Romance scam letter(s) from Nicholas Jerome to Svetlana (Bulgaria)
Letter 1

Greetings from Untied Nation /US Military Leave Department Permit Dear Lady Svetlana we are pleased to have received the full details of your personal data, in other for us to proceed with the proper documentation and processing of the necessary travel papers for your fiancee to start heading home , you will be required to look beneath at the list of vacation permit, duration and amount allocated to each. Below are the specified leave durations and amounts to acquire them,kindly pay for the duration you want, snap and present the payment receipt as evidence back to us via this medium and after the confirmation of your payment every neccesary document will kick off towards preparing his travel papers. NOTE: Soldiers are expected to return to their various deployment locations 2 days before their leave expires.Any reason/reasons for not returning at the stipulated time and date should be clearly written to the commander in the base or camp of your deployment. 2 MONTH LEAVE: $ 1,500
4 MONTHS LEAVE: $ 2,500
6 MONTHS LEAVE: $ 3,500 All payments should be made to the Secretary in the united states through WESTERN UNION or MONEY GRAM as specified below: NAME - AUDREY J SLADE Address TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA,USA Regards,United states intelligence military Affairs
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