fine over here better than I expected. I have almost concluded the arrangement for the funeral tomorrow. I met with the priest this morning to conclude the arrangement on how the first and second funeral bible reading will go and by whom. My aunt told me that my mum requested before she died that she should be buried this way and I am happy that all the arrangements are almost in place.

I must thank you for all your comforting emails this period. I sincerely appreciate all your encouragement. With you, I have come to know that I have one million people at my back. You are such a darling. Before you came into my life, I have heard of passion and love and seen it in movies; never dreamed that kind of emotion would ever come to me.

I must confess that in some ways I feel inadequate. My mind is questioned, can I match your gentleness? Can I give you feelings as warm and secure as the ones you have bestowed on me? You have chosen to show me such strong passion combined with secure sweet affection, that I can only hope with time you feel a glimpse of the same emotions from me.

I now know I am in a place I have never been before. I am in a place that is calm and serene, but exciting and exhilarating, all at the same time. This place is neither a state of mind, nor just one of physical being. It is a place where my soul soars. It is a place I share with you. It is in you and you are the place. Thank you for allowing me entrance into the place

I am in a place where, my mornings begin with you in my thoughts and my day end with you in my mind. I am in a place where, when good things happen, my first reaction is that “I am excited”, because I will get to share them with you. I am in a place where, when bad things happen, I know that you will be there to provide comfort and make the world right again with your simple, honest -spiritual presence and your encouraging, supportive, caring emails.

This is the place that I hold in my heart for you are precious beyond words. I am a better man because you are mine. I am afraid that when I come to meet you, you will hold me in your arms and I will never want to leave, and I pray that I will never have to leave. Just know that when you hold me in your arms, I will feel safe in the safest, most treasured place in the world. This is why I will not want to leave again. Why will I go, to where, to the British? Like MAMMA will call them, the people that want to kill her son with work, Elizabeth will say!

My Love, I may not be able to email you tomorrow as the Italian funeral takes the whole day and sometimes the condolence visits enters into the night. I know that you cannot be here in person but I will be happy to receive your own condolence as an email tomorrow even if I am not able to email you. It will be my greatest joy to have an email from you when I check my email next tomorrow so that I will have something from you to reply. I want you to know that it is your consoling worlds that have kept me going all this while.

I Love You

Letter 12

My Sweet Vicki,
I just want to let you know, how much I love all that you are and will be. Without a doubt you keep me together and for the first time in my life I have something to believe in. You truly are my love, my soul mate, and my best friend. You just saw me at my worst moment this few days and still took me as I am. I thank God for you every day because I know you are heaven sent; you are my angel. I know the years will be a test, but nothing will keep me from loving you or from being by your side. I love you more than you could even know for you are my world and I love you so much.

I am sorry I could not email you yesterday as that was the day Mamma was finally laid to rest and we did family thanksgiving at the church this morning for her after a life well spent as it is the tradition here in Italy. I don’t think I will be able to tell you anything about how the funeral went by email but will tell you all in person when I meet you. I know it will be soon because I have really been down here more than I planned. There is only one good thing about being away from you, it is the love I have for you multiplied by the weeks we have been apart. Right now it has multiplied enough that the only multiplication it needs now is to meet you. I wish there was a word that could describe how much, but maybe it is better that you don't know. You would see I do love you more than you can understand.

Words cannot express how much you mean to me. How much you helped me this period. You have always found the times to cheer me up via e-mail .You always seem to know just what to say and I really appreciate that. I know that you are so sincere with your thoughts that you write to me and I know with time we will see each other and I can't wait. Thank you for your friendship and for being there when I needed you; when I was down morally. Thank you.

Let me say here that I have made up my mind to resign from my Job with vencore portfolio. I thought about it yesterday very well and even had to discuss with my daughter about it and we all agreed that it will not be a bad idea considering my age and the job requirement. My Contract with them when I took the job was that I must give them 14 days’ notice before my resignation or it will not be accepted. Another clause on the contract is that I must conclude any assignment I have with the company that involves the company investors before my resignation is accepted. Those and others were part of my contract terms when it was signed.

I will be going back to UK tomorrow morning and will be there before 10am.I will go to the office to pick up the files I need for a trip to Dubai. I really need to go and meet with the investor because he needs me at this moment like I need you. I am not making this trip because of the company but because of the investor and YOU. This is because when I leave UK, I will not come back again so i will like to conclude everything i have to do here .I will not want to leave you again when we meet as I have been away for long.

As for the Investor, The man showed me that he is such a great man. This was a man that called me on Friday to know if I will still make it to Dubai as he really needed my attention on issues. I told him that I may not be able to make it due to the death of my mother in Italy. I told him that the funeral will be on Monday. After discussing with this man he just said wow! David he is sorry but wow! He is in trouble without me. I was so surprised when I got to the church in the morning for the funeral service of mum to see this man there. He flew in from Dubai on Sunday night and was able to locate the place in the morning on his own simply because I told him the name of the church, the city and the time for the service. He left back to Dubai this morning and I promised him that I will make it up to him and will be in Dubai on Friday morning just for him and for this kind gesture he showed me when my company could not even send one representative to attend the funeral of the mother of one of their best consultant Fund managers.

Anyway, that is the situation for now. Like i said earlier, I have made up my mind to resign from the consultant fund managers job with vencore portfolio the moment I return from Dubai. I will submit my resignation letter once I get to UK tomorrow. I have the letter already written which was the first thing I did this morning. I will submit it on getting to UK, then go to Dubai. There are three reasons why I am going to Dubai. One is because of the Investor like i said earlier. The second reason is because of my contract agreement that stipulates that I must conclude any pending transaction that I have with the company and I believe that the Dubai transaction which involves the investor from fidelity that I came with from United State is the only pending transaction.

The third reason is simply because it will give the needed 14 days prior notice before terminating my job since I will be submitting it tomorrow being 31st of January, travel to Dubai on the 1st, arrive Dubai on the 2nd and return back to UK from Dubai on the 10th of February to conclude the official procedures on Monday being 12th of February so that I will fly back to United States on Wednesday being 14th of February.what a perfect day.. It will also enable me to be away from the directors that may want to talk me out of this decision. I know this was why they included the 14days clause so that they will have two weeks to convince anybody that they don’t want to resign since the persons will be working with them for those 14 days.

I sat down last night to check my life and how much happiness that I have gained over the past ten years with the money I have made but cannot remember any. I have been busy working and acquiring money and saving them. I have more than 60,000 vencore portfolio Capital Share in Investment but have had no time to sell or enjoy money from there.

