Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Meyers to Linda (Canada)
Letter 1

Darling i don't think we can chat tonight. . .I am an emotional wreck right now. just heard that my consignment was being seized and I might loose my license
I just need some time alone ok
I love you
I just feel stressed because I am helpless in this situation as I have exhausted all avenue available to me and still $2000 short
Letter 2

Hey Angel,
I am almost through with the project, just have one installation to go. I have a little problem here. . . . Somehow some parts of the vessels pistons went bad, and I am trying to get a new one. . . A supplier in Madrid has agreed to get me one but wants to see proof of fund. These things cost well over ?3000. . . I have just about ?2400, and was wondering if you could somehow raise ?600? Now, theres no need to worry. You won't be sending the money to me or anyone since I am only in need of a proof of fund. What I need you to do is send the funds to yourself. So that they can verify that the funds are available. Please get back to me ASAP. So I can direct you on what to do, so as to enable me round things up in 2 days. Love you
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