Romance scam letter(s) from Matthew Edward to Lisa-Marie (USA)
Letter 1

Hello How are you ? Please I'm trying to figure out where we have met. Your LinkedIn profile was displayed as "somebody I know" I have looked fixedly at you picture , You look familiar ,my name is Matthew Edward. Which State are you living ? I will be glad to have a date with you . You are exceptionally beautiful and alluring. Are you married ? I will send my picture upon your response Waiting for your returned mail. Thanks
Matthew Edward
Letter 2

Dear Lisa-Marie

I have studied your picture fixedly, I think LinkedIn got it wrong to say we know each other. Though we are living in the same city but I don't think we have met or maybe I have forgotten. You look so alluring. God made you so beautiful. I will be glad to meet you for a coffee or lunch. Perhaps fate wants to merge us for an acquaintance. I'm not a user of LinkedIn, I was even surprised to find out that I have account with the site .I think somebody added me to it, I never used the site for the first time ,I was looking for a friend's contact in my old email address that lead me to the message from the site , displaying you as somebody I may know and trying to figure it out ,I got touched by your alluring personality. I’d love to get to know you. Would you like to have lunch with me this weekend or next ? I'm also living in Portland, Maine Area .May I know which area you are living so I can suggest a close restaurant or you can tell me a convenient restaurant to you and time ,I will be there waiting for you. I have attached my pictures ,the single one is a bit old while the group picture is recent ,If you want we can exchange emails to know each other before meeting. I have you in my thought till I hear from you.
Wishing you a fabulous day,
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