Anyway, I will resign and start up my own Advise and consulting Firm. With the money from the shares, I can come back home to start a new life with you. Buy a big new home and open up a business which will give me time with you. It will give me time with you and i will be able to accomplish all that I have promised you. This was just all that my mother wanted me to do and I just regret that I just realized it after her death. May her soul rest in peace; Amen. Anyway, we will discuss more about this latter.

I know this is one of the longest emails that I have sent you since the death of Mum. I decided to write you this evening just to let the feelings flow. To write to the one I love. Every day, I fall over and over in love with you again ... as the time goes on and a new day shows, my love grows. I just wanted to thank you for sharing and making me laugh. Thanks for being the most awesome woman, thanks for just being there for me. I thank God that I have found someone who stood beside me and not over me and I'm so lucky to have you. Mum was the only one I had before and now you are here.

There are so many reasons; so many causes that make me love you. Thank you for all the happiness you bestow upon me. Thanks for making me see what I don't see. Thank you for making me overexcited. I love you all the way down to my toes and up to my brains and a lot more in the middle!!

I love you forever and ever,
Hugs and kisses

Letter 13

Vicki My Beautiful Princess,
Thank you for your emails which always put smile on my face whenever I read them. I got back to UK this morning and went straight to the office like I told you. I have arranged the files and papers that I will need for my trip and have also confirmed the flight reservation that I made yesterday while in Italy. I will be traveling to Dubai tomorrow morning and will be going with my laptop so that we will be able to communicate while am there. I may not be able to email you tomorrow because of this trip as I will be packing my laptop tonight but Once I get to Dubai, I will email you to let you know that I got there safely.

I have submitted my resignation letter today and the directors where surprised and tried to convince me to work with them for another year but i told them that i have already made up my mind and nothing can change that and my decision is final.

My Love, I wish you are making this trip with me so that you can see the beautiful city of Dubai. This is where they have the best and most beautiful hotels in the world. They are presently building the tallest buildings in the world. It is the richest gulf country. The security is second to none; everything seems to be working perfectly well in the country. It seems to be the new hiding place for the Hollywood stars.

The emirate of Dubai is located southeast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. It has the largest population in the UAE and the second-largest land territory by area after Abu Dhabi. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the national capital, are the only two emirates to have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country's legislature. Dubai is nowadays often miss-perceived as a country or city-state and, in some cases, the UAE as a whole has been described as 'Dubai.

Today, Dubai has emerged as a cosmopolitan metropolis that has grown steadily to become a global city and a business and cultural hub of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region. Although Dubai's economy was historically built on the oil industry, the emirate's Western-style model of business drives its economy with the main revenues now coming from tourism, real estate, and financial services. Dubai has recently attracted world attention through many innovative large construction projects and sports events. The city has become symbolic for its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, such as the world's tallest Burj Khalifa, in addition to ambitious development projects including man-made islands, hotels, and some of the largest shopping malls in the region and the world.

Today, Dubai is the 22nd most expensive city in the world, surpassing London (25th) and is the most expensive city in the Middle East, surpassing Israel's Tel Aviv. Dubai has also been rated as one of the best places to live in the Middle East, including by US American global consulting firm Mercer who rated the city as the best place to live in the Middle East in 2011.This is my 6th trip to this place on the course of doing my job and will be the last as fund manager with vencore portfolio. I know I will miss you while on this trip as I was planning while in Italy that I will be in the US this weekend and will be able to see you. This is just an issue of man proposes…..

Babe, what we have is an opportunity to love and be loved - a glimpse in to a very special world. It seems that you are a dream to me that never in a million years could I have expected would happen to me. My darling, I love merry go rounds and I feel that each time I talk with you, I am on a merry go round and reaching for that brass ring; I can almost touch it. I know it is dizzying but fate has given me an opportunity and I don't want to miss it.

All of my emotions are so very close to the surface that sometimes I feel like I am going to break but I know that I can wait to be with you because it will be very soon. I am looking forward to spending my evenings, mornings and days with you. I know when I am back in the States, that we will be taking one step in to the future, which will take us one step closer to our dreams. I know it is possible that this is all still an illusion; is this a dream or is it real? Oh baby, when I read your email, I know that this is not a dream - this cannot possibly be a dream as it is too close to my heart and all of my love for you, I have never been as happy in my life.

I wish I didn't have to miss you. If only you could be with me always. I know I could never be any happier. But then again, I know that the day will come when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you. I even miss you when I am sleeping!

I love you, babe. You are my only love, and I thank you for being so kind with my heart. Hopefully, soon I won't have to hate missing you because I will be with you .I hope you are having a wonderful day. Enjoy the beautiful day. I miss you so much.

Love You Always and forever,
Hugs and kisses

Letter 14

My Beautiful Lovely Vicki,
I must first say sorry for not being able to write you an email yesterday babe. You know it is always my wish and joy to email you and to tell you how things are going with me. Yesterday was beyond my control as I was on my way to Dubai like I told you. My Flight landed in Dubai this morning by 5:45am when i texted you and I checked into the hotel that was reserved for me by the Investor though he is planning to move me to his private guest house tomorrow. When I discovered that the internet connection in the hotel was not compatible with my laptop as they said the version of my laptop is a bit old. I told them that all I want is to connect to the internet and email my love, the only woman in my life, "My world and the She in Him"

It was when I said this that the investor and the hotel technicians started laughing and asked me what I mean by the “She in Him’ .I told them that you are the "She" While I am the "Him" and you are in me so what is hard to understand in the statement. The Investor then suggested that I call you to tell you that I am having internet connection problem here in Dubai. It was then that I asked him, will you wake your babe from sleep while she is sleeping like an angel? He said No, and then I told him, “That makes your suggestion a wrong one. I need an internet connection that is the only solution here”.

Anyway, at the end, they rectified it and the internet became compatible with my laptop (The Power of love) MY intention was just to tell you that I arrived here safely and have checked into a good hotel and most importantly that I love and miss you so much.

Today is Friday so there will not be any meetings at all, you know this is Muslim country so they have there prayers on Fridays but I will secretly be going with my client to his office in few minutes so that he will show me the files that he want me to study and brief me on what the investment and business is all about before we go into the meeting with his partners tomorrow. Its 1:00PM here in Dubai so I am okay now having had many hours rest.

