Scam Email(s) from Darry Wumpini to Vetta (Russia)


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Letter 1

Good morning to you Viola, how are you, and i hope you are having a great day, i missed you, even though you do not want to talk to me, then i understand but i think you should leave without a word, it is hard for you to believe how much i loved and cherish you, but all the same i do not know how much you love me, but what i come to realized is that if truly that you love me from your heart you wouldn't have left without a word for a couple of days, week and half now without a word, i sincerely believe in you, and i know that everything will surely bounce back in good shape, i need you beside me as my darling wife to be, i know that we'll happily live together if only we understand our self with great length and i want to spend the rest of my life with you without miles between us. I will be pleased to hear from you my lovely Viola.

Have a nice day, i love you.

Letter 2

Good morning to you my lovely Viola, how are you, i wish you happy day. Tell me, you do not want to talk to me any longer ?, i came this to check on you, then i wrote to you and deliberately not want to talk cos i saw you online, let me tell you my lovely Viola, please do not belittle me just because i asked you for money, i did not intentionally asked you, just because of indentation hardness over for me here, all the money left with me i used it to settle my for my hotel bills so i wouldn't get embarrassed with the hotel management. Please understand me that things wouldn't be these way forever, table will turn out for good, please render this last help for me and i promise you that i will never ask nor demand anything from you again, please my lovely Viola.
Have a good day my lovely Wife. I love you Viola.

Letter 3

Good evening to you my lovely Viola, how are you, hope you have had a day at work. I miss you

Letter 4

What are you talking about
I do not know if the so called Christopher is online in Linkedin looking for workers but all i have knows about him is that he's one of the hotel workers is working here, it is fine if you made your decision never to talk to me again but do not accuse me unnecessary for things i knew nothing about, if you are ready then you can explain to me in little much better of what you mean cos i do not know if Christopher is on Linkedin and i do not have a contact on Linkedin so it is left for you to explain to me instead of pointing fingers on me
Now tell me what is my wrong and what is my takes if Christopher in on Linkedin, if he is looking for workers, the only thing i knew about the damn Christopher is that he is a worker here in the hotel and the management recommend him to me as a good worker and i do not know and other things about him. What a hell are you talking about that you know almost everything about me, and yeah of course i i told you everything about me time ago, if you really make up your mind never to talk to me anymore then i gotta be myself but it would only take a time for me to forget about you. Have a good day.

Letter 5

Hello my lovely Viola, how are you, hope you are having a wonderful weekend, i still could not stick to myself i have keep on thinking about you, i just can not see a good reasons why we keep on fighting like tooth and tongue, it is hard to express to you how much i love you, but your little doubts is leading us astray. I swear i do not know much more about the damn Christopher all i could tell of Christopher is that he's one of the hotel workers here in the hotel, then management recommended him to me that he's a good guy thought he is the hotel room service who is cleaning my hotel room, to be honest with you, i do not know that he's looking for workers, i do not know if he's in LinkedIn and more so i do not know if he has got involved in a crime before but all i could write of him is that he is a one of the workers here in the hotel. Please you to understand me that i can never lie to you and i wouldn't lie to you in our lifetime.
I think we both ain't kids anymore but we are mature lady and gentleman and we gotta understand each other more better way becuase i want to have you for a lifetime. Please come back to me my love because this hard time and temptation befalling us now wouldn't last forever and i think nothing good comes so easy in life, i think we will put our head together with better understanding then we gotta prevail over every obstacle. If you tell me to do away with Christopher then i have to tell the hotel management to change the my room service and replace it with another. Please understand me, i sincerely love you and my heart and my body is aching to be with you someday and never let go out each other Please i want to hear a word from my lovely Viola. I'm looking forward to hear from you. I love you.

