Scam Email(s) from Adam Henrik to Catherine (USA)


Letter 1

Here is my account details. Please I am trusting you with my account dear, help me check what exactly is going on with my account
Bank ID: 2317878257
PASS: 7558388809
PIN: 77466

Letter 2

How was your night love? Hope good. I got a call from a worker at the site yesterday which was very disturbing. I got to the site and found out that all my workers were stopped from work and my machinery got held down, I asked my senior staff where the workers where, I was told yesterday morning the government officials stopped everyone from working and seized my tools and machines. I checked my work licence if still valid till date, but my work license got expired and I received a letter from the Turkish International Resident Coordinator concerning my work licence. Here is the copy of the document I received yesterday

Sweetheart, I have tried to gather up everything I have, but I couldn't complete the payment to extend my work license, I only have few days left to finish my project. I tried to gather what I have left with me in Turkey but I could only come up with 10,000 euro , but I have tried to contact few people to help me to complete this payment and was only assured of 14,000 euro with the aid of a friend allowance, still waiting on few people that intend to loan me 15,000 euro, since my bank froze my account and make it an extremely security access, I already tried to get in-touch with my bank, but I was told that, the security levels in my account has gotten to a higher stage, and they look forward to my appearance at the Northernoffshore bank headquarter in Portugal.

Sweetheart, I don't feel comfortable to asking you for help financially, but, I just don't know how I'm going to make it with the rest of the balance I need to extend my work license so I can finish my project this week. I am a man with pride and prestige and with the way I was brought up men do not ask women for money, I have never done it and would never do it. I will carter for you and our family because that is the responsibility of a man. But right now I am in a difficult spot at the moment, only a few more days to round up my work here and now this.

With Love,


Letter 3

Hi My love
This past few days has been the most happiest for me this new year. But the best of it all is having the most amazing woman in it. Your love have made me realize what all I had truly been missing and I am glad that you are mine because I know there is nothing in the world we cannot together achieve. Just a moment ago, I thought about you and my heart was filled with gratitude. So before another moment goes by, I want to say thank you for standing by me all through this. Thank you for the late night chats and early morning messages to light up my day. Thank you for your love and patience dear. I love you from the depth of my hearth. I just wanted to share this with you before going to bed. I had a really nice time with my translator and some of my workers. It was really worth celebrating with them. I had a few cups of beer. lol. I guess I got a bit over excited. Anyway, I'll be going to bed now dear. I love you Catherine

hugs and kisses
Stay Warm

Letter 4

Hi Sweetie, yes last night was fun. So how are you today? Look what I came across on the new, I am very prould of my team and the work we did, you can read here

Anyway, I had a slight glitch with getting my passport today, I wasn't able to come up with the balance today as initially thought I would. This is a bit of a worry because I have to go get my account taken care of as soon as possible before heading back home. I don't want to have any delays what so ever. Anyway, how was your night dear? Did you have a good sleep?

I love you dear

Letter 5

Hi Sweetie, I hope you like? I love you my sunshine

Letter 6

Hi Sweetie
today was a success, I spoke to them about the change and here was the document I got. I am very excited about this and can' t wait to get home soon. I love you Catherine, you are my angel and spending the rest of my life with you is a blessing from God.


Letter 7

Here are my flight details, you can see why I worry dear