Romance scam letter(s) from Bruce Thompson to Dan (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Dan, Thanks for your prompt response and thanks for writing to me. I really like all that you have said and I will like to get to know you better. I am single too and I am seeking a sincere monogamous long term relationship. I live alone in a house that I inherited from my deceased dad. I originally reside in Cleveland but here in Maryland for a conference. This is my first time on online dating. I am a simple guy, easy going and easy to get on with. I'm interested in communicating with you to get to know each other. You can correspond with me more directly at $^&(*( I hope to hear from you soon. Have a wonderful evening. Bruce
Letter 2

Hi Dan, How are you doing today? I hope your day is going on well. I am wondering if you got my last email because I sent you my regular email id for better communication. I like your profile and I have reread it, I would really like to get acquainted and see what will come out of it. I know we're not so close geographically but if we get along well I am sure we can meet soon. Thanks for sharing your phone number, I have saved it on my phone and will use it in not too distant future. I would just like to share a few more information before talking on the phone. We seem to be looking for the same thing and it looks like we've got similar values. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Bruce
Letter 3

Good morning Dan,
Thanks for the very informative and detailed reply, I am very glad to hear from you and learn more about you. I look forward to getting more acquainted; you seem like a very nice guy too. I am very happy to tell you anything that you want to know about me. A little about me: I am an HR manager for a big consulting global asset management firm, I am looking to quit my job this summer and go into a full time business venture. I am who I am and I am comfortable in being so, I'm a risk taker and I'm adventurous. I am a very down to earth person, who does not play games. I am happy. I enjoy all types of activities. I am willing to explore anything. I am looking for a lifetime mate. I believe a relationship involves give and take, trust, loyalty, and love. I believe in not giving up easily. If in a relationship, I would work very hard to keep it alive. I am single and seeking for a sincere monogamous long term relationship. I will like to explore the possibilities of establishing a close relationship. I look forward to hearing and learning more about you. I also have a lot to share with you- I will write again later today as I have to head out now for a meeting. I had to express my gratitude sooner than later. Your new friend,
Letter 4

Hello Dan, How has your day been? I hope it was good. Mine was not bad; I had a few meetings and then I went out for lunch with some guys I met at the conference. It's my second time here in MD and it's a really nice place. Anyway, I am pleased to hear from you, thanks for sharing more about you, I definitely want to get acquainted with you. I am sure I will enjoy getting to know you; you seem like a very nice guy. I am an honest, sincere and open person too. I recently started internet dating & was already about to give up on it, because I thought men on here were not interested in a serious relationship as all the emails i got kept talking about sex & one night stands which I'm not into. Don't get me wrong, sex is nice and fun but it should mean something. It should be two people sharing love. That is what I so desperately want. I want to be able to sit at home watching TV or something similar and simply enjoy the company of my partner. I want to hold his hand, greet him when I see him with a kiss and a hug. I want to be able to say I love you and mean it deeply. I want to hear that too and feel his love. I love romance and want to share that again. Anyway let me share some more about myself with you, really don't know where or how to start though. My birthday is on Feb 10th and I am going to be 51 (I feel so old already, lol). I am single with no kids. I'm an only child of my parents and I grew up in a broken parents were divorced; I was mainly brought up by mother ho was originally from South Africa but spent most of her life in the US until the she was separated from my father and she moved back home to (South Africa) with me, I was very young then I was about 4 years old. So, I didn't have the father-parental care and love growing up which was a bit tough but my Mom did well as a single mother and she gave me everything I needed. I loved her so much. Both parents are now deceased though. I lost my Mom when i was 18yrs, and lost Dad 2yrs ago, he never remarried. I tried to build a relationship with him when I moved back to the States after my Bachelor’s degree in South Africa. We reconciled and developed a good relationship. He was a very principled but caring person. Unfortunately I had a different impression about him before I got close to him. So that's a bit about my family background. I reside in Cleveland and have been here for a while; I live in a house I inherited from my deceased father. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Masters in Human resource management. So I am very business oriented and I have worked for different companies. So I am looking to go into a business venture, precisely gem stone trading as I have a good knowledge of that which I got from my father. As for my love life, I haven't been too lucky with love, I have been in a few serious relationships and all ended up hurting me, I actually was first in a very serious relationship which lasted for 5 years, he wanted to focus on his acting career and when the opportunity came, he didn't want our relationship to hold him down, it really hurt me so much as i was in love with him and thought our love meant a lot more to him. Ever since then, I've been single and have been in & out of a few relationships; my last relationship ended 3yrs ago & was the one that hurt me the most. We were together for 4 years and had plans of spending rest of my life with him. But that was never the case, I caught him with my very eyes having sex with another man and to make things worse, he broke up with me right in front of the guy and said he no longer loved me. I felt the whole world coming down on me; I was sick & indoors for about a week till Dad came and forced me over to move in with him. He hurt me so much and since then i have been single, i never wanted to love anyone again as i thought everyone out there wanted to hurt me. But right now i want to love again, i don't want to keep living a lonely life as it gets pretty boring, i want to have a man that i will love & love me as much, someone i will return home to, someone that will always be by my side through the good & sad times. I recently read an article about how successful online dating has become in recent years so i decided to give it a try. I am a polite, kind hearted, sincere, romantic & loving man who wants the same in a partner. Communication to me is a very essential part of any relationship, so i would like to be able to communicate very well with my partner. I don't want any more drama or lies in my life as i don't think i can handle any of that again. When I'm in love, i go in with all my heart & never lie or cheat, i also expect same from my partner. Physical appearance and age really don't matter as what's in the heart is most important, the looks will fade away but the heart remains. I am looking for true love. I want to love and be loved. Wow! please forgive me, I didn't realize I've written so much, don't think I've ever typed this much before. I hope I haven't bored you with so much talk. I just want to you o know everything about me, I will like to continue to learn more about you and see where it will lead. Bye for now & have a nice evening. Bruce
Letter 5

