Romance scam letter(s) from Daniel Burns to Doris (USA)
Letter 1

Glad to read from you Doris, How are you doing and i hope you are fine?How is your day going and I hope everything is going on smoothly? ............I am an independent consultant ,Consulting in the Upstream & Midstream Oil & Gas Industry ...... experience in all phases of the business, project, engineering, and construction management for upstream and midstream oil, gas, products, and energy-related facilities, including pipelines. I am accomplished at working within integrated environments with multidisciplinary and multicultural staffs to ISO, US, and various foreign standards, procedures, and specifications in a variety of geopolitical climates. My background includes over 27 years experience, with 18 years of international experience, in the management, engineering, design, planning, and construction of upstream oil, gas, and energy related facilities, pipelines, fuel storage and distribution systems, including near-shore and offshore marine facilities and structures (jackets & topsides); brownfield work; and modularization. Enough about what I do ,I am from a small town from Central IL called Mahomet before i move to Redding California before i Later Move to Casa Grande Arizona and would be moving to North Carolina soonest so that my Son Dennis Can be closer to my Mother in Law ,My father is from U.S, while my mother is British from England.. We lived in a country house,We lived on eight acres of land. We would have a couple of apple trees, golden delicious they were and still are my favorite. lol. We also grew some cherry trees delicious and a few pear trees. We even grew grapes and plums there also. My mother grew one of the biggest straw berry patches I have ever seen. We had also wild raspberries. The whole back yard was woods, were I spent a lot of my time as a child. We even had a tree house that had a rope swing that would go across a creek, it was awesome. I wish we never would have moved. I think that was a kid's dream come true. I am a traveler at heart. I am self employed and I leave alone with my Son.I'm very laid-back and down-to-earth. I'm also very old-fashioned when it comes to my respect and treatment of women.I am an easy going person I am a gray haired, Hazel eyed ,I am 5;11 ft tall , and a hopeless romantic. LOL. I am a gentleman, not because I was brought up to be one but because I want to be one. Don't get me wrong I was brought up to be one. My dad would kick my ass if I was not one. LOL. I want to cook for my girl and even do the dishes. I don't mind, that's just what I like to do. I love candle light dinners even though I have had only had 2 in my life. I would like to take my girl out and show her a good time. Going out for me does not mean going out to the bars, but to dinner and a movie and maybe some roller skating or ice skating. I want to try to find fun activities to do around town. Something I enjoy more than going out is just sitting at home and watching a movie cuddling up to the one I am with. I just want to hang out, I don't have to go out all the time. Home is fun and comfortable. I have a big heart and a lot of love to give and I want to find someone to give it to. I have only had 2 serious relationship.Both were hard to get over.the one i married is late,now am looking for a long term relationship looking for marriage at the end. I love kids and love to spend my free time with kids ... I want a family and a woman that will take care of me and my only Son and i will also do the same and we can have a happy family together. I want to find a woman to share that with, that's what is in my heart. I want to believe that you are a very open woman and had to be. (I like to open the door for a Woman I hope that won't offend you) . I would really like to get to know you more with time and you can always ask me anything you want to know about me ..will be please to respond with gratitude. I have never met anyone online before. It's kind of weird but it is hard to meet new people and find a soul mate now of days. I wrote this letter to you, hoping that you would learn a little about me. I am not trying to be weird but open to you. I don't know but I felt we can click(HOPEFULLY). I hope you will like this letter and we can start something together. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Wishing you a wonderful Day. Sincerely
David Whitfield David Whitfield
Letter 2

Thanks for your prompt respond Doris, I'm presently on a 6months contract here in Lille France ,been here for over 4months ,have less than two months to complete my project and return home.Am a single parent with one Son (Dennis ), been single since the death of my wife 4years ago to Cancer ,it's not easy to get over the loss of love one's at a time I thought i will be single for life ,but i was wrong must go on and my son need a full parental care and I want true love from a woman that will love me for who I am in which i dont want More Children and Content if my Partner have kids . I'm looking for someone with the same values as me. Loyalty is critical. I like a mate who is also a best friend. I prefer someone who is sensitive to others feelings and has a big heart like I do,. Stability is important. Romantic is always a plus. Someone who enjoys romantic dinners out and romantic dinners in, cooking together cuddling on the couch............................
Life is what you make out of it . I want to have my own family and a relationship base on true love,respect and understanding , I like people who are not judgmental simply because we are not born perfect. All am looking for is a simple woman that is ready for commitment to spend the rest of my life with ...... I am a single man as I have told you and you seems like a very simple and loving woman ,I really like you and want to see how things can work between us ,Yes Its will be a complicated relationship but I believe its God Will we meet and With him everything is possible .. I want to love and be loved .. I want to have a woman to share my world and everything with and we both can have that ..again I will take my time and will always be the best I can be to you .. You can always express your self with me and will always do same ... Life is what you made out of it and hope we two can make a great impact in each other life My son Dennis is 11years of age and would be 12 years in the next three weeks, he has been my Best friend, My partner since the death of his mother. He is here with me in Lille France and i enrolled him in an American School right here in France. Dennis Loves soccer and in fact he is made the New Captain of the soccer team in his school. I can assure you will love him at first sight as he is Jovial, Lovable and Understand young man. Just trying my luck here and hope to meet that dream woman ,I must say I really appreciate you getting back to me and telling me more about you ,I like my woman to be open and honest to me and will do same ,Hope we can meet in person soon and know more about each other soon,However before we have that time ,We can always chat and get to know more about each other ,Am sure we can laugh together and you have a positive life!I want someone.who understands a 50/50. i am one that believes in honesty. Nice knowing you and have a great Day Hope to hear from You Soon
David Whitfield David Whitfield
Letter 3

Attached are pictures of me so you can keep them and have them close to your heart David Whitfield
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