Romance scam letter(s) from Steven Herbert to Cindy (USA)
Letter 1

Ohh.. Drive carefully and stay safe, I like cold weather and you? Steven
Letter 2

I just add you to my yahoo list now and send you an IM... We can also text if you dont mind but it will be kind of slow.. Are you online now on yahoo?
Letter 3

Presently in Republic of Benin... Get on yahoo lets chat
Letter 4

A Very Good Morning To You My Special New Friend!!! I'm not sure how to adequately explain it....or use the words to properly explain it.....but I have a special feeling in my heart towards you Cindy since our paths recently crossed!!! I believe that God plays a big part in our paths crossing!!! I feel your sincerity....I feel your heart in the words that you share with me!!! I hope you feel the same in my words towards you!!! My Dad was also in the construction field. My Dad was a union electrician his whole life. He was always a job foreman, a job superintendent, the boss running the electrical part of the job!!! my Dad when he went to Heaven too soon....way back on September 26, 1985....when he was a very young 48 years old.My Dad was getting off work on a Friday afternoon....he felt discomfort in his chest he went to the hospital, and was admitted with a heart attack.My Dad was in the hospital about a week....appeared to be doing well....and was ready to be released....when very unexpectedly my Dad had a stroke on top of his heart attack. From there my Daddy went downhill quickly. He was paralyzed on one side of his body. Dad was unable to speak. And worst of all....Dad's major organs began to shut down!!! Dad didn't last long after his major stroke!!!! I was only 18 years old when Dad went to Heaven to be with our Lord!!! One thing that I've regretted since Dad died....was that I barely saw Dad the last year of his life I Have No brother no Sister..due to the loss of my mom died aswell ,she got ill and couldnt eat ,restless,wont talk and same year she passed away.. i very much miss them so much in my life... I had just graduated high school. I had two friends that got me a job where they worked. I immediately moved out and left home.I wanted to be a responsible adult....not a child anymore....I wanted to make my own decisions in life....not be told what to do like a child....and fly away from the family nest!!! As a result.. I never, rarely went home or saw my parents. I never got the chance...the opportunity to enjoy my Dad and mom as two adults!!! I would give anything to have parents last year of their life back again!!! When ever am home. I Like, use to go to the gym 4x a week and I have got to get back into the habit. I do like to watch movies and TV shows watching Disney worlds and cartoons...i have no choice sometimes ...To me that is down time because you don’t have to think about anything when you are watching a movie or TV, just vegetate for a while. Relax with a glass of wine. My Favorite color is Blue, Am a Good Christian Catholic. I like to cook and will cook for myself. I also grill out a lot during the summer. I like to have people over to the house for a cookout but since I moved to the states that had not been happening. When I go on vacation, and sometime i will just go get a motel and lay out by the pool read magazines. That is very restful. When I go anywhere it is usually to the Park. But I like to go to the mountains too. I like to just travel. I like museums, parks, educations stuff--I can be a nerd. But there is nothing like returning home. I am really a home body. I can go outside and work in the yard. I like to work in my rose garden which I need to do when i got home . I have 9 rose bushes. I have a little garden of flowers in the front yard that I have been trying to get going for a year or two now. It has bulbs and bushes and a cherry tree. I love to go see live music. I like all kinds of music except gangster rap, or hard metal rock. Some of the county music I don’t like either. I like the upbeat music that sets a happy mood. I love to dance – fast dance, slow dance. My foot is always tapping if there is music around. In respect to fun I hardly have much time for that. I do enjoy music and movies. In regards to music, I am a bit of an eclectic–I like big band (my foster parents influence), classic rock-n-roll from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s , and today’s country (thanks to some of what is considered rock now). When it comes to Christian music, I am a traditionalist and like the old sacred music. In regards to movies–anything except blood and gore. I enjoy travel to new places. A favorite place to go for peace and quiet is in the Tellico Plains area. The mountains are just beautiful! s I like antique shopping (thanks to my ex). I like sports, and watching it on TV is rather boring to me. Although if my date wants to go to a live game, that is great with me. I may need a lot explained, but the live action is much more interesting. I love plays, and enjoy going any chance I can (which is not much lately). The last one I went to was in Northern Illnois. I love good conversation. I am sure there are other things I have left out, but can ...not think of them right now. I thank God for the person....the man that I am!!! I thank God for all of the gifts and talents that he blessed me with!!! I too look for the same things as you in a life mate. Someone to meet....take the necessary time to get to know each other well, understand each other well, and hopefully make a lifetime commitment to each other....and honor that commitment forever....not give up and run when the cycles of life get tough, difficult!!! A commitment to do whatever it takes to make it work....and have a happy life together....always putting each other first....having the type of loving relationship that I've always known in my heart is possible!!! A loving relationship with God with us....a loving relationship that very, very few ever have....ever experience!!! I have that in my heart....but I've made bad choices in my past concerning the women of my past. I've made bad decisions out of loneliness. I didn't take God's wise advice about finding the right woman. I accept all responsibilities for my past bad decisions on the women of my past....and paid the high price of my bad decisions!!! I am not looking for perfect either.....just someone that will always do her very, very best in everything in life that she does. A woman that will give of herself as I do towards her!!! A woman that will always put me I will always do towards her. A woman that will do her fair share....and not have a one sided relationship like I have every time in the past That all about me and i. Looking forward to have a chat with you this evening.. Steven
Letter 5

Chatting with you last nite was great! .You seem to have such good character and to be a very genuine person. I am truly impressed by you. .we are writing and learning about each other's likes and dislikes, passions, goals and so many other things that I feel I have been out on several dates with you.. For that, I am grateful. I feel at home with you. My heart feels safe with you and my soul is happy. For the very first time, I feel at ease and your tenderness and kindness has contributed to that comfortable place. I feel as though you are that bright light in the tunnel that shines through to bring me home. Home to a place that I can relax and be the man I am..I can only dream of such a day right now with you. Time will tell and as each day goes by, I fall more and more for you. One day at a time is all we have right now and I want each day to be as special or more special than the last. I know when we finally come together, it will be magic. I think we will both be a little nervous because we genuinely like each other and will probably be at a loss for words at first. What brought us together was our initial attraction for each other and our passions for the same things we want in life. Your true generosity and sensuality has sparked my interest and continues to do so That what I want no games or any kind unfaithful stuff we are too old for that. And I’m looking for a lover a soul mate and a best friend....I don't think distance should be the problem of two partner and Love,I also think that it could work if we continue to have the desire and common goals. Hope you had a good nite sleep. Looking forward in talk with you again. Steven Care's
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