Romance scam letter(s) from Clark Douglas Dwayne to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hi good evening how are you doing my dear you look charming with a cute smile and calm face
Letter 2

Hallo guten Abend, wie war dein Tag ich hoffe du hatte ein schones Wochenende, du siehst sehr charmant mit einem ruhigen Lacheln aus ich mochte dich naher kennenlernen
Letter 3

hello friend , how are you doing todaythanks dear, Am Mike from united state , and you? were is scandinavia, were is it located ? okay , it seems you are busy now ? okay , are you free now or still busy? okay are you at home now? i private it because of people who hank people photos do you have yahoo messenger or viber it easier there to chat . cool that ok, are you married? what do you mean you mean you are single Am single , but i have a duaghter of 22years , do you have kids that is good to hear , how old is your son? am 45 years of age , how old are you? really, you look younger than your age my dear why are you still single sure , that strange to hear how about your past relationships k, i have been single since 4years ago i lost my wife 4years ago during child labour my dear , it ok , it been long it happened , and am used to it what your time there now cool i enjoyed chatting with you wish we can communicate each day
Letter 4

yes my dear , she lives with me presently , because her husband got accident , and you know she is pregnant , and she needs much rest well yes , because now am at work since 4months and some weeks now , i paid a private nurse , who always check her each day i can't wait to be a grand father yes i do , i love my work so much , i have been working since 18years now Am a Doctor in oceanography yea , do you know my kind of work? I am a Marine Policy Specialist with more than a decade working experience in Ocean bed Studies and maneuvers. I work with and for a team of Ocean floor Explorers. What this means is that my work takes me around so many places and through many regions where large scale use of ocean/sea water is being executed
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