Romance scam letter(s) from David Johnson to Debby (USA)
Letter 1

Honey, I am writing you this message with so much trust in you because what I am about to say to you is something very important and confidential and it has been bothering me for days now so i can't keep it from you anymore. What I am about to say to you is for your ears only. I don't want you to share with anyone no matter how close they are to you cause i don't trust anyone except you.
Honey, Sometime last year, i was awarded a contract worth six(6) million USD by a company in Istanbul, Turkey. I accepted this contract and took my team of engineers and we went to Turkey to start this project which was stipulated for the period 9 months. The agreement was to start the contract with my own funds and when i completed 40% of the project i will be given my first payment which is 40% of the agreed amount and this i did under 3 months and got my first payment of $2.4 million USD in cash.... By this time the Kurdish militants were already giving us troubles on the site where we work so with the help of a diplomatic officer i had to put all the cash i had on me which was a total of $2.8 million USD and some other valuables (check book, ATM card and my contract endorsed document) into a metallic trunk box and locked it with a passcode which i alone have then i deposited the box to a security company as "Family Treasure" for safe keeping. After which the problems got worst and we even lost 2 men when they first attacked the site, it was God who kept me and the rest of my engineers alive until we were rescued by the Turkish army and we had to abandon that project. The company saw it as a breach of contract but i won the case in court although it caused me alot, i spent a huge sum of money buying those equipment and settling the families of the men we lost. Due to our sudden exist i was unable to get my box from that company and it has been there ever since and i planned to go get it after this contract i have here in Iran.
Honey can you imagine that this company wrote me last week Friday that their company has been facing an economic meltdown problem, for that reason the management are planning to fold-up and shut down the company for good, and they are notifying all their customers banking properties with them to come for claims within the period of now till 2 weeks time. My beloved the shocking story is that i replied them and told them about my where about and i cannot come cause i have an important project going on here, but they insisted that i send my family member to come for the claims since it is a family treasure that i kept inside, And they suggested that i send my wife to write them with an address where they can send the box to her through courier service to her doorstep, for her to keep it for me, and i wrote them that i only have you as the woman i just met online, but we are not yet legally married, they insisted that as long as i trust you that you can keep the box for me when they deliver it to you, Then i can give them your address so that they send it over to you and you can also write to their email to confirm yourself that you are my spouse who i have sent to receive the box on my behalf.
My beloved the security company already cautioned me that any customer who refuse to make claims of their box will stand the chance of not seeing it again, because they will relocate out from their office and dissolve all their staff and the company will stop to exist. So they advice that i should send any trusted person that can receive this parcel on my behalf, And i have been thinking all day in tears that you are the only woman who my heart has accepted as my wife and who i trust and have feelings of love for as a true family and companion.
This is why i have concluded and decided to tell you to help me with your Full name, home address and telephone number. so that i can forward it over to them for them to post my box down to you at your doorstep, and then i will also give you the company's information so you can contact them now and tell them you are my wife to be and we are in a relationship already and i have sent you to confirm yourself to them for the claims of my box, and then let them know you will be expecting it through the address your husband has sent to them. My dear love, please you are the only woman i know can do this for me now that i'm inside the sea and i still have 1 month to leave this place to the main land. Darling you have to do it for the sake of our love we have share in each others heart. Honey please i have not been myself because this situation has disorganized me inside the body and soul, that i can't even focus and concentrate on my work, Moreover i have to wait till the end of this job here, so they can pay me my contract money and then send their boot or chopper to pick me out from this high sea. My beloved love try your best...I only hope on you darling...kisses in the heart as i await your information of your full name, address and telephone as they requested. I love you so much.
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