Scam Email(s) from Nicholas Carter to Christina (Germany)


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Letter 1

Hello Mrs.

Dear Mrs Christina we are writing to congratulate you for the effort you have put to the success and processing of Sir Nick Carter of the British army on the purpose of his retirement, congratulations for your time and your effort..
We are also writing to inform you that all his necessary documents and also his retirement fund of 10.8 Million pounds funds will be delivered to you by November and after which he will be fully retired and have his place in the United Kingdom where he will be celebrated for his services, we are glad to write to you,because an award also awaits you for your courage and support towards his leave and life career.
The delivery will take place as soon as the clearance and delivery documents are being paid for, this will cost you 27,300 pounds and you are advice to get the money and give us a quick response so we can give you the necessary information for you to deposit the money into it as soon as possible and the delivery agent will call you and give you other necessary information for the delivery to be successful, we sincerely appreciate you for your good works, the British Army says a big thanks to you..
Have a pleasant time

Best Regards


E14 District 22
United Kingdom.




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