Romance scam letter(s) from Aakif Idrus Faiz to Jaena (Italy)
Letter 1

my love,how are u today and ur weekend?
hope all is good,i want u remember always how we started from begining ,dont forget that i miss u so much
i love u with all my heart
Letter 2

Hi dearest..
its really a sad moment after reading from u, come to think of such words and your plans i never in my life gave room for another woman in my life even so many try but its so untrusted u did well always know that i have loved you from the bottom of my heart, if only you could feel the pains i pass through here with you close to my i never forgot the sweet memories we sheared together and will never the best reason in my heart and i will forever cherish and treasure you my beloved Jane..u have really broke my heart now but God in his infinite mercy will never let us down if we are meant to be...true love don't give a fault your always in my heart and i must tell u that your the best thing that has ever happened to me..well as for the money i have talked with Richard who promised to try his best to send the money to the bank..but he said he only has 1750USD that is what he could raise and i have funded him with 1000usd and the total he has now is 2750usd...honey please try to support and send him the balance so we can make this transfer once and for all..he said he tried calling u but u never picked up his calls well try to call him and discuss things with him to know how much he has now and how u can send him with the will ever remain my strawberry for you have already stolen my heart..i miss u so much bb Akif...
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