The Investor was just so excited that I was able to make it as I promised. I will try and email you again when I come back from the office with him thou all will depend on the time I am able to come back. If I am not able to email you again today then it will be tomorrow. He said that after the meeting that he will be making me a proposal depending on the outcome of the meeting so I will wait to hear what his proposal will be. I am happy I am able to send you this email at least to tell you that I am okay here. Thank you for your care. I will be sending you a sweet Erotic email later today... smile...... please be happy and enjoy this wonderful gift of love that the almighty God gave ME and YOU. more later..

I love you forever.

Letter 15

Vicki My Forever Love,

Your email made me cum while reading it.. you are so amazing. I know you are sleeping like a princess that you are, I am here at my computer again today. The smile has returned back to my face. How I wish you could see the way I look whenever I open my computer to send you an email. To tell you how my day has been, went or more importantly to tell you how much I miss you.

It is obvious that sometimes you don’t know what life have for you ahead of you until you take the right step in the right direction. It has always been my wish to start up my own Private Investment Consulting firm but the financial requirement and getting huge investors base has always been my fear .Because of this, I have worked all my life even when I know that I am the best in what I do .I have always wondered how to raise the money and start it up and get major investor as clients .This has always been one hindering factor whenever I want to resign or terminate my job with Vencore but this time around, I cared less and submitted my resignation and now it seems that I took the best decision. Yes! Because coming to Dubai seem to have provided all that I will need for my dream of being self employed as a fund manager.

My day has been an exciting one if I am allowed to say so. I had the meeting with the partners of the investor who has oil blocks in Dubai. I saw myself surrounded by multi-millionaires and billionaires who control the oil economy of United Arab Emirate. I was nearly humiliated in their presence but my mind told me one thing. If this people should need my presence in this meeting, it means that I have something that they need which is my financial expertise in investment. If they really believe that I am an expert, it means that I am a multi billionaire also .May be not in money but in knowledge. Let me say financial knowledge. These, they cannot do for themselves with the money but can buy the services with their money and that is what they intend to do at this point. At that moment I remembered you and what you may say to me if you are there to encourage me. I then told myself “David I am sure you can do this” .Anyway, I did it because they openly made me the proposal right at the meeting.

While the meeting was going on, they told me that they are aware that my client (The Investor) promise to make me a proposal after the meeting but they will make the proposal open here and will need me to decide on it. They explained that they will need my service in this business after which they want to invest their proceed with the investment company I work for under my Fund Management .They made me to understand that it will be a short term business and they are not sure if they can commit me to it for the period of the business by offering to pay for my service through the company as investor. If they are to partner me in this business for commission/percentage which means I will be in the business on percentage instead of as a fund manager working for Vencore Investors. They told me that their US partners who are investor with Fidelity that I started this meeting with in Texas advised them that I am the best to do this for them. My client(The investor) here told them that I am the best for this which is why they want me and are ready to give me 10% commission from the business even when they are not supposed to pay.

The only hindrance here is that I do not have the right to sign any Private Partnership with any investor for my services while on the company’s assignment as a Fund Manager neither am I required to accept any payment outside my contracts Payment with the company .Since I did not know if the other partners of my client are aware of this, I did not give them my answer at the meeting but told them that it will have to wait till during the meeting tomorrow.

After the meeting, I spoke with the investor that came for mum’s funeral and explained to him the company’s policy. He told me that they all are aware of that but the offer was a proposal to guarantee my commitment, services and availability to the business .Being businessmen with business acumen, they have come to see that I may not readily be available anytime they need my service if they continue with me on this consultancy arrangement. This was why they made this proposal to me.

I had to inform him at that point that since I will not be able to include my name in the partnership agreement as it is against the Company Policy and agreement with me as a Consultant Fund Manager, that I can only accept the offer if they permit me to use another name /person as my representative in the business. This person is my woman and is trusted by me. While her name represents me in the business, then I will guarantee them my services while my commission goes to me through her.

He said that there was no problem with that in fact that was what they are expecting me to say but they do not have the right to make such suggestion for me. We left everything until the meeting tomorrow when I will make it official to them for us to start signing the new partnership act which will specify my percentage commission in the deal as a partner. The good thing here is that the deal is 100% legal as I have studied the file over and over again.

After the meeting, I requested for the UAE investment/business guideline which they provided for me. Then I told them that I will need to speak to an attorney who will review all this with me as I am not based in Dubai and know little about the business and investment law. I contacted an attorney who is also an investor with Vencore but lives here in Dubai and he told me to come right away to his office. I met with the attorney and gave him the business documents that I have the investment guideline, the soft copy memorandum of understanding and the soft copy of the SPA for the oil deal. I then explained the whole transactions to him in detail. I asked him to study the paper so that when I meet with him this evening we will discuss about it before I email my love.

When I met with him this evening, he started by congratulating me on the proposal .He told me that from all indication; they want me to work with them not necessarily as a staff of Vencore portfolio but as a fund manager with investment and financial knowledge.

When I told him my intention to resign as staff of Vencore Portfolio, he said the most important thing, and I will quote him here “your idea of using your woman (You) as your representative partner in this business is the best thing that you did, it is also good that you and her do not presently bear the same surname or vencore will know’.

He continues by saying that the business will be there with my percentage going to me but after this particular transaction and they wish that their proceed should be managed together under my fund management with my new consulting firm, then they will have to come as a client registered with me .

By then i must have resigned from my work and can transfer the partnership to my name. He said it clearly that I should also bear in mind that with these men as client, I don’t need many clients or investors when I open my consulting firm having submitted my resignation so this is my opportunity to tie them down.

The good part is that the business agreement will not require your signature. It does not require your social security number. It does not require your bank detail. It does not require your passport or photograph. It only requires your name and address in-case the company decides to send the original Copy of investor certificate to you, so that it does not go to a wrong address. You can even give a P.O Box which is still okay if you have. It does not require anything that will commit you or anything serious just a name to represent me. This is all and why I need your address. This has always been the wish of my mum. Please help me do her wish. Do it for me and for mum.

Babe, while I was accepting this proposal, I only have you in my mind as the only partner that I can trust to use her name and address in the business .This will also give us the opportunity to make our business trips together when the time comes after I must have retired from active work and have established my business partnership with this Oil Moguls. Honey, I will appreciate if you keep this proposal private and to yourself for now until we are sure of it. This is presently for your ears alone and I know that I can trust you to keep any information I give you private when I asks you to.

What I need from you now is just your full name and address to present as my representative partner in this business. Please send it to me in your response to this email unfailingly. You are all I know, trust and care for in this present world now. You are the She in Him! And I love you.

