Romance scam letter(s) from Roland Diaz to Mawa (Sweden)
Letter 1

When you receive this letter, I want you to know that I will be thinking of you, simply because you are in my thoughts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every week of the month. In a nutshell, you are always on my mind.. It’s proving very hard to live away from you. Being apart for such adverse circumstances and against our will has made me suffer too much. I think this ironic and ridiculous destiny has been very cruel to us. It’s not fare that all this affection and tenderness can be surpassed by my need to work for the evil metal and for survival, and so far away from your arms and hugs.But, love is strong and true, and it will survive. The way you smell and the taste of your lips and skin are well kept in my heart. It’s amazing how your presence is so alive and real in need after such a long time.I have been sleeping on my own, but it has been more than a few times that I have reached for you in my bed. I wanted to feel your hair in my shoulders again, to put my arm around you and caress you until morning came, until the rest of my life. I want to be with you so much right now, and be able to look at you again, closely. I don’t want to just live with the images and memories of you in my thoughts every day.I’ve been working hard so that I can come home faster and retrieve all this love. I want to relive with you the best emotions my heart has ever experienced, because you are they sweetest thing that’s ever happened in my life and I don’t wish or can’t afford to lose you.I love you; and I feel I love you deeply, because I need you in me at every moment
Letter 2

Hi My Love,
My Dearest, life can be cruel but when it all comes together there is no moment as sweet. That is how I feel about you entering my life. You have rekindled the flame called love in me. You have given one more reason to look forward to tomorrow. Now, you are a significant part of my life and I look forward to the day when we can make it permanent. I love you so much. I love you for your kindness, for your caring and giving nature, for your beauty, both inner and outer, and most of all I love you because you are you. The fact that you show me who you really are and not what you think I may want. My queen, let this mail be a testament to my true feelings for you so the whole world can see and know how I feel for you. I love you so much my queen... You are the best thing that as ever happened to me all my life and I'm forever going to love you even in death my queen...
Letter 3

Good day
Your request has been received. We will forward it to the appropriate department in charge and we will confirm from the officer if your claim is correct. We will notify you in due time. Do have a nice day. Regards:
Department of Defense,
US Army,
United States of America
Letter 4

Good day
your request was granted all you have to do is to fill the form attached to this email and resubmit... please ensure to send a copy of a government issued identity card you have . You can send a driver's licence, passport or any other you have. Send it as soon as possible so we can send it for final approval.. Regards:
Department of Defense,
US Army,
United States of America
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