Romance scam letter(s) from Bruno DeBet to Dana (USA)
Letter 1

HI Dana, Good morning.thanks for the wonderful email, I'm glad to hear from you again. I have to work with the divers very early this morning,they will be diving for couple of hours and I will also supervise the workers making sure we have the machines running properly for the Oil drilling. Dana, I woke up thinking of you this morning,you're a woman with a beautiful heart and I can say that again,I have read and re-read your e-mails from the very first one to the one of today. In my life time, I have never had so much admiration for someone turning desire to know and yarn to meet someone. From the very first I read your email, I paused in splendor for a woman to know what she wanted in seeking for a companion. To love intensely, emotionally, and intimately. I am passionate about being with someone in my life. I seek my head on a woman's chest, feeling her impulse and strength of her arms wrapped around my body as we lay together. I miss the inner connection of spontaneously having candles, soft music, a mood of the night. This all comes from an inner growth between two people in a relationship. To be appreciated and needed in a woman's life as no other man would be or could be for her. To have her in the day, long for the trip home from work, knowing when she got home her man would be there for her. Having a woman not to stray, have infidelity, and cause to look else where. I turn for a female presence in my life to compliment and love me, make everything OK, to take care of her, monetarily, physically, and emotionally, but not smother me. I am always optimistic. Bright side to everything. I am fortunate to have what I have, except a mate. I cannot say I chose incorrectly in my past relationships, but this go around it will imperious. I am old fashion. I believe it is the man's destiny if he is happy or not. If the woman is happy he will be happy. I enjoy looking the best I can be, and have the woman wonder if I am wearing a brief shorts or not. I can't believe I am telling you these things. we've not even met yet. I would to love to rub your feet, cook, smile when you come through the door. I would latch onto you and grab you in the kitchen, with dinner cooking and we turn off the food and embrace ourselves to our sanctuary. There would be warm lotion to rub your aches away, scents of lavender in the room, a retreat in the making.

I enjoy camping and cuddling in the sleeping bag, watch the stars, listen to rain drips, hear the birds, listen to a creek run laying on a big boulder that the sun had warmed all day. Going to the park, I love the beach,walking along the ocean, watch a movie,favorite color is Blue, fall asleep intertwined in each others embrace, holding hands when in public, display affection, a kiss, a woman's arm around me when we are at the movies or a play. I see people all the time with a connection mate and I will have that too. But I am picky and will not have a mate if it means I will be miserable, used, abused, and abandoned and lonely even when I am with her. When I was married I was lonely. It did not start out that way. We would lie for weeks on end and just go to sleep. You ask how I just fell out of lust. I will not ever have that again, I would rather stay alone.. I do not want to be one of those sharks that follow a fish, soon to be turned on and eaten. I do not have any relatives anymore, I only have Theresa, she will be home sometime before the end of the year, she is willing to live in Australia permanently, Dana you have answered most of the questions on my mind and all I can ask right now is,can you do anything to make your man happy? I attached pictures to you while working on the Oil Rig.Looking forward to hear from you again. Have a wonderful day. I'm thinking of you! Theo
Letter 2

HI Dana, Good morning,thanks for that wonderful email, glad to read from you again. Firstly I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter, I know how it is to loose someone close to your heart.I enjoyed reading every word in your email.I can tell you're a woman with a beautiful heart and we both want this same out of life,I think we both deserve to be happy again in life. I'm getting ready for my morning to get started, as I will have to supervise the divers on the offshore.To tell you more about what I do as a contractor on Oil Rig,I work on contract basis. I have lots to do on the Oil Rig and this Includes,Align and manipulate sections of pipe or drill stem from a platform on the rig derrick during the removal and replacement of strings of pipe, or drill stem and drill bit,I supervise all the workers both junior and senior workers,i ordered materials used on the Oil Rig for storage and usage as soon as it can be.. I supervise the workers in setting up, taking down drilling and service rigs,pump manifold, and maintains good communication with mud engineer and other workers on the Rig.I supervise over 45 workers. To tell you more about me,I'm fun loving man, dedicated, loyal, ambitious, down-to-earth, love life, value family and have a big heart,I believe that you are most authentic when you love from your heart, you are willing to be vulnerable and you commit to open and honest communication with one another. I would like to learn what interest you have and I might find new things I like and can share with you.For me, it's prime time to be with MVP(most valued partner), new chapter..consider how potential mate is 'put together' in order to complement vision going forward.There a lot of outside things that we deal with on a daily basis, but at the end of the day you want that special person to be there for you. Sometimes it can be a little scary being vulnerable but I think you have to trust your partner to be there for you. Theresa has always wanted to study, Australia was a first choice,so I made that a reality for her.I have been there once to watch Australian Open Tennis back in 2012, very beautiful place to be.I haven't gone back to Italy for long time now, willing to travel with that special woman, it would be fun. Wes Des Moines seems to be a place I have wanted to live years ago,so I bought myself a big home with swimming two years ago, I'm still very new, you will have to take me places. Lets see how we can say and know more about each other in one box,this little more of me, If I were to describe in a box, I think I'd be that man who you will love. At times I can get annoying with all my laughing, but hey that's just me. I'm simple and easy going, if you give me friendship, I'll give you friendship back.
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