It is so amazing that after all of the years that have passed us by with hardly a notion of each other's existence, that now we will soon be together for the rest of our lives. We grew up as children, never having a clue that our paths would cross so much later in life, and that we would both find a love that neither has found with anyone ... until now. We were always meant to be together, of that there is no doubt. You are truly the woman, the partner and the wife I have only dreamed of until now. I love you for you are my heart and soul; I am so wonderfully blessed to have you in my life. I love you, always and forever.

My idea of romance is dim lights, soft music, and just the two of us. Because you make me feel like I have never felt before. I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked. Your undying faith is what keeps the flame of our love alive. You and me together, we can make magic. We're a perfect match. Thinking of you fills me with a wonderful feeling. Your love gives me the feeling, which the best is still ahead. You never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going. You are simply irresistible.

I love you because you bring the best out of me. You're the one who holds the key to my heart. You always say what I need to hear. You have taught me the true meaning of love. Love is what you mean to me, love is YOU - and you mean everything. You are my theme for a dream. I am having the time of my life and I owe it all to you.

Since day one we've shared something incredible, something that most people only dream of. I had been searching for you all of my life. You have made me the happiest I have ever been. You are sincere, caring, loving woman, and I wouldn't trade you for the world. I am so thankful and blessed that you loved me as much as I loved you; just that I love you a bit more than you do. Don’t try to meet up with me because I will keep loving you and moving up for it is my duty to love you more.

Now that we've met I cannot see my future without you in it. Every dream I have, I see your face; every thought I have your name is in the whispers of the wind. You follow me everywhere, you are the reason I have a good day. You are the reason why I must come out successful in every Business meeting. You are the reason I smile when there is nothing to smile about. I know I truly love you because when I mention your name my heart skips a beat I have come to learn that the greatest gift of love, you don't have to understand it; you just need to enjoy it and return the love that is given to you. I want to thank you so much for allowing me to feel the greatest feeling I have ever felt, and I promise to cherish it and always love you and do my best to keep you happy. I just want you to know how much you mean to me. Thank you for everything you have done for me! And I am looking forward to the life we will share together.

You made a believer out of me. Every night before I sleep, a smile comes to my face because you are on my mind. In the mornings, with the dread of a long day ahead, your voice soothes me and gives me strength to go on. I wake to think of you and I sleep to see you in my dreams. That makes sleeping and waking up interesting for me and makes my life a happy one. How sweet it is to be in ecstasy with someone you adore in every sense. Your mind captivated me, your benevolence left me in awe and your name stole my heart. Thank you for being you and accepting me. My babe.. Please remember to send the information.

I love you forever..

Letter 16

Vicki, My Sweet Love,
Today after reading your email, I hugged myself and in walking back to my room I felt that I must be the most loved man in the world because my woman just told me so in the most beautiful way. Babe, you are the most special woman who has ever come into my life. I wish you were here because I just want to hug you and hold you. Darling, our relationship is made up of a huge collection of tiny moments, of feelings, of emotions and connections. You and I have chosen to create these special moments that we share and we have more than what so many don't have with each other because we are able to communicate with each other from the deepest areas of our heart.

Do you know what you mean to me? Honey, I am so grateful that we found each other. I can hardly believe my good fortune. I can't believe that you are mine but I know that you are. Right now I feel so alive, so vital. You are now a necessary and meaningful part of my life and yes, I know that I will be living my dream with you. I am soaring in a beam of dazzling light because of you; I know if I tried to pluck a star from the heavens that you would be sitting on that star. Because of you, I have learned more about my patience, my compassion and my capacity for love.

We are getting close to concluding our business here. We signed the settlement papers today regarding the commission payment. The business agreement was that the will sign commission settlement agreement the moment the vessel start loading. The Vessel Loading Terminal Clarence (VLTC) was obtained today so hopefully the vessel may start loading by Wednesday. The moment that is done, the payment processing, fund approval release papers will be signed by us with settlement authorization through Vencore portfolio. If this is concluded this week, it means that one of my directors from the office in UK will be needed here in Dubai by Thursday. I had to involve Vencore portfolio when I realized that the money from this transaction will be passed through vencore to secure Capital shares in the name of the investors involved in this transaction.

This few days that I have been with these people, I discovered the trick most rich men use. The main reason why the needed me in this transaction as partner is to have me as Fund Settlement Partner being a license Fund manager with vencore portfolio which is a worldwide recognized investment company, it will stand as the reason why the payment of the transaction proceed will be done in UK. The idea is to use the fund to acquire vencore portfolio Magellan capital shares which is a fast and high selling shares. After they have acquired the shares, it will then be placed back into the market after 7 days under the vencore share selling policy that any share purchase can both be resold until after 7 days.

Most of them sell this shares immediately and wire the money back to their country as income from their investment abroad and not from direct business transaction in their country.This way they get tax reduction from their government as the law of the country gives you a very huge tax reduction for bringing money from investment abroad and investing it in the country to create job opportunities in the country. This law they said was made by government to attract investors into the country and that was what let to the new Dubai that I see today. By doing this, they have not done anything illegal, they have not done anything against they law; they have gotten credit and praise from their government. They will tell you that they use their brain to make money. The funny thing is that because they invest most of their profit on investment abroad back into their country, their government sees them as patriotic and gives them more contract and control over some major sectors of the economy. They told me that they have studied the law of the country and they have figured out a way to use it in their favor; nothing illegal. Anyway, let me not bore you with business terms though I just want you to know that everything is going fine and we shall place ours on sale immediately because I will not want to stay longer after this transaction..

After sending you the email yesterday, it became clear to me who you are. I have come to know you and have known happiness even when my work seems difficult. You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. You bring to me a love I have never known before. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend. You are the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with.That is who you are!

Every day I wake up thanking God for you. You have given me so much, and I don't know if I will be able to give back all that you have given me. You have been my guiding light when I was lost. You have been my comforter through all my trials and sorrow. You have been my rock. Sometimes I feel lost and out of touch but by the mention of your name I feel safe. Yes, your name soothes me. I could sit here and try to tell you just how I feel, but I can't find the word. I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms. I want to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything, because you are everything to me.

I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart. I will always be there for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity. I love you, Each day when I wake up, a smile comes up on my face unlike before. I have tried to find out why this recent morning smiles and yesterday It came to reality why I smile every morning. I smile every morning because of you since this smile started since the day we met. It started increasing recently because my mind discovered something before my body did. My mind realized that by each passing day, my meeting you gets closer. I cant say for sure the day it will be but it will not be far from the 14th i told you. one thing I can say for sure is that it gets closer by each passing day, each new day and each morning .everyday that I wake up the distance between us gets shorter, our relationship increases and our love multiplies...

