Romance scam letter(s) from Gabriel Barrymore to Alida (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello sweethart,

I miss you s much and i can't stop thinking of you baby, i need you online on skype or google talk urgently my love.. I need to talk to you
Letter 2

Hi sweetheart,

Am online right now my queen, have been trying to call you but it seem like the connection is back.

Am on skype waiting on you baby
I love you
Letter 3

Honey here are the information require for the transaction, please send me the Money Control Number (NTCN) after you have send it my love. Name: Steve Cole Address: 201 Court Wood Ln, London, Surrey, United Kingdom Thank you so much for bringing a new dawn of joy and love into my life and that of our daughter Sarah. I love you endlessly
Yours Forever
Letter 4

Honey the information is below: Name: Steve Cole Address: 201 Court Wood Ln, London, Surrey, United Kingdom
+44 702 408 2683 Maersk Line Ltd Maersk House
Braham Street, London
+44 20 7712 5000 I will be expecting the reference so that i can forward it to Cole as soon as you are done my love.
Letter 5

Hi sweetheart, I send over to you on skype my love, i guess skype most have dismiss the message when it acted up this morning my love, here it is baby. 646-439-5691
501 Canal Street, New York City, NY 10013, United States
Letter 6

My reason for writing to you was just to let the feelings flow. This is to the one I love. Everyday, I fall over and over in love with you again ... as the time goes on and a new day shows, your presence enlarges and my love grows. I just wanted to thank you for sharing and making me laugh. Thanks for being the most awesome girl a guy would ask for. Thanks for the warm moments, caring times, and loving experiences. Thanks for understanding me and most importantly, thanks for just being there for once I have found someone who stands besides me and not over me and I'm so lucky to have you. There are so many reasons; so many causes that make me love you. Thanks for all the happiness you bestow upon me. Thanks for making me see what I don't see. Thanks for camouflaging my faults. Thanks for tolerating my idiosyncrasies and playing along with them. Thanks for making me overexcited. Thanks for holding my hand when I need your touch. Thanks for hugging me hard when I need your warmth. Thanks for wiping my tears when I cry so foolishly and last but not the least, thanks for loving me the way you do ... I love you all the way down to my toes and up to my brains and a lot more in the middle!! With the warmest of hugs and wettest of kisses,
Yours Forever
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