Good morning Dan, Thanks for the great response, it's always nice to hear from you. Once again I like all that you have said. I continue to see how much we seem to have in common. I have been through a lot, at a point i gave up on love and didn't want to fall in love again, but here i am now searching for my soul mate, someone to love and also love me as much. I love to kiss, cuddle and spend quality time with my man, I’m not into bars or gay scenes, I'm a man's man and very masculine in nature. I am honest, compassionate, passionate for life, exercise, enjoy the ocean/beach, scuba-diving, in-line skating, fishing, hiking, soft music, slow dancing, working-out, traveling, making dinners at home, movies, theatre and reading. I am an excellent communicator and I love animals - especially dogs (but I don't have any pet at the moment). I am not into bars and smoky clubs! I could also be a a homebody when needed, I like to spend quiet time and cuddle with that special someone especially in winter season. The weather this year has been quite mild compared to what it normally is at the period. It's still a bit chilly. I had my first loving relationship with a man when i was 19, i was so into the man but later realized he wasn't in love with me, i felt bad but quickly realized the kind of world we live in. I must say you seem quite different from other men I have exchanged emails with before, most men on the internet just want to have sex and move on. I want someone to laugh with, do things with, come home to, sit on the couch and watch tv with. I believe in romance and i think I’m very romantic. For my free time, i love to play basketball, swim and a little bit of golf, i also enjoy watching dvds, i would prefer going to the movies though but being single doesn't allow me go out much as I'll prefer to go with my partner but I do go sometimes with a very close friend Laura. I would love to know things you do for fun, how you keep busy, what you look for in a relationship and any other thing you think i should know. I 've talked to quite a bunch of weird guys on the internet which made me almost give up on it. I know you're different as you're the first person I'm keeping contact with for this long, also, my heart tells me you could be the one, haven't had this feeling in a long time. You take care of yourself and know someone in MD is thinking of you. Bruce
Letter 6

Dan, I must say you seem quite different from other men I have exchanged emails with before, most men on the internet just want to have sex and move on. I want someone to laugh with, do things with, come home to, sit on the couch and watch TV with. I believe in romance and i think I’m very romantic. For my free time, i love to play basketball, swim and a little bit of golf, i also enjoy watching DVDs, i would prefer going to the movies though but being single doesn't allow me go out much as I'll prefer to go with my partner but I do go sometimes with a very close friend Laura. I would love to know things you do for fun, how you keep busy, what you look for in a relationship and any other thing you think i should know. I 've talked to quite a bunch of weird guys on the internet which made me almost give up on it. I know you're different as you're the first person I'm keeping contact with for this long, also, my heart tells me you could be the one, haven't had this feeling in a long time. Bruce
Letter 7

