Scam Email(s) from Josh Soto to Doris (USA)


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Letter 1

Hi Doris,

Just a little about me....It was nice to get a response from you. I hope we can get to know each other better

Adjectives describing me: Intelligent, assertive, responsible, tender, appropriately firm :) Intriguing, exciting, interesting, complex, curious, caring, considerate, serious, fun, sexy, sweet, dynamic, interactive, spicy, sensitive, free-thinking, ambitious, goal-oriented, unique, and romantic!!! The glass is always half full on this end... Always a Smile! I like the morning Sunrise, and the evening Sunset, and transform into a normal person after 6:00...I don't always believe what I read, but sometimes it's good to give self reassurance... I don't like confrontation, and try to avoid arguments. I love a woman's Hand, soft. I Like Soft lips that can be kissed for hours under the moon light. I enjoy thunderstorms, the wind, and lightning. I believe in pleasing a woman mentally, and with little gestures.

I am really good at making people feel very comfortable and special. I have never had the "wow is me," people like me and I like them, so can you imagine how much I have to give or offer that special woman who's coming into my life. I have been told that I have a good sense of humor, and that I am handsome person inside and out. I am very interested in what is going on with you. I am compassionate, honest and will be your best friend. I am easily adaptable to any situation. I still like to dance and hold hands, long kisses and even longer nights. I can be very shy, passionate and flirty. I am romantic. I love to give as much as I love to receive.




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