Scam Email(s) from Derry Olan to Sue (South Africa)


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Letter 1

Good evening Marianne.
How was your day? Hope you past a good one and having a beautiful evening too. I got back home and washed already sorry am only getting this letter across to you now but I only had the time to sit before my computer and write you this letter like I earlier promised.
Thanks for your response and the time you took out there to chat with me on the Tinder and even trusting me with your email address which is actually something I cherish the most and I see it as a more detailed form of communication. I feel so blessed and see this as a new experience communicating with someone online. I really wish if we can continue this and build up the confidence to foster trust which is a very paramount aspect of our lives at the age we have attained. I have three kids two daughters and a son all grown and living independently.
My kids are putting so much pressure on me about moving on with life as I have been single since my wife passed on in 2011. Plus the fact that one of my friends gave me a see-believe experience when he met a girl online and finally they met and today are happily married. So I took to the search for a partner and hope I just find someone I can be with. And if God sees us through we will make plans to meet each other up soon..

I admire your zest and the interest shown and I know photos speaks a lot about a person's looks so that is why I use my most recent photos. But am not easily thrilled by beauty but by the innate character and level of affection of the bearer, I believe that in any relationship, trust is the basic thing which brings about other commitments. If we can only trust then I will assure us a good time together.
It is a common affectionate matter with me to show something whenever I feel something.I am the type of guy who doesn't conceal his intention I am that guy who like or dislike easily..Your openness and hospitable quality I can sense from afar and I think that is a very big drive for me. I really do not want to conclude yet but I must say I don't like being judgmental, but I think we should both first know each other too well to decide if the chemistry is there. I have led a happy and fulfilled life. I am a simple and easy going fellow and wish ever to get a person who compliments my idea.

You have added more colors to my evening and I wish you understand how pleased and honored I feel right now. Meanwhile, I will really be pleased not only chatting and communicating with you but also having a friendship with you in the long run built on affection and trust and this is the main thrust of my writing you my first letter after our communication so far. I am a normal spirited man who is loving, caring, compassionate, understanding and also like to listen and treat my partner good. These are a few to mention. But I think I safe the others for when time and fate eventually brings us together.
I want to meet an average woman to share same experience and common knowledge to create a more fruitful and beautiful future together. I need a woman who is caring and would sacrifice anything for the family. I am a family oriented man and so I want of my girl too. In my world, honesty is the key to a successful relationship and I have a lot to offer to that special woman because I have always learn that friendship comes from the heart and must be lived with honesty, respect and trust. With these ingredients, I believe other commitments will follow. I am trying to stay focus to the new changes in my life... I will communicate you later as we get along. Most importantly, exchanging of letters and telephoning will be another viable avenue for us to communicate better pending we make plans to meet.

Attached to this letter are my family and personal photos but I hope you like them. I love music just like every other normal human being. I love most classical music and any that is message driven. Please you can send me some of your recent photos too as I like to have an idea of the face behind the communication. Hmm! I just read back and found out how much I have written already, just keep fit and cheers till I hear from you again. Till then stay well and keep safe.




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