Hello Sweet Dan, Always nice to look in my inbox and see a message from you. Thanks for sharing more about you and each message draws me closer to you. I don't know why, but i feel this strange connection with you and it's like I’ve known you for a long time. It's really nice reading from you and knowing more about you, that way the distance seems shorter, this is kind of strange but i really do like it. I haven't been on any date for the past 3yrs and i really want to get it right this time because i don't want to be heartbroken anymore. I'm new to internet dating and really haven't had any much experience besides men emailing and asking for sex, some even willing to pay me for sex and that really got me mad & made me almost give up on this. But i keep pressing on because I believe there is love for everyone, we might just have to kiss a few frogs before me meet the prince but he is surely out there. Anyway hope you had a good day, I thought about you few times, I must say it's very nice to be in correspondence with someone that shares similar interests and values. I am getting optimistic; we seem you have a great connection. I also think we enjoy doing much of the things. You seem like a perfect match, you a guy who’s got a good head on his shoulder. I am glad I met you. I want to continue to know you and I am sure we will get to meet soon. I wonder how the weather is over there? It's been a mild winter here so far unlike what we usually get. My best season is summer because I like many outdoor activities. Like you, i just wish i had a partner to do things with. I also really don't have alot of friends here, used to have a lot back then though, but most of them were friends of my ex, so when we broke up I couldn't find myself keeping the friendship. I still have a few very good friends here and we get together every once in a while. I use most of my spare time in the evening to exercise, I like to keep in shape. I'm in a movie mood tonight, I haven't watched one in a while so I will just watch on of the new DVD's I have, I wish you were here to watch with me. I hope this finds you well and puts a smile on your face. Sending you warm hugs. Bruce
Letter 8

Dear Dan, You never cease to amaze me. You have just made my weekend. What a beautiful, touching and heartfelt message from you. I must be honest; I feel the same way as you. I haven't felt this way in a long time. I am sure it was the divine that pushed me to send that smile to you because the usual me, don't send smiles first, I receive mostly and just ignore if I feel that the person doesn't sound like who I want to know. You have touched every corner of my heart with your wonderful email that I almost fell into tears. You write so well that I think someday I will be reading a book that you have written. I wish I could express my feeling as well as you do. I can't stop reading your note over and over again. You light up my heart and I just don't know what to say any more. I am overwhelmed and dumbfounded. I can't wait for the day we'll meet and pray that all that you have said will come to past. I am sorry for not responding to your message earlier, I have been a little busy but the thought of you is never far from my mind. There's so much I want to say and share with you all at once but I really can't because I am a little nervous and excited. We seem to be getting along so well that I even talked about our dialogue to my friend Laura. I hope we can get to talk soon. I would love to talk to you, I want to hear your voice. I can't wait! I hope you like mine because I have a strong accent, I usually get good complement on it though. But I want to know how you feel and what you think about it too. I feel like we're getting closer and I really want that to happen. I am tired of searching and waiting for that special someone, I hope you're the one. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a wonderful night dear. Hugs,
Letter 9

Dear Dan, You're an AMAZING guy. I am glad I found YOU! Nobody has ever sent me such a sweet message. You're an incredible guy, where have you been all my life??? I keep asking myself that question. Are you a writer? If you're not already, then I think you might start giving that a second thought, as a second career because you write so well. You're so articulate...I wish I could be half articulate as are you. I almost feel like this is all a dream, if it is, I don't want to ever wake up from this dream. You cease my breath and melt my heart! I am meeting my friend Laura today for dinner and I can't wait because I just want to tell somebody about this wonderful I have just met. I have never connected so well since I have started internet dating, you seem to be a dream come true. You're making me feel we could have a future. I have been reading your last two messages over and over again and I am just melting. You have done it again, you've made my day. Now you're going to spoil me, I will look forward to nice and kind words like this from you every day. I want to be everything you have said in your last message. I want to give you that shoulder to cry on, Pat you on the back at during hard times and believe in you always. Did you get my suggestion about talking on the phone? I would like to hear the voice of the incredible guy who makes me smile from a distance. I have never experienced nothing like this before. I have thought about you many times today and people around me are just wondering why I have got these emphatic smile on my face. You're so adorable!!! I hope your week is off to a great start. Warmest thoughts,
Letter 10