Darling I have to tell you this, my client that invited me here gave me a ring yesterday to give you. He said, “David, use this and propose to her, when I asked him how he knew about you his answer was simple “have you forgotten your display in the hotel the day you arrived? When you wanted to email her? That day you told me everything about your love for her so propose to her the moment you get home”
The moment he said this, my mind became jubilant and at that moment, I wished I was with you and on my knees asking you “Will you marry me?
Miss you more darling! ; have a good day...
Hugs & Kisses

Letter 17

Vicki, My Other Half.
How are you today my love? First of all, thank you for the lovely email. I pray that this week will be my last week without you. Our business here is rounding up and from all indication, I will be returning back to UK before the end of the week. I am doing my possible best to conclude my part of the transaction before Friday so that I can travel back and let them handle the rest if all is not completed by then.

Everything regarding the financial stipulations on the transaction was completed this afternoon as expected. The Vencore representative that I was hoping that will come into Dubai tomorrow for the memorandum signing came into Dubai this morning so we did the official Share Purchase Sum Declaration (SPSD) and MOU signing, this afternoon.

During the meeting, the memorandum was given to the directors from Vencore that arrived today. The memorandum stated how the fund disbursement should be done through the Vencore Magellan share purchase arrangement in the name of the partners .One of our director was wise or should I say stupid enough to ask the question about the only female partner not being present. The answer came from my client, the investors. He told them that you can see that she is based in US as her address shows. He also told them that she left back to the US and requested that she can be well represented by her fund manager Mr David Michael Santon as she was already an investor with Vencore Portfolio.

The total transaction was worth 2, 000,000 (Two Million) Barrel of raw crude at the sum of $73 Dollars per Barrel. That makes the total purchase and investment value to the sum up to $146,000,000 (One Hundred and forty Six million) Dollars.

I had to process the investment deductions for International Investment subsidy, investors deposit commitment, government settlement, external vat and other miscellaneous expense. With my license, I had to negotiate with the UAE Petroleum commission (UAEPC) on Investment Refund Sum Discount (IRSD). I negotiated and drafted it, which was part of the reason why I was invited in the team. After all said and done, we submitted it and got the approval to go to the capital city Abu-Dhabi to register it with the government of United Arab Emirate .With this Negotiation and investment calculation I drafted, I was able to save them over $27,000,000.00 (Twenty Seven Million USD) .This was Their main reason for making me partner and giving me 10% commission.

Having settle the states requirement, the total offshore fund remittance by the buyer to the Vencore Portfolio account rounded up to the sum of $81,000,000.00 (Eighty One million ) Dollars. From this total transaction sum, I am only entitled to 10% of the money as the financial broker and estimate consultant, Discount Negotiator, and fund receiving and disbursing partnership body .

Let me cut the long story short as it may take me more 50 pages to explain all this. The summary of the transaction is that when the company receives this money, they will make purchase of Vencore Magellan shares on ground for trade on our behalf on the percentage stipulated in the memorandum .What this means is that the company will be purchasing the value of $8,100,000 (Eight Million and One hundred Thousand) Dollars’ worth of Vencore Magellan capital shares in our name as the transaction deed stipulated. This amount will acquire the total of 128,571 Vencore Magellan capital shares in your name.

By giving me $8,100,000.0 ((Eight Million and One hundred Thousand) Dollars, they have saved $27,000,000.00 (Twenty Seven Million USD) giving them a profit of extra $18,900,000 (Eighteen Million, Nine Hundred Thousand USD) after settling me. This is why I said that these men are so intelligent but the good part of it is that I am happy with what I will get and they are exited and grateful for what I have saved them.

Being a direct share buy, the company (Vencore Portfolio) will contact you to confirm if the name and address that they have is correct before thy issue the investors’ certificate .They will not be contacting you by phone rather they will email you. All you will need to do the moment you receive their email is to email them back confirming to them that the information they already have in the memorandum is correct; this is all you need to do.

Let them know that the information contained in their email request to you is correct as stated. This is all they need from you and it is all you need to do. Let them know that they should hand over the copy of the Investors certificate to Your Fund manager Mr David Michael Santon to deliver to you on his return to United states and that they should contact him if they need any more information on your transaction as you have authorized him to handle it for you, being the person that represented you during the transaction in Dubai.

Why I want you to add this to your email to them is for them not to bother you again with any further request so that I can take over the transaction from there and conclude it.

Like I said earlier, I will be here till Friday so that I will conclude my part of the transaction and for Vencore to confirm the investment fund in the Vencore Offshore Bank Account. When the share purchase is completed by Vencore after they have been funded, we will apply for the resell of the shares from the company which I know most of my partners will be willing to buy. Once we sell of the Vencore shares and the other 60,000 shares I have with them, I will be making over $11,000,000.00(eleven million dollars) from there. After that, the fund will be released in your name since the shares are in your name.

The moment the share sell and share sell proceed is disbursed; I will then fly down to United States for a new life with you. This is why I told you that I may be here till 14th as this may take about 5 days to complete after I return to UK. On my return to United States, we will sit down and have a long discussion about us on where we will live, where we will buy the new house, starts a new business and settle down in our world and get old together.

We will settle down into a life with no disturbance from Vencore, where I will be my own boss and make my trips with you. One place I will like us to go first is Dubai UAE, for you to meet the man that gave me the ring that I will use to say “will you marry me” .To meet the man that gave me the opportunity in a business that afforded me the needed finance to be self-employed and have a financial secured future. Where I will no longer see you in my dreams but touch you in my bed. Where I will do a lot for you and the only question you will not be able to answer when I ask you is-WHAT ELSE?

Honey, I did not tell you that I am a pretty good cook. I know there are some key steps to any great dish. If you wanted to make a great stew, for instance, the first few things you put in the pot determine the flavor, the texture and the overall greatness of the stew. The first thing I would like to put into "our pot" is a little compassion sauteed with understanding, sprinkled with care, and topped off with a nice piece of smoked tenderness. Let that simmer, (cooking time varies) and then add in everything else. Then savor the creation of our love. I know If Love is basketball then I'm Michael Jordan

In My Dream last night a beautiful figure approached me with her back to me and called my name. When i answered, “She asked me if she was pretty, I said no because I could not see her face. She asked me if I wanted to be with her forever, I said no. She asked me if I would cry if she left, I said no. She had heard enough. As she walked away I grabbed her arm and realized that the figure looked exactly like you so i told her to stay. I said, 'You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. I wouldn't cry if you left ... I would die, because I am completely in love with you” and then I woke up and realized that it was all a dream.

