Romance scam letter(s) from Martin Durboi to Shellie (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Shellie, Good morning and how are you doing today,i hope that you are having a wonderful day?well i had to attach some photos of my daughter and i for you to see and please kindly find some time to write me on more about your self and also feel free to ask me on what ever that you will love to know about me and i will definitely get back to you as soon as i read from you and i hope that your lovely gran daughter is doing great? Bye for now and wishing you a lovely day ahead.. Your Dream Man,
Letter 2

Good Day,
Mrs Shellie,
This is to inform you on awaiting payment funds of Mr. John Rogers for the contract RE: Renovation of Oil Rigs with Saipem Oil Drilling Company.
We are directed to make payment of $680, 000 to you within 42 hours as instructed by Mr John Rogers but due to transfer opt. via wire transfer we encounter some banking issues.
We are advise to send the funds via secured courier delivery service to you within 4 - 6 working days.
Thanks for your understanding.
Mr Stefano Cao,
Board Of Directors.
Letter 3

Good Day.
Mrs, Shellie
Kindly mail us your present residential address and your receivers name along with an attachment of a valid id card for security reasons in other for us to start up with the courier shipment in the next 24hours.
We apologise for the delay and guaranty you that the money will be delivered to you in the next four to five working days with the help of a diplomat.
Diplomat Name: Frank Hernandez.
Thanks for your understanding.
Mr Stefano Cao,
Board Of Directors.
Letter 4

Good Day, Mrs Shellie, We apologise for the delay on the shipment of Mr Joh Rogers funds,but the transfer will have to proceed on Wed 30th, June 2016 to your present destination as provided and the diplomat: Frank Hernandez will contact you before he proceeds with the shipment of the funds.. Thanks for your understanding. Mr Stefano Cao, Board of Director.
Letter 5

Good Day, Mrs, Shellie. Madam i am writing you on behalf of Mr John Rogers funds on shipment,i am Diplomat frank Hernandez,delivery agent at Global Trust Delivery Service. Madam i wants to inform you that the transfer will start up immediately and we commence that you will have to pay for some necessary charges before i can start up with the shipment delivery. Madam you will have to pay for the delivery charges and for taxation,shipment cost.
Delivery charges: 2200 GBP.
Taxation : 420 GBP
shipment cost : 2600 GBP. Total : 5220 Great British Pounds(GBP). Delay Charges per 24hours: 120 GBP Madam you can make the payment via Money gram to the following recipient, Recipient Name: Rooney Antonio.
Address : No 332, Ave lane,
City : London,
Country : United Kingdom. Kindly scan and send the payment slip on reply when done to start up with the shipment immediately the funds is been transferred. Madam below are your login details on tracking of your shipment as soon as the payment is been done,kindly click on the link below, Tracking Number : Shellie351
Reference Number : 25351 Click on show item status to view your package on our website when logged in. With Regards,
Frank Hernandez.
Letter 6

Good day Madam, I was prompted to help you with an account opening with our bank as regards some funds that was brought here for deposit into your account. We have not been able to activate or find any existing account you might have opened with us in the past so it is proper you apply directly to the bank through the application tab on the website. Here is the bank website for the cayman national bank below. Please apply through the bank website and thereafter send a copy of your drivers license,a copy of any recent utility bill and a passport photograph to this email for validation. Thanks Isabel Novales
Letter 7

Good day, I didn't get the email you sent,Please check and resend it. Thanks Isabel Novales
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