Scam Email(s) from Vladimir Rodriguez to Mollie (UK)


Letter 1

darling you know am having some difficult financial problem of late
i don't know what your mood is like and how you feel.. this gives me so much fear to speak with you.
darling i need you to raise little funds for me
i will refund back when i get home
it's urgent.. i have to leave this city...
i will be grateful if you can do this for me.
For what and how much (me)
about 10 - 8 thousand Pounds.
For what(me)
i have to clear off the charges and go home as soon as possible.
what's left for me to is more than 40,000.00 Euro
i want you to help me with 10,000
This is a lot of money where is it going(me)
darling you have to understand if you wish to help me please do it and stop given me conditions.
if you want to help me go ahead and do it. i really need your effort and help.
but your words give me the impression that you don't trust and can't entrust your money to me.i only ask for 10,000 I will pay back in return please don't fight over this