Good morning sweet Dan, A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and wipes the wrinkles away. It is a language everybody understands. It costs nothing but creates much. It happens fast but its memory may last forever. Hope you receive a lot and share a lot of smiles today. Heres one from me. I want you to keep smiling for me all day. We are not too close in distance. We are not too near in miles but constant messages can still touch our hearts and thoughts can bring us smiles. All mornings are like a painting, you need a little inspiration to get you going, a little smile to brighten it and a message from someone who cares to colour your day. One of the joys in life is waking up each day with thoughts that somewhere, someone cares enough to send a warm morning greeting! An icing can make a cake so sweet, a string can make a balloon so high, a match can make a candle so bright. I hope that a simple message from me can make you smile. Doctor's advice are: eat breakfast regularly, drink plenty of water, take your vitamin C, my advice is read your email every morning to ease your overnight worries. Hahaha...I hope you enjoyed this...I AM THINKING OF YOU. Bruce xx xx

Letter 11

Hey Sweet Dan , I hope you have enjoyed your day off. I just got out of the shower after a long day an hour work out session. I have been thinking about you all day and to be sincere you are always in my thought and imaginations.. I want you to know that good things comes in an unexpected way . Since the first time that I viewed your profile, I have felt a great impulsion on me and ever since then I have been thinking about you, I thought you might be an end to my search or to say a realization of my dreams because you are just what I am looking for, when i keep reading from you, I can feel it that my dream is becoming a reality , this is what I have been searching for and I would not trade this for anything in the whole world, So I want to see where this goes and being a one man's man, I will give this a total chance and I am sure it would take me where I want . Love is like planting a seed and should grow as the relationship grows. Again LOVE to me is the result of absolute trust, mutual respect for one another and passion, That feeling of wanting to be with your lover. It's Fireworks, It's the feeling that you would climb the highest mountain for, swim the deepest ocean for and the comfort of knowing he cares about you also. If you could see inside my soul, see inside my heart you would know how I long to see you and sit with you. If thoughts were things to see you would know how I cherish you and how much you mean to me. You found me when I felt there was no more hope. You made me happy when I thought all happiness were gone. You mean so much to me and I really want to make you happy and make you feel like a KING all the time. I really want to thank you for coming into my life. Hugs, Bruce
Letter 12

Hi Babe, You never cease to amaze. I love your last email and you have got me thinking the whole day. Here are a few things I wish to do with you at some point in this lifetime: I want to be your best friend, I want to grow old with you. I want to experience this crazy love forever and ever, and I really think I'm going to get it. I want us to walk through new houses, picking the one that would be just right for us. I want to see you walk around our house in a big t-shirt and catch me staring at how gorgeous you are. I want you to pull the covers off me at night and then I have to get even closer, if it's possible, to you to keep warm. I want to see you laugh like crazy at me when I do stupid stuff. Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic. Spend my life making you happy. Spend my life making you happy. Feel your heartbeat. Go roller/ice skating together. Give you a backrub just because. We have ALWAYS been honest with each other. Go hiking/camping together. Have our first fight, make up and feel a stronger bond because we successfully weathered the storm - together. Laugh at someone together. Share a plate of spaghetti. Go on a fun vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of. Treat you like my KING , Envelope you in my soul. Look over at you during a party and have you know without me saying a word - that I love you. Be able to say "I love you" in 89 different ways - in 89 different countries. Hold you when you're at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most. Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding. Wipe away the day's stresses and issues, with just one hug/kiss. I still have a lot to tell you and I can't wait for us to meet.. My hands are trembling and my heart beats so fast when I think of you.
Love, hugs, and kisses, Bruce
Letter 13

Dearest Dan, This is not just a morning greeting. There's a silent message saying I thought of you as I woke up this morning. May you rise each day with fully charged health and wonderful thought in your head to send me a wonderful and inspiring message in your mind, me in your heart, and a clear signal all day long. Leave your worries outside your gate, because that's where they pick up the garbage! Have a worry free day! Good morning! Rise and shine! As you open your eyes to greet the morning sun, i wish that you would be well and fine. This message has no fat, no cholesterol and no additive. This is all natural except, with a lot of sugar. But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it. Smiles!!! Because you have just received a message from someone hoping you are fine. With atomic and meteoric regards, my volcanic impulse trembles every time i greet a person with a magnitude of character and charm like you. Could you do me a favour? Put your left hand over your right shoulder then your right hand to your left shoulder. There! I’ve just given you a morning hug. Good morning! Bruce xx xx
Letter 14

