Romance scam letter(s) from Massimo Moratti to Colleen (USA)
Letter 1

How are you doing?I'm Massimo but People call me ( Mass) thanks for your e-mail, and I hope you get this mail and really it finds you well. I was glancing through your profile when your Pretty picture got me attracted while your lovely Profile had me write you and ur beautiful message... I really was marvelled reading your profile and i enjoyed doing so. The first thing that came to my mind when i saw your picture was.. 'WOW.. you're drop dead GORGEOUS, I had prefer we talk through my private E-mail address.. it is , passionatemass ya hoo .com... before then .. I need to let you know that I dont play head games, I think age shouldnt be a stop to any relationship likewise distance, because 2soul can come together and form something good with trust and honest, and from there a decision of relocation can be made between the 2heart.... I will be looking to hear from you soon please do write me on my personal contact because my subcription ends today ... or add me on yahoo messenger here is my ID( passionatemass) we can chat and share some pics...
m Massimo cares...
Letter 2

well my name is Massimo and i am a single father of one..i came on to match to find love and happiness and i hope this year year i would cos no mater how strong you think you cannot defeat loneliness...well from my name you can tell i am Italian and hail from the city of sicily ... i just relocated to the states and temporarily staying with my friend.... i stay temporarily cos i look for the right to make my stay in the states for good..i dont care where she is for the woman that makes me happy i shall make her happy and be with her no matter where she stays so i guess that why i joined on match
anyways me and my hobbies hmmmm well i guess i as i grew older i got more crazier in having fun yes.....i do like to have fun when i am permitted and i have son the indulges in such frivolities lol...but i love to dance ..i dance most of the time i have an awesome booty shake name it and i dance or i sure as well try hahahha besides dancing i am into the arts ..i practice and teach capoiera to my son and kids willing to learn in community i live in....its like giving back and living your name know what i mean beside that i love water and love to swim, love to make people smile and be silly when i can..i am hopeless romantic as well so i am really into all those mushy stuff hahahha....i love children make me feel special to make them smile and they becoming great..i would have had a bunch hahaha but alas i have one whom i love very dearly..he lost his mom to cancer at a tender age and since then i have become his father and best friend...
life for me as i see it is very simple and i am one that dont take things for granted i have seen enough pain and joy to know that you live once and you must make the best of i live mine to the fullest and never hold job takes me far and wide in the small world we live and i have seen enough cultures and people to become a better judge of character..i an an engineer in the world of petroleum and telecommunications and i go where i am needed ...i work as a support tech or binary contractor,,,so you can say i am self employed and noting beats then being your own boss hahahhaha..well i have been in that line of work for almost 11 years but after the death of my wife....i had noting to hold me back so i took more jobs then i should have ought too but this is the new year i and hope find that woman to slow me down and love back to as much as i love her...currently i am away on a project overseas concerning crude oil research with NNPC in Africa and i have the pleasure to leave my print on it ...cos i shall be setting sub station on the new RIGS they have built and i am very excited i am due to be back in a couple of weeks and looking forward to well deserved i guess that all about me for now till when we get to talk...i am a devoted Christian but i dont go to church as much i believe it is the matter of hurt a person could go church all the time and still be a Hayden ...i listen to the lord cos he does talk to me time to time..i believe in karma and for sure when i go wrong the lord lets me know what on his mind pretty quick lol ....i am not perfect but i do my best in everything i do..beside being perfect is very boring lol..anyways i hope you are having a good day.....try and find me okay tell me more about well and good ..kisses and hugsssssssssssss Massimo cares...
Letter 3

Hey beautiful
How are you doing?thanks for your e-mail .. how is your kids? hope there doing great... by the way this also what you can learn about me........ i like blues and rock ... the American music i like so far is Michael Jackson... and is now a dead man but may his soul rest in perfect peace.... his music will live for ever.... i don't really dance salsa but i do at times not always mostly song i like to dance to is Brazilian son and there not much in the US but i do go to Brazilian festival ever year to dance samba... and it very nice place to be i learn copeira over there sometimes ago ... my favorite alcoholic is Jack Daniels it dry Gin ... i drink it alots when i was in Moscow Russia coz of the too much cold but right here in Africa i don't take it at all because it's too Hot down here in Africa ... and am not that use to hot weather but thank God me and my son is adapting to the weather..... i like coffee but i only like to take coffee in the morning ...... my favorite desert is Sahara desert... ... i don't have a car in US.. am temporarily stay in US coz i travel alots... am just planning of finding the right woman to settle down with and take off the traveling stuff my agenda and start a new life with the right woman .. but still looking forward to that but if things work out for us your area is my next destination to relocate to and am sure i would surely locate you no matter how huge the distance maybe.... this what i wear to i wear short boxer to sleep .... and at times i don't wear anything just my pajamas..... but i like it when my woman don't wear anything to sleep in ... lol hahaha!... my favorite movie.... God father is my favorite movie .... i like the man called El Pacino in the movie we both go to the same High school In Italy he's a very funny guy in school... anyway the book i have read so far is magazine ..... i don't know what again you would like to know about me.... concerning my son ... my son is young teenager who love his father and get along well with his dad he like to play soccer and he's looking forward to be a soccer great that why i name him after Italian soccer great ( Fabio Cannavaro )
when am not working here in Africa i like to go to the beach sitting under the sun set talking to my son.. walking on the beach sand ... but i know something is missing during the time am walking on the beach sound.... i bet u know what is missing? anyway if you don't know ... you are the one missing here wish you are with us we could hold hand and walk together and also sharing thought and some beautiful words that can put a smile on our face lol... am sure one day this will happen if something walk out well for us am sure there alots of beautiful moment to spend together and a nice occasion to go together.....well concerning been independent is not a big deal in relationship meanwhile i don't like controlling and i don't like to be control ..... that why i always want things 50/50 with my woman been a man in the house does not justified you would be controlling your wife and always want her to do things in your own way i guess that not fair enough, 2 people should be sharing advice together for there better reason, for an instance if 2 people reason together it always bring a good idea than what a single person idea ......... that why i always looking forward to have the right woman in my life since my wife have passed away, i can not wist and the loneliness though i was married to my work after the death but been alone all this while is not the best way of life at least i need somebody at home who i can call wife or fiance and also my son can call mom he always ask me why am still single since her mom passed but i try my best to convince the 16yrs old about it and it agree with me and now that i told him it's time to find her no matter how huge or far away she may be from us , he's happy for me and giving me the support to find my miss right.... you may be my miss right only God know can't judge at hand coz i don't know what will happen tomorrow but God knows.... am a good christian i was brought up with Christ and that why i have always been doing the God wish .... and he's helping me alots......... well concerning this online dating stuff ... am pretty new to this a friend talk me to this and i also was told his working out well for people that why am trying my luck... and am hoping to find the right woman with God grace.... i believe one day i will find her and locate her no matter how huge the distance may be i will surely locate her and am sure the chemistry will be there.... anyway just let see what will happen between us and see where this relationship we are just building up will leads us to already am start to having a good feelings about this but still wanna learn alots about you and get to know you better ... we can chat on yahoo IM and share picture and thought when u are free at least it's fastest way of communicating on the computer...... i hope you are well and the weather over there is treating you well splendid... Take a good care and God bless.......... Hugssssssssssssss and Kissessssssssssssssssssssssssss xoxoxoxo Massimo
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