Scam Email(s) from Jonathan Neuer to Robyn (Australia)


Letter 1

Hi Robyn,
It's ok you don't have to be sorry for being busy, i understand very well you were busy and taking your time to put things in place and also make everyone happy around you. That's a very beautiful thing to do thinking about others and not just yourself always, I appreciate the fact that you don't want your friend moving far away from you and the rest of her family, It's always nice to know someone care about you ancd thinks deeply of you.
I'm glad things are running on well for you all and you getting everything and everyone in their very best.
Well my day has not been fruitful like the usual as i'm still having to go to the port regarding my merchandise that was shipped in and help for failing to pass through the necessary required process, I don't know if you read my previous email telling you about it all cos it has really been disturbing and not allowing my contract run smooth as needing those mechinery is really slowing eveything for me. I have been up and down trying to get some paperworks they requested to enable me get clearance for my merchandise and for them to be released to me to accomplish my project, they charged me $4,800 and i'm still yet to meet up with some monetary requirements that has kept me running helter skelter and not been able to reply your email like i used to. Baby, i don't know how it may sound requesting for little help from you to get my clearance papers and also my merchandise passed through to help me have a smooth and successful project completion so i can get my balance afterwards please and besides i also asked to know in my previous email if you have heard anything from Jetstar concerning our Bali vacation or we still have to wait till the 25th of March, Just saying as you never know it might have been sorted out and he may have forgotten to keep you posted, I don't want to get caught up with no more tickets available when the time draws near.
Other than that, my day has been ok filled with beautiful thoughts of you, My regards to everyone and best wishes to Michelle and Georgia, Everything will be alright. I miss you and will look forward to read from you again.
Jonathan xxx