Romance scam letter(s) from James Anderson to Larice (Australia)
Letter 1

Hi dear,hope you are doing fine?i m sorry for not sending this pics as agreed last week,it was due to my kind of job...always busy you know that,most especially when i m preparing to travel for contract like this,but i promise i m going to always be here when i m chanced for you,have a nice day at work..i missed your chat so much dear bye ,you know i don't have other friend there except this are some of my old and new pics,i snapped some yesterday at office just to send to you bye
Letter 2

Hi honey,i m so sorry that you did not get the mail i sent you the other night...i know it will be hard for me to get the same words i used,Lol,i only wanted you to know what love is all about..the first one is that love is patient...its kind...its not jealous....its not pompous...its not bears all things...its believes all hope all things and endures all things,thats the reason whenever i tell someone..i love you,it means i really do,when i lost my wife i was heart broken..and i thought that the whole world has ended cos i loved her with all my life,honey if you really want this relationship of ours to go the next is very possible with both of us,if we can forget about our past experience cos we cant continue living in the past,honey please lets help our selfs...this is the second time i m about to love someone..i m too soft for heartbreak,i want to be in the right hand,i told you that your thought has taking over my brain,i have always tell you that you should not be afraid of me cos i m not here for your money,very soon i m going to send you my bank details so that you can see for your self that i have really worked hard for my self..i have taking you like my wife,my relatives and whatever you can think of..cos i don't have them right now,i will like to hear your voice before i leave to my site of work tomorrow,take good care of your self for me ok,kisses
Letter 3

To my pretty love,my one and only soul mate...never think of what people are going to say when you are doing whats right or whats going to benefit you, don't do things at your own detriment for other to call you a better person...i m saying this cos of what you said yesterday bout our relationship,i have seen more than a thousand of women before i came to you..i have been sending you mails with my hand..i have also sent you my pics,hope you didn't see a blind man in the pics i sent you,Lol..i m only telling you that i saw your profile..i fell for it before i sent you a request,i don't want to know what people think about us,i have never been happy the way i m with this relationship...i bring out time twice every day to send you email,honey i want you to ask your friends if their man do that for them every day,i do it for our love to grow,i was so happy when you recalled that your friends are up to ten to twelve years older than their men,i have a power bike ..i sent you a pics of it the other time,we are going to be using it when going out for an outing ,honey you are going to be the happiest woman when i return to Australia,i left my job this morning to send you this mail,i m going to give you till 7 pm..i know you will need some rest when you return from have to treat your wound,by then the time here will come up to 1 pm time for my lunch break...i can then join you on line for a better discussion,take care of your self my love.i care bout you a lot honey stay cool kisses
Letter 4

i used the managers of the oil company computer to send you this pics..for your viewing pleasure,Lol...i know you will like them hon,i go back to work immediately,i m cold i wish you were here with me,it would have tell me what it would have been,hahaha much love baby
Letter 5

is weekend honey,do you work tomorrow?i think you need a rest to take care of your leg properly..i don't have weekend here...i work all day to make sure i return to you my lovely angel..the weather here have changed the whole of my body system..the thing on my mind is how to have you,the cold here have send my dick back to his base,honey you know what i mean,Lol,if not for your job..honey it would have been a good idea to have you here,i know is not going to take much time..i will join you in Australia,the only delay i m going to face here is money to pay my workers,i think that has been settled yesterday,i m going to wait as we agreed on,i m in need of money but i don't need your money..a man does not suppose to ask a woman for money thats my believe honey,the only thing you can do for me is to help me pay the bank there 5 percent for the tax,then when the money gets to your account you take back your money before sending me the one i need for the work,i don't want you to see me as one of those men out there looking for a woman to trick,i will be on line at 7pm Australia time to chat with you,honey you have to start looking for the house we need, the one you think that would be nice for us to live in,my baby if there its any one worth loving its you...if there is any one to think of its you...if there is any love i never want to part its you...and that love is simply to infinity,i miss you my lovely queen,hoping to meet you here soonest,kisses and hugs
Letter 6

I just got up from sleep now and is eyes are wide open,and is so cold here ,don't really know what to do at the moment,how i wish you were here to con-soul me hon...don't have anybody to talk to,i thought she was going to be ok..never knew she would pass on this heart is bleeding right now,i blame my self cos i had the money to flew her to India buh i was busy looking for money that i cant take to anywhere,honey i m very lucky to have you cos if it was when i don't have any body in my life honey i swear the sharks of the sea would have been happy till tomorrow cos they are going to feed fine,buh when i remember you hon...i told my self that i still have something to rely on,this was how felt many years ago..the day i lost my both parent to car accident,buh that's history now...honey hope you not going to disappoint me someday? you are all i live for,when the doctor ranged me,i nearly forgot where i was...honey buh after talking to you..i cautioned my self,you gave me reason to live again..i m not alone since i have you,i m only thinking of how to finish this work and leave this god forsaking love don't worry bout me..i m ok,hoping to talk to you when you return from work,have a splendid day at work my angel,one more bottle of vodka i go to work,kisses and hugs
Letter 7

