Romance scam letter(s) from Jeremy Petry Ford to Anna (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Tatyana
Hey dear! how are you doing today? I was only doing some research on Linkedin with my computer when i came across your profile. I said to myself Wow!!! What a nice and sparkling smile you got.. I wouldn't trade that smile for anything else. When I stumbled on your profile, I couldn't stop myself from connecting with you so i can say hello! Please always wear that smile. Hope to hear from you and connect more. Engr Mazepa Valeriy.
Letter 2

Hey dear i'm Great and you? thank you for your swift and warm reply, It's so wonderful getting a nice response like this from you, I was looking at your photo I'm quite fascinated by the pretty picture. You look so wonderful and beautiful. I believe friendship is not just meeting with someone and going into conversations. Friendship is a relation, a bond, a journey, and above all, a language I will be glad to be friends with you, connect more and get to know more about ourselves if you don't mind. What do you do for living?Are you married? Got kids? I'm an Independent Contractor; We're into the restructuring, construction and maintenance of roads, estates, telecommunication tower, malls, gardens, buildings and bridges. What about you? I added a photo of myself to this mail. Hope to hear from you soon dear. Engr Mazepa Valeriy.
Letter 3

Little about me
Thanks for getting back to me, am glad that we could exchange messages here, how is your son I hope is fine, how old is him? I'm downhearted about your relationship, I am a responsible man with one lovely Adopted Daughter, I'm 58 years of age, i have never been married so I'm stay single, I would say life is full of miseries and ironies? I love my job, I've worked greatly through my life and i wish to have an I really appreciate enjoyable life now with a faithful soulmate, my major role on most contracts in my field now is to pitch for the contract, secure it by signing all necessary documents, do mobilization, survey, sometimes i design/review the blueprint and ensure all equipment and materials are always available at the construction site while my TEAM takes the construction from there then i occasionally visit the sites for inspection on progress or incase of emergency. how we exchanged emails; I so much believe that when we meet online we can now get closer and talk better then plan a meeting in real-time. I love traveling, have traveled extensively over the years for both business and pleasure, mostly on business, but have enjoyed the sites and cultures along the way, sometimes i wish i can take some of these trips sitting next to that special woman. I've travelled to alot of places in Europe, Asia, North and South America like China, India, Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Germany, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand LA, Ohio, NY and NJ etc. Some States in the U.S. and North America. As for hot spots, love Arizona, Texas, Florida, California and the Bahamas. Love volunteering, sushi, mentoring, giving back, travel, golf, movies, SNL, staying at home, cooking, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, barbecuing. Tell me something about yourself too, your like ,your Interest...Life style...Religious believe....and Plans for life. Am usually busy because of the nature of my job and don't often come online here, do you have whatsapp or skype messenger? so we connect more... Hope to hear from you soon. Engr Mazepa Valeriy.
Letter 4

Hello dear, how are you doing today? I'm still very worried and stressed that I haven't heard from you for someday. Please are you fine? Is everything well?
May each and every day of your life be blessed with happiness, prosperity and success…. Sending your warms greetings today. Please I want you to know you can always confide in me about anything, I will be here waiting for you. Hope to hear from you ASAP Engr Mazepa Valeriy.
Letter 5

Hola querida
Gracias por volver a mi, estoy encantado de que podamos mensajes de reciprocidad aqui, ?como es su hijo, espero que este bien? Bebe puedo ser tu profesor de ingles si quieres. Usted puede hacer algo acerca de su skype tambien, quiero aqui mas de ustedes por chat al instante, asi que todavia estoy esperando a descargar WhatsApp o viber en su telefono celular. Cada noche doy gracias a Dios por ponerte en mi vida y me has dejado conocerte, nena tu me completas, haces mi vida tan asombrosa y no se como otra cosa para pagarte sino para cuidarte tanto como tu cuidame. El mundo es un mejor lugar para estar por ti. Usted es el que me hace sentir spunky. Nunca podria imaginar como sera el mundo si nos perdiesemos. Ni siquiera quiero pensar en ello. Todo lo que hago es pensar en nosotros todo el tiempo, querida. Esperanza de aqui de usted pronto mi querido. Por favor, haga algo acerca de su telefono celular para que siempre podamos hablar. Engr Mazepa Valeriy.
Letter 6

Hello dear Tatyana, how are you doing? The thought of you came into my mind and i chatting with you, i was very happy to hearing your sweet voice, Tatyana dear i want to start my day with by sending a lovely email to you and that will make me happy and smile all true the day. Tatyana I find it so exciting writing you, it’s been a long time since I exchanged letters with someone, it makes me feel like a school kid again.LOL... I want to keep communicating with you until we finally get to meet each other in person, what do you think?. Babe Tatyana its like i have known you forever. Honestly, i really enjoyed communicating with you, i had to read it twice to properly digest it. lol. i have learned that honesty is the key to every long lasting relationship. My dear Tatyana I have always fought to get almost everything in my life, well i guess there's nothing free on earth. Am more then ready to love and beloved by you, This is all i have always dreamt and thought of Life without Love is like a harp without strings. Dear Tatyana I give you this heart of mine and ask nothing less or nothing more but just that you don't go breaking my heart. My love and trust is all I have to give to you, sealed with honesty throughout and as time goes by, may it grow stronger to fulfill your heart's desire.
If it pleases you, call me your lover from this day forth and you're mine. As our body, mind and soul combine, so do our hearts become one. Tatyana i care so much forever for you.
I love you so much..... Your Love
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