Letter 6

I was thinking of all the ways I could say how very much you mean to me I thought about it for days and days and then realized I love you, was all I had to say, maybe you seems not to believe me for the love i have for you, maybe you might be thinking that oh Dari is just after money money money, the fact is the the little help you give to me mean a millions way to keep me growing and get back to my foot again. I my most confess to you that when I am with you my world is so bright I feel like nothing more is due you bring sunshine and light, together we are, together we will stay Nothing will break our promise of love forever and forever even thought we argue, or quarrels over some issues and another day our love will continue in heaven above. It is hard to describe the feeling of love the feeling of your heart skipping a beat Or of flying like that of a dove in me these are the feelings I have when we meet.But now the years have past and our love continues to grow stronger it has grown so very vast I'll love you forever and even longer.
Please do not let my ugly circumstance now leads us astray, i have a bigger dreams for us, a that that would be fulfill and never let go of each other, i sincerely want to meet you, i sincerely want you by my side, i want to hold your hands and walk together in same path way and never let of each other. I'm mood swing this morning when i found out that you did not drop off a message for me this like the way we used to be, please do not let our struggle be in vain, you are my all and all, you have done a lot for for that my words can't express, a point of time would come when i would continue and be the one to be giving you without looking back or thinking twice about it, i promise to take proper cares for you and always treat you like a God in me because you have done so much for me that you could imagine. I am kneeing and crying out loud from my poor heart now, and please do not let my ugly circumstance now leads us astray. And remember that i always love and cherish you for the rest of my life. I have always loved you so much my BEAUTIFUL VIOLA AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. I WILL BE PLEASED TO HEAR FROM YOU LATER. HAVE A BLISSFUL DAY MY LOVELY QUEEN VIOLA. I LOVE YOU.

Letter 7

Hello Viola, how are you. hope your day is going well. I miss you.

Letter 8

Please i do not understand, what test did you took, is it that you don't feel well ?. I hope you have a good evening my lovely Viola

Letter 9

Good morning my lovely Viola, how are you, hope you feel more better better and more better, it's a great shocked to my hearing that you that you do not feel well, when you wrote to me then i just thought it was your patient that you are caring for in the Hospital. get well soon my love.
Please you can go to send the 150 dollars for me love, to able me clear the little bills am owing in the hotel. I love you.

Letter 10

Good Day my lovely Viola, how are you. Peace i leave with you, my peace i give to you forever and ever, get well soon my love. and please do not go against the doctor advise, do as them say. I love you, my spirit is with you and you shall bounce back to feet healthy. I love you.

Letter 11

Good evening to you my lovely Viola, how are you, hope you are getting better health ?, i hope you get fully well soon my love. I miss you.

Letter 12

Good morning my lovely Viola, how are you, hope everything is going well and you bounce back healthy soon my love. Well, there is nothing New but all the same i wake up this morning so weak and thinking about you, i have really missed you so much my love. My love, now that you are in the hospital for couple days now, who take care of your patients in your work place ?, and why are they holding you down without proper tests to show for couple of days you are be there in hospital. How longer are you going to stay in hospital ?. Have a nice day my love. Millions kisses all over you.

Letter 13

Good day my love, how are you, Please do not feel bad that i do not remember you, of course i have always remember you, am here feeling your pains do you know all i have went through for few days now i that you have be in sick bed, i feel terrible hurts in me, even thought that i am standing right there in front of you in hospital but my heart always beat for you, my feelings is always be there with you, i have always loved you and i will continuing to love you for the rest of my life. I'm so glad that Mom came to see you in hospital and she brought something for you to eat. I miss you so much, get well soon my love.
I got back from work in an hour ago, am relaxing now, missing your presents in me, i love you and i need you Viola. Millions kisses across your way to heal you and fully bounce back healthy.

Letter 14

Hello, how are you, please come online. No there wasn't an interesting TV program, just that i have had a busy day at work then i was very tired when i got back from work, but am fine. Hope you can come online now. I miss you.

Letter 15

Good day to you Viola, how are you, hope you are on good health. Anyway thanks for blocking me again, it's too bad that you are blocking me again and again, even thought we are having missing understanding but do not warrant you to blocked me because it doesn't make sense for you to have blocked me. Have a nice day

Letter 16

Merry Christmas my run away Queen. I miss you. Have a wonderful day. Kisses

Letter 17

Yeah o would have love to call you on the phone all those days that i didn't hear from you, but believe me i wasn't having a call credit on my phone
i really do not have money on me, maybe you are thinking this Dari is getting mad for asking you for money in the first place.

Letter 18

Good morning, how are you, hope you slept well. You have disappeared again.

Letter 19

Oh am sorry i wasn't here, i just got back from work in a couple of minutes ago. Are you home now ?

Letter 20

Good Evening to you Viola, how are you, hope your day go well. I do not know what your talking about, where the hell did you get those photos of me from ?

Letter 21

So you when ahead and published my name on Facebook as fake, do not worry i know what am going to do to you as well

Letter 22

You went ahead and reported then get my name published just because you assisted me with some money, am going to do same thing to you and get your name and your photos published as you did to me. Do not worry am going to cut your head off and gives to the pigs, i know whenever you comes home and your work place, am going to cut your head off and put it on the street, you have hurts me so badly and i have to do the same to you by cutting off your head




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