Some of the most superb feelings and tingling emotions come from what love an Angel, such as you, and it makes our world, as we have come to see it, has no bearing and an infinite boundary when we are locked lips to lips. No one person can sever that bond of nothing but pure affection and intimate passion. We are the Angels of Our Heaven and with merely our names to live with. A name, which consists of nothing more than symbols of a language taken for granted, a true test of love of which we have accomplished merely by the elucidation in our eyes.

Earth moves with such apathy that only Our Heaven can keep the pace of our devotion for one another. As slow as the heartbeat of a Goliath at rest is does not stop him from being the strong Goliath. Why would the world seem so passive? I believe it is a chance for us to make our own time to spend together. It is love. It is what binds the thoughts of all beings trying to understand it. It appears that you and I have fallen into love, without having looked for it. This is Heaven and we are the Angels of Our Name....I enjoy thinking about you the most when I have moments where nothing else matters but you. They may not be "normal" but they are from my heart and soul. This is the only way I know how. Please bend a little and accept my love for what it is ... a simple love from a simple man. I can not wait to hear you say yes to me, its going to be my happiest moment on earth.

I love you as always.
Yours ever

Letter 18

My Darling Vicki,
I have Good news, and the good news today is that the deal with my partners became partly a success. Vencore Portfolio confirmed the Magellan capital purchase fund in the Vencore Investment Offshore account today and contacted the investors by phone. They said that the Vencore Magellan share transaction schedule notification will be sent to the investors today after the directors meeting so you should expect their email also.

I just returned to my hotel to park my luggage for our trip back to UK this evening. We will be arriving UK very early in the morning tomorrow .We will not be stopping in London as the meeting will be in our head office in Kent. The meeting is scheduled for 3pm tomorrow since some of my partners are Muslim and will like to have their worship which ends by 1pm.

After the meeting tomorrow, I will be going to the Admin Department to check my Vencore work calendar and to finalize my resignation. I will then email you to give you the specific date that I will be back to YOU. I was blunt to even tell my Directors that I will be flying back the moment I am through with my work specification and if they try to delay me further with any urgent work I will not mind to resign without following due process. They told me that it will not be necessary and that we can sort this out when I get to UK. They were nice enough to also mention that we have had a very long and good working relationship to end it in a bad note. Anyway, I will see for myself at the Admin office by tomorrow.

Once you get an email from Vencore today, email them back with the confirmation that they requested. Since I will be in the aircraft flying back to UK, I will not be able to access my email until I get to UK tomorrow so don’t wait for an email from me before responding to them, Just handle it the way I told you. Tell them that the name and address is correct and that they should give the original copy of the Investors certificate to your fund manager to deliver to you on his return to United States since you have business to discuss with him.

They asked me about sending yours by courier and I told them that you made the request that I deliver it to you personally because you have some investment issues you will like to discuss with me as your fund manager .I also told them that you have authorized that all your shares be on one investors certificate and that the investors certificate should be issued with information on the memorandum that was given to them when they came to Dubai.

I want you to know that I have agreed with my directors that once I have concluded all that I have to do here successfully and conclusively, I will go back to you and that will be it for the year so I have the remaining part of this year with you. If by any means I have any reason to travel, it will be with you and must be a leisure trip, not for work.

Darling, do you know that the sweetest word i hear recently is your name and the greatest thing is your love. Here is a woman I thought I'd never know, the one who stole my heart so innocently, but with care and grace and perfect love. The perfect thought is us together forever. Every silent prayer that has left my mind, all the empty words that have left my mouth and chased my lips, and all the lonely tears that have escaped my eyes have made me who I am, one to love you more. All the times I felt I've found the one, and all the times I've mourned over a bleeding heart, all the times I've given it all I've got as many as I have found my face in the mud. All the things I've wished I've done, and all the things I wished I hadn't helps me love you with purity and certainty. I love you so much, those five words I tell you so much can't have more meaning than anything else ever possibly could. I love you with all my faults and all my achievements. I love you with all that I am. I love you for who you are. I hope in the quietest of the night when I whisper out to you, you know just what to do. You listen to hear my voice echoing how much I love you.

I had no idea that things would end up how they are now. I would have never guessed that you would be mine, and I would not change a thing. I love you with all my heart, my soul, and life. You fill me with so much happiness. When I come home every day from work, there is only one thing that keeps me going day to day, and that is the thought that I will get the time to spend with you. Just knowing the fact that I will get to spend the rest of my life with you fills me with so much joy that I want to cry. You mean the world to me, and I never want to lose you.

Love is huge. I will work hardest to reach it. My love is only for you. I will present it just for you - just for you. When I met you, my heart shook. I haven't been able to escape you. I will hold you all my life, it's my promise. I want to show you how very big my love is for you - every day, every night, every time, and all my life. I love you!

My love, something happened few minutes ago that got me angry, i was walking into the hotel lobby and I saw this two couple walking down the staircase .I waited for them to come down before I start climbing and I heard the wife call the husband “Darling, please walk fast so that this gentleman can go up” Immediately, I realized that a lot of people call their love one darling! How stupid I was to call you a name that everybody uses, a name that is not specially made for you. I realized there and then that as special as you are, I should have a special name for you, a name which is not used by anybody because not all are special like you. A name that qualifies you for who you are; A name made for you alone; then I came to conclusion that you will be called “MY JOY”

Since you are the one that make me happy, the one that her name is the only name that I want to hear, the one that is created to put smiles on my face, the one that comes to me in my dream to make me smile while sleeping, the one and only Queen of beauty, My Venus; since you are this special person, I will hence forth call you the name that only you deserve, the name that explains the reason why I love you so much "MY JOY" That is who you are! Please wish me safe trip back to UK.

With all my love,
Yours forever

Letter 19

Vicki, My Joy! My Love! My Life!
Thank you for your beautiful email and for handling the communication with the company very well. We got back to UK by 4am this morning and had little rest before going for the first meeting by 11am. The meeting today was a short one; The Investors’ Certificate was issued to the investors with your own given to me.

One of the investors has indicated interest in selling off the shares with Deduct sell commission to Vencore Portfolio. The company has agreed for a quick share sell bid for Monday next week. I am also looking at us applying to place ours for Sell bid if they can arrange it .I spoke to my directors about my Vencore work calendar and my resignation next week .I made them to understand that I do not wish to remain in UK till the 20th. They have assured me that they can change my Vencore Portfolio Work calendar at the conclusion of the share sell bid by the new investors I brought .Two of them have made their Sell bid interest known to the company and the company has scheduled an early Share Sell for them to impress them with their services. They assured me that i can travel the moment i conclude the investor’s transaction not minding the date. Let us hope that this happens early so that our shares could be sold and payment concluded so that I can return to you without further delay.