Hi babe, How’s your day? I hope you're having a nice one. I really enjoyed our conversation last night and thanks for the reassurance you gave me. I too promise to stick with you and be supportive of you, for a life time which is what I want. Your last email too was great, I could not have said it better and I totally agree with all that you have said. You have said more than I had hoped to hear from the right guy. I am here home alone and thinking about you and decided to pour out my mind to you in this email. The miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when you entered my life. Nothing can be compared to this feeling of filling up somebody's life. There is that excitement which tortures me while waiting for you to send me an email and the sweet emails that keep me awake even when I'm exhausted to death because I wouldn't want to miss a thing. I keep experiencing the feeling that you know every corner of my heart. All these things are the most beautiful signs; every single word you say is a part of my soul, when I am writing to you; you always make me feel needed. Most of all, you make me feel safe emotionally and mentally. Thank you for being part of my life. I'm very happy with you and I could not ask for a better man than you. Thank you for being an exceptional man - you are one of a kind. There is so much I want to tell you, a lot has been running through my head lately. I'm having trouble putting my thoughts into words so you will have to bear with me through this. I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what I want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realize they go hand in hand. This relationship is my future; it's what I want out of life. Love, Bruce
Letter 15

WHAT A GREAT MORNING!! I woke up today with your thoughts and was Thankful to God for bringing you into my Life even when I believed there's no man that can ever be for me out there,you proved me wrong.WOW !! What more can a man say to the man who opened his heart to him, allowing him to feel the warmth of his love across the great distance that separates them? You truly have no idea what I feel for you. I try to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably. This feeling of being both scared and at peace, of having both butterflies and a sense of calm, is a feeling that I have only dreamed about. As the days continue to pass, my love for you continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love you right now. Yet, my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my soul, the very reason for my existence. I have no other words to describe the way you make me feel. No words, no actions could even come close. I believe at the end of the day,we'll be together and live happily forever dwelling into a passionate Life.You made my day even while we're miles apart right now which is only on a short term. Sending you my Greatest Love to you Sunshine. Hope you had a wonderful Day. Good Morning !! Forever Yours, Bruce xx xx
Letter 16

My Dearest Dan, Honey, you have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me beautiful. You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me feel so important; you're everything to me. You show your love to me every day. I thank God that I have found a man like you. All that I can offer you is a family. I can offer you a family that will stick together through the good and the bad. I can offer you a family that will support each other every day. Honey, that's all I can give...I hope that’s what you want. I really wish that you were near me. I wish that I could just call your name when I needed you and that you would be there. However, knowing that you love me so much is enough for now. Ti amo tesoro mio. You're the only one that I want. Love Always, Bruce
Letter 17

My Dear Dan, If only I can come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would whisper them to you the first time we meet face to face or maybe the best thing is to show you. I love you so much, Sweetie. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. I never thought that someone like me could get so lucky! I love you more than my life, more than my world. I love you more and more each day and that is the most wonderful feeling any man can ever hope to experience. Forever Yours, Bruce
Letter 18

My Love My Prince, Thanks for the wonderful pictures. I really love them. You're such a beautiful guy I can't wish for a better person. I feel so lucky and blessed to have you in my life. You have made me the happiest guy in the world. What more can I wish for? I love you so much. I am too tired to finalise my travel arrangement tonight will do tomorrow and let you know. i am going to bed now and I wish you were coming with me. I can't wait! I just want to hold, cuddle and snuggle up with you all night. All my love, Bruce
Letter 19

My Beloved Dan, You need to know that I have fallen head over heels in love with you. I felt a connection on the first email, something I had never felt before which at first made me feel uneasy, stupid and even a bit childish, which made me go through all kinds of emotions as we communicated and begin finding we had a lot in common. I felt like we had known each other from an unknown past.... Our emails became an everyday thing and the feelings just would not go away no matter how hard I tried.....No one in this world knows the feelings that i get when i read your emails. They have no idea about what you get my body to do when i think of you. Nobody has ever made me feel like the way you make me feel and that is such a crazy feeling. It feels like i just want to grab you and be in your arms forever and forever and never let go. I want to kiss your lips and never end - just keep going. Every time i think about you, it gives me more and more strength to carry on the day. It makes me happy to be alive knowing that you have come into my life and all I know is that I want to be with you!.. You are all that i need and want, honey and I can’t wait for the day that I can sit next to you and whisper into your ear and tell you that I love you and kiss you ever so passionately baby, and to look into your beautiful eyes as you take my breath away. You are making me so crazy and I pray we are going to experience this crazy love for each other forever.... I pray to God every day for us and much more every day that he guides our path and lead us into a journey that will last for eternity. ROSA, I PROMISE YOU AN ENDLESS LOVE, ENDLESS AFFECTION, ENDLESS PASSION, ENDLESS FAITHFULNESS, ENDLESS COMMITMENT, ENDLESS PROMISES AND FULFILLMENT, ENDLESS EXCITEMENT, ENDLESS FUN, ENDLESS ROMANCE, ENDLESS KISSES, ENDLESS HUGS, ENDLESS CUDDLING, ENDLESS LAUGHTER, ENDLESS SURPRISES, ENDLESS POSSIBILITY, ENDLESS PRAYERS, ENDLESS HAPPINESS... I love you!!!! Bruce xx xx
Letter 20