My sweetheart,how are you doing?i m sorry that i couldnt come online as we agreed earlier,i have stopped drinking..i m cool now,don't think much at the moment cos i want to concentrate on my job..buh the problem i m having now is money to pay my workers..i have told you our agreement,if i dont pay them..they will stop working and i don't wish that to happen cos i want to return soonest,i m still waiting for the manager computer to be free so that i can send you the link for the transfer,my angel noting can stop me from loving you,the problem i m having with you is that you don't take things serious..i told you to look for a good house for me buh you never told me anything about that for more than two weeks,you know i cant join you in your house cos you have room mate,i wouldn't want to continent her or invade her privacy ,my baby you have to treat my heart fine cos i have promised to handle yours well,now that i don't have any other person except you..i think i still need you to care for me also,Lol,how is your leg?hope you are taking good care of it,i will like to come straight to you when i m through with my work here,buh i don't know how to bring my power bike from Adelaide to your place,i think we are going to need it when i return..for outing,hon..i go out almost every that i have you i don't really know if you like that,i need money to pay them in three days time..i m going to give you the link when you are back from work tomorrow,i m missing you so much my love,i need to feel like a man,Lol,have a nice day hon..kisses
Letter 8

Hi sweetheart,how are you doing?i have been very busy working to make sure i finish before the end of this month,i really wish to be with you soonest..i don't really like the way you talked to me cos i need your help,if i had alternative on that i swear i wouldn't have ask for your are doing all this to me cos my heart has already been dedicated to you..and noting can change that,i have showed you my self and i have explained to you that i m not a scammer,buh you never seems to believe me..i don't know what to do anymore,i have told you so many things about love,when you love and care bout someone you ought to mind the kind of word you use on the person,if you don't still believe me at this stage it means you can never love anyone again,i m going to send a mail to my lawyer to know if he can lend me the money so that i wont have any hindrance on my job here, this is not the first time someone is helping me on this..the nature of my work calls for it,if someone took your friends money in such manner,it does not mean that every body is scammer,ask your friend if what she did for your friend is this kind of help you are bout to render me,do have a happy day ahead my love,i love you so much,and i cant stop loving you bye for now kisses
Letter 9

hello sweetheart..this is the link and next number is my password ------- ..when you click on the link..when it opens you will click on internet banking on top the page,the costumer id is------ you have to follow it carefully ok,so when the main page opens you are going to see my pics on the main page,the pics you will see their is my old pics with so many bears Lol..after that you look on top of the page again you click on the fund transfer ,when it opens you read the instruction very well and then you click,the last page that will open is were you are going to fill in your information as the money will be going to your account,the only number i m going to give you is the bank swift code which is fill in all the necessary information including your email address,before you click on the execute transfer which is the finial stage,my angel you will never regret knowing me,i m a man of my word,i want you to take a good look at my details if is real or not,i will be going back to work now,hoping to talk to you later after my work today,kisses and hugs from me to you bye for now
Letter 10

Hi love,i m sorry i couldn't write the mail last night after my work cos i was so tired honey...there was no food for me to eat after work and i slept with an empty stomach...i just woke up now preparing to go out for work..your thought was on my mind throughout yesterday...i missed you like never before after that chat,hope you are fine my love,i know you will be on your way back from work...i have always told you to take good care of your foot and the one in your gullet,you have to be fine before working for someone..and whenever i ask bout this you say is getting better,i m so worried bout seems your health is not more of important to are all i have baby,if any thing happens to you it mean i m finished,i saw your offline message hon...we don't have other alternative my love..when i was working last year their fee was not up to that amount..the western union is the fastest means of sending money that's the reason why they have increase their fee to that amount,since we don't have option,when sending the money you can take the fee from my money cant pay for that cos is my cross i m going to carry alone..i m happy since you can send the money without walking to the post office,it will reduce some stress for you..when sending the money..the location is Turkey and the receivers name is James Anderson.. that's all you will need to send it ok,when it gets there i m also going to travel more than 3 hours on the sea to receive it,i m sorry for all the stress i m making you to pass through my love..i believe you are doing it for the love we have for each other...i m going to give you a hot kiss for that,Lol..soul melting kiss for all your effort,i love you so much baby...i think bout you every second of the day,hoping to chat with you soonest kisses

Letter 11

First United Star Alert: Dear Anderson,
Your transaction was not successful. Insurance Code requested.
Please contact your Account Officer for more details.
Customer Service Department. Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.
Letter 12

honey they have already sent you an email..the problem you have been experiencing was because you dont know how to enter the informations..check your box now you are going to see an email sent to you,tell me what the mail is saying ok,it counted from 0 to 55 before the counting stopped and demanded for what i dont are going to see it what you check the mail...i m going to talk to you later my love,i will be here in 2hours time you soo much honey kisses and hugs
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