Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Abby (Philippines)
Letter 1

Dear exteamed customer
We received your mail correspondence and the content therein is well noted,I want you to be aware that a certified cheque was deposited in an ESCROW DORMANT ACCOUNT with us in your husband name as the sole beneficiary to the funds and no one can withdraw from the funds for the now ,until you do the necessary transfer bank requirements before your funds can be transfer to your desire bank account without any hindrance or interception. Be rest sure that our bank is capable to effect the funds transfer of $920,000 USD (Nine hudred nd twenty thousand United state dollars)to your nominated bank account successfully without any further problem, we the entire management of Fidelity Bank Group hereby advise that you are subjected to open a Non Residential ONLINE DOMICILIARY BANK ACCOUNT in your name (Adriana Punongbayan ) here in our bank which will cost you (200 USD) only for the account opening and this would be added to your funds balance which is withdraw able immediately ,and you will be privilege to access the account statement online in your country and in any part of the world and make funds online wire transfer successfully in any part of the world to any deemed designated bank account of your desired choice. And you are to obtain a Sworn Affidavit of Claim from the Ghana High Court of Justice which will cost you (250 USD) only and alongside with Letter of Authorization Sign and Authorize from the Ghana High Court of Justice which will cost you (300 USD) only, You are also advise or subjected to obtain I.T.P(International Transfer Permit) from the Ghana economics & finance ministry office here Ghana and this will cost you just (200 USD) only as this will permit the bank to effect the wire transfer from this bank to your nominated bank account,the international transfer permit, account opening and the needed sworn affidavit and the letter of authorization will cost you altogether 950 USD (nine hundred and fifty dollars) only. Immediately you open the account our bank we will give you the online login information whereby you can be privilege to instant MT103 Wire online transfer to any of your bank account all over the bank and with this you can also be freely allow to access or view your Fidelity Bank Account online in any part of the world as soon as you open the requested bank account. Do send across the needed fees 950 $ to us via Money Gram through the following information: Select Any Option, Payment Information for selected option displayed below
Payment Information Below Receiver name....INNOCENT CHINONSO AJAH
country....................... Ghana
sender name.....................
text question...............what
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