Romance scam letter(s) from Dario Littera to Chris (USA)
Letter 1

it all depends on what you mean by better baby. it was a good day for the most part. sorry you had to go through all of those stress baby.
if I asked you to lend me some money, would you baby? Yes it does seem like you're going back on your word. I don't understand what you mean - " that you trust me to be honest with you" - honest about what??
Letter 2

yes I did say that I would send you a check baby and the check would be sent in about 8 working days from now. and am sorry if this seems like me going back on my word but I had to ask cos I trust you to be honest with me
Letter 3

about $500 baby. and hope that's not too much for you baby, am ready to pay it back with interest if that would make you happy
Letter 4

honey why are you spiralling. seems like you didn't read my messages very well. you should go through them again. I did tell you that I went through great length to contact you by mobile cos you weren't returning my messages... something you still haven't given an explanation for.
I never hid a thing from you and I never told you that I was back in MA. you are the one who is getting things all mixed up.
if your feelings can change so soon over something that you misunderstood, then am not sure what to think.
for one, go through my messages over again and you would see where you got it all twisted. besides why have you been so mute? didn't you get all of mails?
Letter 5

and you just called me names... to be honest I never saw that coming from you. I never thought I would see the day when you would hurt my feelings so deeply. I do feel betrayed for caring so much and going to great lengths to make sure you are okay
Letter 6

Hello Honey, how are you doing? It's been ages since I last heard from you and it is getting me worried sick. What is wrong my love that you just disappeared?
I am having to go through great lengths to get a burner phone to message you. Hoping you get this in good health. Alejandro Miguel tell me where u saw that I addressed myself as Miguel. compare this message I am sending you and that which you received and see if it's not same message.. you are just getting paranoid, and am the one who should be that way cos of your long silence and absence
Letter 7

so many accusations and all. to be honest am short of words. you keep saying that you know what you heard, let me ask you this honey, do you know how poor the reception is here? guess you don't. well if you feel it's all about the money, then I would have thought you knew better.
there is nothing for me to fear about you contacting anyone, am just so shocked that you would resort to this. and you keep escaping the part of explaining why you have kept mute for about a week, if there's anyone who is hiding something here or not telling the truth, it's definitely not me, cos you keep avoiding that particular question of mine.
as for the accent issue you mentioned, I have nothing to say about that cos I could barely even hear what you were saying, and couldn't even be talking knowing am not hearing a word you saying.
you really really amaze me Chris. you are way better than this
Letter 8

there you go on and on again. you just don't want to calm down and explain things to me. you already know I am away and so cannot monitor anything in person, just have to trust my instincts. was it not the proper thing for you to have informed me of the latest development as regards the check? I had absolutely no knowledge of it cos I only communicate via mail. don't you stop for once to think that we both have been misled? you just making me feel like you not thinking things through... you allowing your emotions get the better of you. and the only reason am calm about the name calling is cos I can relate with how you feel and dont want to take it out on you. but you have just been bashing me all over
Letter 9

I really just hope you are processing your thoughts very well? this is usually the time we do have dinner. I really do miss that part of my day with you
Letter 10

honey how are you and how was your day? I can see that you have been giving your ear to do many people besides me. good relationships are between two people and not a groupie. do you really know what you are doing? it's amazing how quickly you forget all the good times we had just cos of some cheap lies you heard. hope you are doing okay and your health is in great shape? love you and always miss you

Letter 11

honey how are you and he was your night? been a long time since we last had a chat due to your unnecessary and unconfirmed allegations.
anyways, just to let you know that am not giving up on you cos it's a promise I made and one I would definitely keep.
I know you would come around soon and I would be here to forgive you when you do.
I miss you and I love you. xoxoxo
Letter 12

Honey how are you and how is your health? hope you are not having any snaps on your back?
there is something i want to ask you honey, what happened to the check i had sent to you?
that is quite a big sum. were you able to cash it, cos i am in the dark here on the issue.
what did the bank say when you took it there? or you didnt bother to cash it at all, cos you are angry for no just reason? i want to know honey. and i miss you so much. hasnt been the same without you
Letter 13

hello honey how have you been? such a long time since we had a chat- or do i say since you replied to my messages. how is your health now, not too bad i hope? i know there are so many unforgivable things that you have said to me out of ignorance, but the truth is that i have forgiven you and i dont hold them against you.
but there is something of mine that is in your possession honey.
i am looking forward to your reply and apology honey.
i love you
Letter 14

hello honey, how are you doing? am sure you got my message. am still waiting for your reply.
Letter 15

hello honey, how have you been? hope your health has improved greatly?
Letter 16

Hi Chris, been such a long time I heard from you. How is your health and how has work been going?
Would be nice to hear from you soonest. Don't mind playing catch up especially as per that your client you always complain about.
The one with the drinking issues. Hoping to hear from you dearest. Would write you everyday till you reply
Letter 17

Hi honey. How are you doing and how is your day going? Trust you are fine and work is going great. Have a pleasant day
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