Letter 21

Dear Dan, I want to start by saying that I miss you already, and you have no idea how much I love you. I know you don't need another reminder because I tell you many times a day how much I love you, but I do and that is my only way to show you. I love the hundred ways you show me how much you love me, and I know my simple words can never compare. From day one, I knew there was something in you that no other guy had. You are the most AMAZING guy I have ever known. Thinking back to the strange way we met (online), how we grow so close in just a few short days, and how you were the first one to show me the meaning of true love, it makes me smile and fall all over for you again. Baby, you make my heart beat faster each time I think of you, and you give me butterflies when you kiss me. You are the one I want to hold for the rest of my life. In your arms is where I belong. You melt me every time you tell me about the future that you want to spend with me and how we could show the world the real meaning of being in love with the right person. I don't think I could live a day knowing that you are not in my life. I want to be with you Forever. I know forever is a very long time but it won’t be enough time for me to spend with you, showing you every day how much I love and care about you. I hate being far from you. I pray that you will carry my love for you in your heart while until we meet. Love Always,
Letter 22

Hello my Love, Thanks for the lovely emails. You touch my heart and my life in so many ways. This is a short message to let you know that I have arrived here safely. I can't stop thinking of was a long flight and I wished you were beside me. You make me so happy- I am so lucky and blessed to have you in my life. I cant wait for us to be together soon. I am about to go have dinner. I just thought I would drop you a message to let you know I am fine and I miss you so much. I can't wait to hold and kiss you. I love you with every ounce of my being. Hugs and French kisses,
Letter 23

My Love, You never cease to amaze me with the kind and loving words you say to me that make me feel very special and loved. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never knew I was capable of loving a man this much again, as I do you. You have become the fiber of my soul and the reason for my existence and my happiness. What more can a man ask for? I feel like I have the world, you mean the world to me. I do totally understand that we're trying to wait for the perfect time to be together so that we can enjoy our first meeting with no regret. I am willing to waiting,, I am willing to do anything for you...just to make you happy and for this relationship to continue to flourish. Ever since I left the US my feelings for you seem to have even gotten stronger because I have had so much time to think about this wonderful relationship and how much it has changed my life. You have impacted my life so much (positively) in such a short time. I can't wait to be in your arms and to show you that I really love you. My love for you is unconditional and it has no limit! I am going to be faithful and loyal to you for the rest of my life. I am heading out to meet with the gemologist again and check out the stones for the last time and then complete all transaction. I am so happy that everything has gone well so far. I will be leaving here tomorrow at 11AM and I will be home by 6PM. It seems like I have gotten a good fortunate because I will be making a lot of profit on this. I have spent so much though, I have bought stones worth of $250,000 and when I get to the states it could be worth like $450,000. That's almost 100% profit. I have thought a lot about this and I am glad I have made this bold step. I thank you for being very supportive and encouraging. I want you to know that I am by there for you whenever you need me. I give you 120% support in all your endeavors. I love you and I am glad I found you! All my love,
Letter 24

Dearest Dan, I can't believe you will talk to me the manner which you have been since I have asked you to get me out of the mess I am here...If I read back through your lovely messages I would never believe you're the same person I have fallen head over heels for. You sound so different...more like you don't care about me, I just hope that I am wrong. I have never had a problem proving to you or telling you who I am. You have asked me for me address and I have never said No about it, I just always escaped my mind to include it to my email each time I wrote to you. Trust is a big thing and I do hope you trust me as much as I do you. Anyway, I am have an attachment of my passport, I wouldn't send this to anyone under any circumstance but I just wanted you to know that I am not giving you bullshit...I am who I said I am and actually going through hard times here...and I do really love you with all my heart. Bruce PS- find here my address: 2207 S Belvoir Blvd Cleveland, OH 44118
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