Scam Email(s) from Edward Parker to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

My name is Tom, Steve, I was born in 1967, I'm from Columbus, Georgia, USA, as a child, my father was in the United States Military Academy, where I grew up, gave me a chance to West Point cadets interactions that teach youth Some sports teams , deep victims helped me, I found that I really only had a lot of respect and admiration for the cadets at the academy. I thought. "God, I would do something like this one day, then you're in for a long time, I thought I would like to serve in the army, and so led me to apply for a military academy, my family moved around a lot because my father was in the army and retired to the army, I attended the American School in shape shape, Belgium then Hargreaves Military Academy, Military Academy in Chatham, Virginia. From there I was admitted to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. After I served with West Point in posts throughout the country and abroad. I continued my education and received a master's degree in systems engineering from the School of Postgraduate United States Navy, and then a master of martial arts and sciences at the School of Advanced Military Studies, part of the United States Army Command and General Staff College 's. I also attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a senior fellow at the school office.
I lost my wife and my four children under the age of five children in a car accident a few years ago, I have only one daughter and she is 12 years old.
What I just want to look at partner.i only what we understand from the grassroots, from the inside. is the only way love works from the inside, if you can really appreciate these little things that makes the man, it can be just a smile, just their way of dealing with their table knife, these are simple ways in which they care for you, even if you think that the whole world is gone, these are the things to old age, even if all that beauty to stay away, and that's exactly what I did for love that withstand the test of time, looking
Major Tom Steve