Romance scam letter(s) from Camoin Phyllis Latter to Cristina (Romania)
Letter 1

Hello dear. Thanks so much for sharing so much information about yourself with me and being open,i really appreciate that, You seem like a really wonderful woman and i appreciate the fact that you took your time to chat with me. My work takes most of my time but i really need a woman that would be there and welcome me when i get back home from my duties with a charming smile and hug. I am not getting any younger and like a friend told me, loneliness kills(smiles). Although i spend lots of quality time with my son when ever am home but it would be much more fun having that special woman to make my house a home. I have never tried this online dating before but i believe that we can both connect in several ways that i don't know yet. Your profile tells of a warm and loving woman, as time goes on i am patiently waiting to get to know all about you... When i choose to know a person i take my time and know the innermost part of them which is the most beautiful part that we can not see with the ordinary eyes.

I love most in life are my family (most especially my son) he comes first in everything i do. , my work and cycling (I've been cycling since I was a kid, and I really love it.), My family means so much to me and I will protect them with all my might. But the most important person in my life is my child. he is the light of my world. he makes me strong in facing this hard life. Can't imagine what life is without having him by my side. I never stop thanking God for giving me such cute and loving child. My dreams for the future is to retire in good health and to be a good, loving father and husband. I am trying my best to be the best dad for my child, and I want to be his best friend as well.its really not been easy being a single parent
I like all kinds of music as long as it is nice to hear and has deep meaning - especially ballad, blues and country. I like action, comedy, drama and romantic movies. I don't really like horror movies not because I'm scared but mostly because it has no ending. I have a good sense of humor. I don't like working with computer lol i sometimes don't know my way around. . I like to write though I am not a good writer ... as you can see. I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke but I don't mind being around smokers. They really bother me though sometimes. I am a homey person. I like to just hang around in my home. I am not a good cook though I can do pretty well when I'm in the mood. I don't like going to the disco or bar. To me it's just wasting the time and money for nothing useful. I like going to the cinema. But I don't go there for quite some time. I don't like people talking nice and sweet about me when I'm around but talking bad behind my back. I am a very impatient person. I want to do everything quick. When it comes to a relationship, to me honesty is above all.
I go to the party sometimes mostly like a birthday party or wedding or just few friends gather together. I like coffee and tea with milk and sugar. I like everything organized and planned. Spontaneity is fun sometimes though. I'm a dreamer. I like to day dream about different things .I know nothing will happen in the next second unless I do something. But that's just what I like to do. Blue, white and red are my favorite colors. I don't really like chocolate. I love spicy food (not very hot though), fried noodle, fried rice, Pasta, Avocados, Cobb Salad, name it. i can eat any kind of food anyway basically, i like trying new foods from different countries. I love exploring new things and trying new ways. I don't have a serious hobby like likes gardening for example where they spend hours planting stuffs lol or sports - where they run without ever feeling over exercised. But I like swimming though in my free time not professionally anyway. I sing and also play the guitar,music is the best food to my soul.Do you like music?I'm not in anyway near perfect but i always love to try my best at everything that i do and try to live my life to the fullest. I'm also writing a book about all have gone through in life,the good times,bad and ugly.Still writing,don't know when ill publish it because new stories keep coming in.would you be a part of my story??..smiles.
I'd like to meet a real soul mate to travel around with. Europe, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand… name it. Am actually looking for a caring, affectionate and Faithful woman, someone who understands what her man needs and wants, someone who's ready to be loved and has love to give in return. And above all someone who is family oriented. The lonely life i live these days seems not to be the best so i just want to find that right woman that ill share my love and life with.I seek for a woman with a heart of Gold and not a perfect woman.I want a woman that i can share my fears,cares,success,pains,happ iness and joy with.I want a woman that will rock my world and i would do same for her.If you asked of my likes..I love the happy life,i am a fun loving person,i enjoy walks on the beach,traveling,scuba diving and lots more.Nothing would feel so good as coming home and spending quality time with the one you love,all cuddled up on bed,in the couch,front of the fire place of laying outside looking at the sky.Go on vacation trips together and feel the love and union of a family.There always joy when true love prevails.As time goes on we would both get to know all about each other,as the saying goes,a journey of 1000 miles begins with a step. please reply with details about yourself i wish to know more about you. l will stop here now and not bore you with my lengthy letter
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Letter 2

Thanks so much for taking the effort to send me a message and tell me more about yourself.I admire your personality and honesty its so nice to meet someone i have so much in common with. I am gonna share what i crave in a relationship with you now ...I have always known that once in a life time we get to meet someone who is like a replica of us,the bible calls it missing rib,scholars say it is soul mate.
This person compliments you in every way and you feel so comfortable around them,they turn your world around and you find yourself telling them things you never thought you would be able to tell anyone,dreams,hopes, disappointments,fears,the list is endless,but this person doesn't get bored,instead they absorb what you have said and even want to hear more.They are the first person you think about when you wake up in the morning,and when you go to sleep,you always call them up when
something happens,you want to share every success and loss with them ,knowing they would be there no matter the weather,they cry with you when you are hurting and laugh when you are smiling,they call your handsome on your most worst day.They never hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough ,but instead lend a hand to inspire you to reach the height which you have set for yourself and that zenith which you hope to feel so special around them and you cant wait to run home to them after a hard days work.
There is never pressure or competition or even jealousy because you both enjoy in each others successes,you don't worry about what they think about you because you know that they love you non the less. Songs make more sense,colors seem brighter,everything seems to be more meaningful,you seem to look at the world with a different spectacle. lol. You laugh more and seem to walk with a bounce to your steps,cause when you feel down all you do is make a phone call and everything is
better and you get the strength to go through the rest of the day.Having them near by is all you crave for and in a room full of people,your eyes search them out,their interest becomes yours and you share in their excitements,you think about them 24/7 and simple things like sunset,water falls,rain brings the thought of them to mind.You open up your heart knowing that it could be broken,but you experience a lot of love and joy that every other thing takes second place and the risk seems insignificant to the joy you are experiencing,you find that being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure that
is so real it scares you. But you find strength in knowing you have a true friend and possibly a soul mate who will remain loyal no matter the weather,and life is so sweet with them around memories are kept and cherished.don't forget that we most times go through a lot of wrong people to get to the right one,how else can we explain sweet if we haven't tasted bitter....
I better stop here before i bore you with my romantic mind,and which i regard as one of my weakness,being an emotional person. you are the best woman for me, Respectfully
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