All indication now shows that it is the sale of this Share that is the only thing holding me here and since we have ours to place for sell too, I will not have any problem waiting to see it sold. I will let you know by tomorrow (Saturday) how to apply for this Share Sell Bib (SSB) so that we can do it with the other two investors. I will get more information on this before the end of today. I want to be sure that it will really hold on Monday so that I will let you know how to send them an email request tomorrow. I will draft it and send to you so that you can send it to them requesting that yours be placed for sell. Once you send the request, i will handle the remaining part of the Application process. I just want you to know that the company confirmed receiving your email confirmation which was why they issued the certificate .You are presently handling everything correctly with the company. Thank you also for updating me with your communication with them.

I have come to realize that when two people love each other, they don't look at each other; they look in the same direction .While I was in the aircraft flying back to UK last night, out of loneliness, I picked up my pen and paper and started to write down the things that I will like to do with you in this life time till death do us part. Here is the wonderful list I made. I hope you can add to it to make it complete. Lol


Be your best friend.
Get caught with you in the rain.
Dance with you in the rain.
Stargaze on a clear night.
Watch the sunset together.
Spend all day with you doing nothing.
Moonlit walks on the beach.
Be more proud of you than I already am at this very moment.
Go on a carriage ride through the park.
Do a crossword together.
Go to brunch.
Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger).
Go for a twilight horseback ride.
Watch a bad movie together.
Spend the rest of my life with you.
Have our picture taken together.
Eat ice cream with you.
Make love to you passionately.
Go to a museum together.
Talk to each other using only body language.
Give you space when you need it.
Accept you totally and completely - flaws and all (I already do).
Discuss current events in a heated debate.
Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you, in the midst of all that passion.
Carve our names into a tree/table.
Go for a walk at dusk together.
Be one with you.
Send you a singing telegram.
Spend all night thinking of 101 sweet things to do for you.
Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realize how much I love you...and tell you.
Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes.
Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic.
Spend my life making you happy.
Spend my life making our family happy.
Feel your heartbeat.
Go roller/ice skating together
Give you a backrub just because.
Always being honest with each other
Go hiking/camping together.
Have our first fight, make up and feel a stronger bond because we very successfully weathered the storm - together.
Marry you.
Laugh at someone together.
Share a plate of spaghetti.
Give you a stuffed animal just because.
Go on a fun family vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of.
Treat you like my Lancelot.
Go on a road trip across America, Europe and Asia.
Count thunder together during a thunderstorm.
Envelop you in my soul
Cook your favorite meal/meals
Know you better than you know yourself;
Go to a Renaissance Fair
Plant a tree in our yard together
Look over at you during an office/family party and have you know without me saying a word - that I love you.
Be able to say "I love you" in 89 different ways - in 89 different countries.
Hold you when you're at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most.
Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding.
Wipe away the days' stresses and issues, with just one hug/kiss.
Grow old with you.
Love Always,
Be myself
Be David Michael Santon Always

I love you so Much
Forever yours

Letter 20

Vencore Portfolio
Joshna House,Crowbridge Road,
Orbital Park,Ashford,Kent,
TN24 0GR United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 288-788-5969upon his return


Dear Esteemed Investor,

With great pleasure in serving you and giving you our best fund management services, we wish to notify you that we have finally and conclusively carried out your share purchase instruction. This purchase was done as stipulated in the Memorandum and Article of Business Association between you and your business partners. This Memorandum and Article of Business Association was received by our Offshore Investment Business Directors during their meeting with your partners in Dubai United Arab Emirate (UAE) Present at the meeting were: Messier ARD AL-GHADERAH, Sheikh ZAYED BIN ALTAWAD, Sheik ALMA-TOBA RAJIK, Mr David Michael Santon, Sheik EVANA KHALEEFA ,ENG MOLUNDA-MANOR DAWAZE AND KING SIR JAJA MORO-NJA .These were your partners present at the meeting with you being represented by Mr David Michael Santon A Consultant Fund Manager with Vencore Portfolio and your fund manager) while Vencore Portfolio was represented by, MR Ominder Dhillon , Mr. SLY HUGO AND MR JOCEY VANDER GREEN. It was at the meeting that our business directors received the Memorandum and Article of Business Association between you and your business partners.

It was on the percentage share of income as stipulated in the Memorandum and Article of Business Association and also explained orally to our directors that this share capital purchase was made by the company acquiring in your name the total of 128,572 Vencore Portfolio Magellan capital Share. We contacted your Fund Manager Mr David Michael Santon, requesting to know if you have our permission to issue all your Investment Capital Shares under a new Investors Certificate including this shares and he gave the authorization which he said was what you requested.

Based on this, we wish to confirm from you if we are to issue your total Vencore Portfolio Magellan share of 188,572 under (1) Vencore Portfolio Investors Certificate since the Investors Certificate for the first 60,000 Vencore Portfolio Magellan share has not been issued to you. In the memorandum and article of Business Association which was submitted to Vencore Portfolio by your partners during the business meeting with our directors in Dubai .The memorandum has the address below as your business address. We will plead that you confirm to us through an email to this business unit the address stated bellow is the correct address authorized by you to your fund manager Mr David Michael Santon, for the issuance of the Vencore Portfolio Investor Certificate for your Vencore Capital shares. The provided address is:

I will be expecting your email confirmation before we will Issue this certificate as that of your partners has been issued while we wait for your detail confirmation before we issue yours. We will also want you to notify this office if we are to mail the Investors certificate to you through Priority Courier Service (DHL) or make the delivery to you through Your Fund manager who has informed us that he will be returning to meet you the moment he concludes his official demands here by 20th February 2018 as our work reservations for him shows. We will need your quick and specific response on this so that we can issue your Investors certificate with others. Thank you for your faith in Vencore Portfolio. We hope our investment service has never disappointed you. You are free to contact this office anytime if you need any information regarding your share capital investment or Profit Return on Investment (PRI)

Yours in service
Alexander Wallew (MS)

Letter 21

Vicki, My Sweetheart,
I was informed this morning that the share sell bid will be up by 3pm on Monday, 12th of February 2018. Two of the investors that came with me from Dubai are also Puting part of their shares for sell so the bid has been arranged. I will like you to email Mr. Ben Dickens of the Operation Department informing him that you will like to post a share sell bit for your share. That they should inform you of the procedure or if possible provide you with the application form if any. Bellow is the outline to use in writing the request letter. You are to just send it to them. USE THIS:

