Scam Email(s) from Gabriel Williamson to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello how are you doing ?

Hello thanks for your message ,i am good today hope your week started with positive things ,well i just did a little today and now i have some time to rest so i say i should come and say hi and to know how you are feeling ,hope all is fine with you ?looking forward to hear from you soon hugs

Hello how you doing ,nice to have your reply ,hope you are strong and your day is going positively .good to know your weather i just hope you are use to it by now ok .tell me do you have kids and live alone hope to hear from you soon hugs

Hello. Are you there or you don't want to chat ,is there something i should know ?

Okay thanks just take care ok ,see you then

That's great to know about you ,i love pets as well most especially dogs but i have no pets for now ,what's the name of your pet ,do you love colors what's your favorite colors ? hoping to hear from you soon

Wow i love the name of your dog,my favorite colors are blue and pink because my daughter love pink .
Yes blue and pink are great colors ,are you a lover of music ,what are your favorite music you like listening to ?

That's a nice one m dear i love Rocks ,Rn B

aha hah you are funny RnB IS THE AMERICAN hip hop music i love the oldies as well. Now tell me how long have you been alone

Or do you have any man in your life now ?
Wow so since then you have been alone ,don't you think you needs a man ?

No i have no woman in my life now ,since i lost my wife and dad the same day in a ghastly motor accident it's sp touching to talk about please

Great to know you want someone to share the rest of your life with .Well as for me I am looking for a woman who is going to be of a serious relationship with me in the future ,such a honest , caring , lovely someone that I can as well called my soul mate in a life time to come, Are you there ?

i will see you shortly but if you are on email is my email address you can add me or sent me yours so we can talk in cool times thanks .




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