Romance scam letter(s) from George Miller to Susan (Canada)
Letter 1

Thanks for writing,How you doing ? I've been single for ten years now and wasn't meeting anyone substantial also because I'm not one for bars and clubs and most of my friends are in couples. I am active and do a lot in my life, and am happy with it, but am looking for that special person to share it with,As I said am not much of a socialite and do not go to clubs and bars where you tend to meet people that's is why i simply online to search for a soul mate..What made you decide to give this site a try? Am Looking for a best friend partner and lover in one.someone who is active and is fully engaged in life.Fully engaged means passionate about life the planet and the people you love I want a woman that can give of herself one that is strong enough in character to be herself,I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to show their emotions , be vulnerable and trusting to their partner as well as adventurous, courageous,romantic,honest and excited about life. I really miss having a partner that I can get out and do things with or spend my evenings with just enjoying the simple things and each other of course.I look forward to finding that chemistry and connection again.That is what brought me to match even though I never thought I would do the online dating thing. We are only on earth for a limited time and I want to make the most of it. I want to see new places even if it's just a day trip somewhere and try new things. Have you had any bad experiences online before..? George
Letter 2

What's your bad experience online ?
Letter 3

Am new in all this, Do you have gmail account so we can IM each other, Is not hard to get one just go and sing up for free, let me know when you get one because it will be nice to know more about each other and meet face to face, Here's somethings about me I will like you to know, I cherish all genres of music sans punk and thrash metal. I'll listen to country if I must but it's not my first choice. I tend to dance and sing (off key in the shower) and play a few musical instruments. I enjoy reading but writing is better. I would like someone who has similar likes and interests. I am very easy going and have a great sense of humor. I would like someone who is honest and hard working. Someone who will treat me well, who is attentive and affectionate as well. I like spontaneity and can be adventurous. I like going out as much as I like quiet evenings at home. I'm very compassionate and affectionate looking for that special someone that's kind,compassionate,affectionate,faithful,honest,trusting because I'll be recipricating in the same manner.A friendship first that leads into a true and real relationship. I expect a lot from a friend and in return will be a generous, interactive, and loyal companion. I will end here so email me back if you have hangout so we can IM Take care George
Letter 4

Thank you for noticing me. You have a great smile and I like your profile. How are you doing ? If you won't mind can we get to know each other. Am very new to this online dating and never felt the need to search.I figured that if I was to meet the right person,it would happen automatically. Unfortunately, the people that I know are mostly couples and with the job that I have, I visit many customers but work from home. I would love to meet a woman with similar values who seeks healthy things in life. If this is you I would love to hear from you. Looking for someone to have a relationship with. I have a great sense of humor and will try almost anything once. I love books and old movies. My closest friends would say I'm to nice for my on good. I believe that most people just need a break and if I can help I will. Life is short so enjoy it while you can be with people you love. Age and distance really don't bother me.Try to make someone laugh every day. Always be kind to others if you want them to be kind to you. here's my personal email send me email if you want to know more about me because am tired of giving informations about my personal life here George
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