My name is Vicki. With Investors Number 666840; controlling 188,572 Vencore Portfolio Magellan share under my Vencore Magellan Funds in Investment. I wish to request for the release of my Magellan share for Share Bid (SSB) as soon as the company can arrange it. I will appreciate if this is done as soon as possible due to my urgent need for the money for business engagements. The original copy of my Investors certificate is with my Fund Manager, Mr David Santon in case it is needed for share sell transfer (SST) as advised. I will expect your quick response on the possible share bid and the procedures on how the share sell proceed can be released to me. I am presently aware of the decline in Vencore Magellan value and do not mind to sell at the current Magellan value of (1) Vencore Magellan.
I will wait to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,
Vicki Lee Hamilton

Letter 22

Vicki My Joy,
It was such a very long day yesterday. Just know that God is wonderful... The share Sell Bid went into the night as we had to recess around 9pm when we got information about the new Magellan price increase. We had to wait till 11pm to confirm if the new price will remain or will fluctuate back but unfortunately it fluctuated back and the Share sell Bid resume at the old price.

The 188,572 vencore portfolio Magellan share were all finally placed for sale in your name at the rate of $62 per Magellan. The total sum realized from the share sell was $11,691,464 Dollars (Eleven Million, Six hundred and ninety one thousand, four hundred and sixty four dollars) this was the total amount secured from the selling of the shares yesterday which took us till 11.43pm to close. The share sell bid attracted few of our investor from Europe which made instance purchase of the shares.

The vencore portfolio share sell Bid payment settlement takes 3 working days as the company policy stipulates. The company makes their payment settlement from the any of their banks which are UK, Switzerland, Spain and South Africa. They may process the payment of this money to us depending on the country of the investor that purchased the share. If he is from Europe, then they may release the payment through their paying bank in Spain but if it is from a middle east and Africa, the always release the payment through their paying bank in south Africa but when the Investors is not from any of this places, then they use their paying bank in UK. By right, the company will contact you with details on how the payment will be released, the procedure and the time that you will be receiving the payment.

This is the major reason why I am still here in the UK. Once this payment settlement is complete; I will then have time to balance my work with the company. I will also have to give them the detail table report on my official trip to Dubai and then conclude with the investors/partners from Dubai whom I hope will be returning back to Dubai once this payment settlement is concluded.

All I will need from you the moment I arrive is your time because we will have a lot of planning to do. We will have to agree on where we will leave and establish my new business. We will have to look for a good house to buy, that will be so special and okay for us, we will have to plan for our marriage and plan our life and future together. We will have a lot of planning and investment to do with this money. If possible, we can start a joined business and see how we grow together in the business. This will enable us to be together both at home and at work. We will really need to sit down and plan. The only thing I am sure of is that we will not have to worry about money again. I have suffered so much to work out this much and I am great full that I will be spending the rest of my life with you.

I'm not going to say I love you, you should have no doubt in your mind that I do. This love letter is not just for the times we've talked and I found myself anticipating the next word that fell out of your mouth, it's not even just for the times you said that you loved me more than life itself, this love letter is to thank you for being you and letting me be part of your life, for not building a wall that I couldn't see through, for telling me I'm beautiful when I feel so ugly, for sticking with me through good and bad. With all these things you do for me, is there really any reason to say 'I love you' when I know already and shouldn't I even bother saying it to you when I've already built my world around you.

I just want to thank you and thank whoever sent you for me to put my faith in you. This letter is just a patch on what I feel for you; the rest is a private conversation between our hearts, be strong for me my Angel and remain blessed, Always your husband! I will write you a more romantic message later today.
Kisses all over,

Letter 23

Vencore Portfolio
Joshna House,Crowbridge Road,
Orbital Park,Ashford,Kent,
TN24 0GR United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 288-788-5969


Dear Esteemed Investor,

This is to inform you that our office has received the Draft Clearance Notification (DCN) from Baia Credit Union. This bank is our paying bank in Switzerland and Europe in general. The bank contacted us this morning saying that the draft is ready for payment to the Beneficiary investor. They issued us the Investors Online Offshore Checking Account Set-Up code (00V7CODE311) which we are to send to (You) the investor with which you are to communicate to the bank to enable them establish this account in your name. This code is to identify that you are an investor with Vencore Portfolio as the bank does not open an Online Offshore Account for anybody without verifying the customers’ source of fund.

You are to contact the bank with the information which I have provided you in this email. You are to email them and request for an instruction on how to open an online checking account with the bank. You are to inform them of your request to set up an online banking account with them as a Vencore Portfolio Investor. Below is the Bank contact detail. Please email them using the email in the detail below.


Obere Wiltisgasse 68,9700 Kusnacht
Bahnhofstrasse,Zurich Switzerland.

Bank Phone: : +41 44 885 88 992.


Contact Person: Michael Wolfman

(International Correspondence Department)


You are to contact the bank through the email address below providing them the Account Set-Up Code .You are to send this requirement to the bank for their verification and also request that they should inform you of the steps and requirements to open an account with their bank.

The Bank Contact email again is:

The payment and release of your fund will have to be under the Vencore Portfolio payment policy. Under this policy, the Investor (you) are required to open a checking account with our paying bank where your money is to be released from. The moment the investor opens this checking account, you are to provide the account information to Vencore Portfolio. Vencore Portfolio will then transfer the money released from your Vencore Portfolio Draft Deposit Account to the account where your draft was cleared to your Personal Checking Account that you will open with the bank. Once this money is deposited into your new account, it is now left for you to decide if to handle the transfer of the money to your personal account in your country or to operate the account as an offshore account with the bank. Operating an offshore account with the bank will require you to meet up with the banks required banking criteria. Please notify us the moment you have contacted the bank.

We also regret to inform you that we have appointed a new fund manager for you. His name is Mr. Roland Sherman. He will contact you to establish communication with you for proper introduction as your new fund manager. He will take over from your present fund manager the moment he resigns as he has informed the company.

This change of Fund manager became necessary when we received the confirmation from our Admin Department that your Fund Manager will be terminating his work with us on soon.

Yours in service

Alexander Wallew (MS)

Letter 24

My Love,
I am glad the email is finally here, all you have to do now is to contact the BAIA CREDIT UNION bank and ask them to give you instructions on how to open the online checking account with their bank, also remember to include the Online Offshore Checking Account Set-Up code. please contact them right away and let me know when it is done.

I love you