Scam Email(s) from Mason to Sharon (Canada)


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Letter 1

Hey there, I am Mason lives In Ottawa, Ontario. I have to say that I think you have the most gorgeous eyes I have seen in a very long time. That is what caught my eye and the reason I read your profile. We really do have quite a bit in common. My pics are recent to couple years old, weeks and month. The one with the Neat hat kinda is the oldest on here. That was Christmas season 2015. I bought myself my present. I don''t want to keep you but look at my profile and let me know if you are interested. Thanks for reading I will talk to you soon.

Letter 2

Thanks for your response, Nice meeting you.. what a beautiful name, Well sorry this took my while to reply. Been really Busy with my Official duty. I will like to know you better and also see how this connection works. I am totally new and I do not get on here often but I had to check my mail and it shows that I have response from you!! I will Appreciate that you text my device which I can response ASAP. I hope it doesn''t bother you .. Here is my device # 740 481-1424. Thanks once again for you time .. Mason.




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