Romance scam letter(s) from Tolulope Adedamola Adisa to Tony (Sweden)
Letter 1

Hello.. How are you today, i am Linda by name, 36ys single and hate being single. I was looking at your profile and found yours so much interesting that i truly would like to get to know you much better. I want you to also know that my heart is seeking for a serious man to start a solid relationship with and make a Happy home with. Please tell me a little about yourself. I really would like to get to know you much better, because i am also single here and seeking for a man that will be Honest, caring loving and understanding to start a solid relationship with. My email is: lindacortez36(at)yah00(dot) com. Linda: ps my link is://www.fa/linda.m.cortez.750?ref=tn_tnmn
Letter 2

Please dont tell my family, my sister you saw on Facebook is a university graduate now doing her masters in the same university. We have no parents, I sent my sister to university with the money.
Letter 3

You know I cant get it don’t have a job. Why cant you forgive and forget please and god will bless you in a thousand way.
Letter 4

Can you please forgive and forget and remember what is in the bible please. And take just my name out please from the internet.
Letter 5

Try and understand. Please forgive me and help a brother out. Am sorry for doing this.
Letter 6

See my sister don’t earn anything she is unemployment ok, now you also have to consider and wait and also take out my name from the internet.
Please don’t damage my name and think am human like you, I have already regret my doing you know because my ignorate of the way I do, please forgive me and god will give you your own good. Please don’t damage my name I beg you.
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