Scam Email(s) from Frank Waider to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

Hello my dear friend How nice is meeting you here, my name is Frank Wiader, I'm from London ... I just opened this site today is my friend who told me I'm here to search for a nanny family So that we can create a good relationship. This is my first time talking to someone like you out of my country. I want through your profile and I can see how beautiful you are, I love so much, been a friend with you and you're so beautiful I'm a god-fearing man, I'm honest, truthful, respectful and sincere, I think That if we can both understand ourselves, please dear my dear friend, I'm not always online here in the meantime, you can send me your email address so I can write more about my personality in your email ... or You can also write to me in my email